Surgery Sixer for NBE

ISBN: 97893863103
SKU: ELB1115735
YOP: 2018

YOP: 2018

  • Key Features of Surgery Sixer for NBE, 3rd Edition
  • The most comprehensive Colored book on Surgery with 1000 One-Liners
  • The only book covering maximum Real-time Images, Surgical instruments, LMR Tables
  • This book is compiled by Leading Faculty & Subject Expert of Surgery
  • Most Preferred Book for Surgery by PG Aspirants in 2018
  • Covering 4650 Qs with explanations, 300+ IBQs & 500+ Colored Illustrations
  • Recent Qs (Jan) 2018 - 2012
  • AIIMS Nov 2017 - 2010
  • JIPMER Dec 2017 - 2010
  • PGI Nov 2017 - 2010
  • All India 2011 - 2000
By R Rajamahendran
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ISBN: 9789352700
SKU: ELB1115718
YOP: 2018

YOP: 2018



Authentic Questions with finest explanations verified from subject specialist and references from latest editions of standard textbooks

Subjects Include

  • Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Obstetrics &
  • Gynecology
  • Pediatrics

Salient Features

  • Authentic questions with exact language and options including all image-based questions
  • Fully coloured, thoroghly revised, updated from 19th edition of Harrison, 26th edition of Bailey & Love, 9th edition of Robbins, 12th edition of Goodman Gillman, 10th edition of Schwartz, 20th edition of Sabiston, 40th edition of Gray's Anatomy, 23rd edition of Park, 30th edition of Harper, 24th edition of Ganong
  • Thoroughly revised answers from subject specialist, faculty members of PGMEI and PG aspirants
  • Explanations in tabulated form
  • Explanations incorporating only high yielding and relevant facts
  • Highlighted important, golden facts and previously asked questions
  • Contraversial questions and image-based questions are handled with special care to clear the concept
  • Explanations from latest editions of standard and most authentic textbooks
  • Line diagrams to minimise tedious efforts
  • Mnemonics for fast learning
By Pritesh Singh
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Surgery Essence

Pages: 1058
ISBN: 9789352704194
SKU: ELB1115695
YOP: 2018

YOP: 2018

Key Features of Surgery Essence, 6th Edition
  • The only surgery book for PGMEE by the subject specialty and by the best national faculty
  • Thoroughly revised and updated edition Includes latest exam pattern questions, important annexures and image based questions
  • Includes all recent questions  of 2016-2013, NEET-PG 2012-1995, AIIMS Nov 2016-1995, PGI 2016-1995
  • Various solved MCQs of other state exam till Feb 2016
By Pritesh Singh
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Review of Postgraduate Medical Entrance Examinations, Vol-III

ISBN: 9789385722424
SKU: ELB1115645
YOP: 2017

YOP: 2017

  • Review of PGMEE Vol III, 13E (AAA)

Author: Amit Tripathi, Ashish Gupta, Arvind Arora

Publisher: Pulse Publications

  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Pediatrics
  • Radiology
By Amit Tripathi, Arvind Arora, Ashish Gupta
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Surgery for PGMEE

Pages: 1092
ISBN: 9789385722554
SKU: ELB1115762
YOP: 2018


Key Features of Surgery for PGMEE, 12th EDITION:
  • Updated with latest NEET Pattern questions
  • All recent exam questions
  • Image based questions
  • Illustrated revision notes
  • Last minute revision tables
By Amit Tripathi, Ashish Gupta
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KONCPT - NEET Surgical Superspeciality Entrance Guide

Pages: 320
ISBN: 9789386827357
Publisher: CBS
SKU: ELB1115694
YOP: 2018

YOP: 2018


  • First and only available book for NEET SS exams
  • Contains NEET pattern surgical superspeciality pattern questions superspeciality entrance examinations
  • Edited by the leading faculties of surgery
  • All answers and their explanations are provided by the subject experts
  • Anticipated questions are marked in the explanations
  • Explanations have been referred from the Bailey 27th edition and Sabiston 20th edition.
By R Rajamahendran, T Antan Uresh Kumar
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Manual on Clinical Surgery

Pages: 648
ISBN: 9788190568104
SKU: ELB1115494
YOP: 2018

Key features: 

  • A Manual On Clinical Surgery gives you a detailed explanation of everything that you will need to know about performing clinical surgery. 
  • Packed with supporting information, that includes color and monochrome prints, radiographs and line drawings 
  • It is the foremost guide for students who are going to write their MBBS examination. 
  • The text is supplemented with almost 600 illustrations giving you a clear understanding of each body part. 
  • The book takes you through the history of clinical surgery as well as differential and physical diagnoses at the conclusion of a chapter.
  • The book is in a league of its own and has received a lot of praise from some of the leading international journals on surgery. 
  • The book includes special investigations, making it a useful resource for both, students and those who are practicing in the field.
By S Das
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GEMS A Golden Endeavor for Medical Students

Pages: 488
ISBN: 9789352705177
SKU: ELB1115795
YOP: 2018

Key Features Of GEMS

  • A novel of GEMS.
  • More concise approach towards the case discussion and viva.
  • Incorporated  additions from latest editions of reference textbooks.
  • Deals with various clinical cases including history, examination, investigations, differential diagnosis, and management.
  • Emphasizes on management topic with updated references from standard text.
  • Includes suitable diagrams, illustrations and flowcharts for easy grasp of concepts.
  • Serves as an eleventh-hour revision tool for final MBBS students
By Jafar Niyas P, Liyakkath Ali M, Muhammed Navas NK, Muhammed Noufal Poongadan, Shameej KV
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Bedside Clinics in Surgery

Pages: 1286
ISBN: 9789352703142
SKU: ELB1115665

YOP: 2017

Key Features of Bedside Clinics in Surgery, 3rd Edition:

  • Dr. Makhan Lal Saha is a serious learner, committed surgeon and a passionate teacher, His vast teaching experience has been clearly reflected in selection of “Contents” of this book with 23 chapters of great importance
  • Practically almost all the sections have been revised
  • Special emphasis is given for elicitation of different physical signs
  • All surgical problems -emergency and non-emergency are discussed including important X-ray plates
  • Operating section includes all the steps of important operations
  • The TNM classification of all the malignant tumors has been updated
  • Surgical anatomy section discussed exclusive hand drawn illustrations and tried to correlate the anatomy portion with short and long cases
  • The concept of exact measurement of a swelling has been incorporated by using a Vernier caliper instead of a tape measurement
  • A new long case on management of diabetic foot has been added in the long case section
  • In X-ray section interpretation of mammography has been added
  • In surgical anatomy section, lower leg compartments and cervical fascia have been added
  • About 30-40 new figures added as per the requirement of the main text
By Makhan Lal Saha
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Sternberg's Diagnostic Surgical Pathology, 2 Volumes Set

Pages: 2928
ISBN: 9781451188752
SKU: ELB1113230
YOP: 2015

Visually stunning and thoroughly up to date, the sixth edition of Sternberg's Diagnostic Surgical Pathology continues to set the standard for differential diagnosis of the surgical specimen. Offering the latest information on all currently known diseases, this classic two-volume reference presents advanced diagnostic techniques from a virtual "who's who" of experts in the field - pathologists who provide authoritative guidance on the diagnostic evaluation of every type of specimen from every anatomic site. No matter what your level of training or experience, keeping Sternberg's near your microscope is the next best thing to a personal consultation with a trusted colleague. Key Features Clearly visualize nearly every specimen you're likely to see, thanks to more than 4,000 full-color illustrations, each color-balanced to dramatically improve image quality. Get practical, real-world help on diagnostic problems and pitfalls from the text that has emphasized a hands-on focus from the very first edition. You can benefit from significant updates in key areas of the field, particularly in immunohistochemistry and molecular pathology. Stay up to date with new information on new molecular and immunohistochemical markers for diagnosis and prognosis of neoplasia, improved classification systems for diagnosis and prognosis, the role of pathology in new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, and the recognition of new entities or variants of entities. Keep abreast of updated World Health Organization (WHO) terminology regarding tumor diagnosis. Now with the print edition, enjoy the bundled interactive eBook edition, offering tablet, smartphone, or online access to: complete content with enhanced navigation; powerful search tools and smart navigation cross-links that pull results from content in the book, your notes, and even the web; cross-linked pages, references, and more for easy navigation; highlighting tool for easier reference of key content throughout the text; ability to take and share notes with friends and colleagues; quick reference tabbing to save your favorite content for future use; and over 900 multiple choice questions to reinforce the material in the chapters.

By Jason L Hornick, Joel K Greenson, Stacey E Mills, Teri A Longacre, Victor E Reuter
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Sabiston Textbook of Surgery, Volume I

ISBN: 9788131246573
Publisher: Elsevier
SKU: ELB1115626
YOP: 2005

Sabiston Textbook of Surgery, Volume I

First South Asia Edition

Author: Courtney M Townsend, Daniel Beauchamp, Mark Evers, Kenneth L Mattox

Publisher: Elsevier

Year: 2005

By Courtney M Townsend, Daniel Beauchamp, Kenneth L Mattox, Mark Evers
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