A guide for preparation of All India Exam 2015-2016, Vol-III

ISBN: 9789385722172
SKU: ELB1115458
YOP: 2016

A Guide for Preparation of All India Exam 2015-16, Volume 3 By Arvind arora and Amit Tripathi contains subject:

  • Pediatrics
  • Forensic
  • Skin
  • Psychiatry
  • Anesthesia
  • Radiology
  • Medicine
By Amit Tripathi, Arvind Arora
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Marwah's Pediatric Update: All in one

Pages: 410
SKU: ELB1113093
YOP: 2015

MARWAH's Pediatric Update: All In One

Exclusive Features

  • Full-Color Edition
  • Chapter wise synopsis with Picture Based Questions
  • More than 1500 Recent MCQs
  • Most Important Topics for Last Minute Revision


By Deepak Marwah
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Self Assessment and Review of Paediatrics

Pages: 532
ISBN: 9789385722059
SKU: ELB1115021
YOP: 2016

By Arvind Arora
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Marwah’s Internal Medicine & Pediatrics MCQs

Pages: 784
ISBN: 9788123927008
SKU: ELB1115112
YOP: 2016

  • First Book with System-wise Medicine & Pediatrics MCQs 
  • More than 5000 Qs arranged system-wise with authentic answers 
  • All Qs are updated with the references from latest editions of Harrison's Internal Medicine 19/e and Nelson's Pediatrics 20/e 
  • More than 1000 New Qs from recent exams of 2016 given as practice Qs 
  • Latest NBE/DNB Pattern Questions covered from 2012 to 2016 
  • Most recent Questions covered from JIPMER & AIIMS May 2016 
  • Other Questions from AIPGMEE, AIIMS, PGI, JIPMER, UPSC and Other states from 2000 to 2016 
  • Best book for Last Minute Revision of Medicine & Pediatrics subjects
By Deepak Marwah
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Complete Review of Pediatrics for NBE

Pages: 461
ISBN: 9789385915864
SKU: ELB1115084
YOP: 2016

Exclusive Features:

  • Chapter-wise Synopsis with Picture-based Q's (Integrated Approach)
  • More than 3000 Explained Q's with References covering All National level exams (AI, DNB, AIIMS, PGI, UPSC, JIPMER) & State Exams (TNPG, DPG, APPG and many more)
  • 350 New Q’s Added from Most Recent Exams of 2015-16
  • 100+ High yield Tables & Illustrations
  • 100+ Image-based Q’s from all Recent Exams
  • Most Important Topics in Annexure for Quick Revision
  • Fully Colored Layout with special features like Latest Updates
  • Key Points
  • Mnemonics
  • Points to Remember.
By Deepak Marwah
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Review Of PostGraduate Medical Entrance Examinations, Vol-III

ISBN: 9789385722196
SKU: ELB1115487
YOP: 2016

Author: Amit Tripathi , Ashish Gupta , Arvind Arora

Publisher: Pulse Publications

Year: 2016

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Pediatrics
  • Radiology
By Amit Tripathi, Arvind Arora, Ashish Gupta
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Scott's Pedia Tricks

Pages: 575
ISBN: 9788189560942
SKU: ELB1113480
YOP: 2011

By Julius Scott
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Drug Dosages in Children

Pages: 222
ISBN: 9788123926278
SKU: ELB1113313
YOP: 2015

This is an updated and expanded edition of the popular pocketbook aimed to serve the needs of medical students, resident doctors, general practioners, and consultant pediatricians. Several newer formulations including antiretroviral agents, antimalarias, and antibiatics have been Included. The standard or usual adult doses of most of the drugs are also provided. The book also serve as a ready-reckoner of drug dosages to young residents and practising pediatricians, and will intial confidence In their prescriptions and reduce the Incidence of avoidable side effects of drugs. It provides brief Information on the pharmacokinetics of drugs with emphasis on advantages and disadvantages of various routes of administration, drug absorption, distribution, bioavailabillty, tissue binding, half-life and metabolism and excretion. The drugs have been listed alphabetically dally dosages per unit body weight, frequency and route of administration. Important cautions, contraindications and adverse effects of selected drugs have been provided. Trade names of formulations from standard pharmaceutical companies along with their products and strengths are also given.

By Ashok K Deorari, Meharbaan Singh
You save: Rs. 15 (10 %)

Paras Prep Manual Pediatrics MBBS Final Part 2 Topicwise Solved Question Papers, For complete revision before the exams with notes and synopsis

Pages: 216
ISBN: 9789383124268
SKU: ELB1113394
YOP: 2015

Pediatrics has been considered as an immensely important subject over the last few years to such an extent that N.T.R.U.H.S. had to change the format for Final Year Undergraduates Examination. N.T.R.U.H.S. had assigned separate 100 marks question paper for Pediatrics since April 2001. The students have been under great pressure since then, because of the extra paper in addition to the already vast portion for Final Year. The intention behind this book is to provide the students with the advantage of quickly reviewing the subject before examination. I would like to emphasize that this book, by no means is a substitute to the standard textbooks in pediatrics. At the same time, it cannot be condoned as far as preparation for examination is concerned, because the answers are nothing but simplification several of texts from some standard books.

Dr. Shiva Sankar Reddy Yangala


  •    Key Features:
  •   Best book for revision before the exams.
  •   Presented in a concise format, with notes and synopsis.
  •   Covers most of the topics as prescribed by Medical Council of India.
  •   Answers are given in bullets format, so as to make it easy to remember and produce in the exams. 
  •   Most important and frequently asked questions of various universities are given.
By Siva Shankar Reddy Yangala, Sree Lakshmi Yangala
You save: Rs. 25 (14 %)

Lessons from the Grand Rounds: A Pediatric Approach (OUT OF STOCK)

Pages: 236
ISBN: 9788184489514
SKU: ELB1113355
YOP: 2010

By Y M Ambedkar
You save: Rs. 99 (20 %)

PEDMED Pediatric Medicine with comparative pts from adult Medicine Pediatrics PG Entrance Book (OUT OF STOCK)

Pages: 562
ISBN: 9789350552339
SKU: ELB1114381
YOP: 2014

PEDMED is an effort to compile salient points in pediatric medicine and comparative points from adult medicine in the same book. The references are from the latest editions of Nelson TB of Pediatrics 19th ed, IAP Textbook of Pediatrics 5th ed, Harrisons Internal Medicine 18th ed, CMDT 2013 and 2014. At a glance, it will give you an idea of the similarities and differences in the concepts of pediatric and adult medicine, which will make learning easier. This material has been designed specifically for equipping students to face PG medical entrance examinations, though it will also benefit final year students. 

By S Rajamurali
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Pediatric Emergency Medicine Course

Pages: 438
ISBN: 9789350906941
SKU: ELB1113412
YOP: 2013

By Indumathy Santhanam
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Walker's Pediatric Gastrointestinal Disease, Pediatric Gastrointestinal Disease Pathology, Diagnosis (OUT OF STOCK)

Pages: 1400
ISBN: 9781607951810
Publisher: BC Decker
SKU: ELB1113502
YOP: 2015

The revision of this definitive, two-volume reference work is dedicated to the maintenance of a comprehensive approach to the practice of pediatric gastroenterology. The text of the fifth edition was extensively reviewed to assess the continuing relevance and, as a result, the size and content of various sections have been modified and new chapters have been added. Each author, selected because of particular expertise in the field, has provided an authoritative and comprehensive account of his or her topic.

In addition, new sections have been added to reflect the expanding complexity of the field, particularly new techniques now used to accurately establish complex diagnoses. As with previous editions, the size and content of each section has been modified and new chapters added to reflect an increasing evolution of subspecialty programs within gastroenterology and a better understanding of subspecialty conditions (motility, inflammation, and autoimmune bowel disease) that have emerged in pediatric gastroenterology. As the importance of genetics and molecular biology in the pathophysiology and diagnosis of complex pediatric conditions of the gut, pancreas, and liver have become appreciated, expanded chapters cover their importance in the field.

Furthermore, a more comprehensive representation of world leaders in pediatric gastroenterology among the editors of this edition has expanded the authorship to reflect experts in specific diseases within various continents rather than principally in North America. In other words, the edition is dedicated to a comprehensive, worldwide approach to the practice of pediatric gastroenterology.

By Benjamin L Shneider, Giorgina Mieli Vergani, Olivier Jean Goulet, Philip M Sherman, Ronald E Kleinman
You save: Rs. 5732 (30 %)

Lessons from the Grand Rounds 2, Options in Rational Management

Pages: 290
ISBN: 9789380704784
SKU: ELB1113354
YOP: 2011

This unique book adopts a self learning approach based on case studies of real life situations encountered in daily practice. Beginning with an emphasis on the importance of clinical analysis and accurate diagnosis, the text then examines management dilemmas and recurrent problems in clinical practice. The final section looks at clinical presentations of paediatric tuberculosis, describing how changing inter-relationships between the agent, host and environment can influence clinical manifestations, diagnosis and management of the disease.

By Amdekar
You save: Rs. 85 (17 %)

IAP Specialty Series Pediatric Quiz for Undergraduates 1996-2006

Pages: 216
ISBN: 9788184482744
SKU: ELB1113343
YOP: 2008

By Archana Kher, Nitin K Shah, Sandeep B Bavdekar
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Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics First South Asia Edition, 3volumes set

Pages: 4078
ISBN: 9788131243701
Publisher: Elsevier
SKU: ELB1113371
YOP: 2015

After more than 75 years, Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics remains your indispensable source for definitive, state-of-the-art answers on every aspect of pediatric care. Embracing the new advances in science as well as the time-honored art of pediatric practice, this classic reference provides the essential information that practitioners and other care providers involved in pediatric healthcare throughout the world need to understand to effectively address the enormous range of biologic, psychologic, and social problems that our children and youth may face. New chapters and comprehensive revisions throughout ensure that you have the most recent information on diagnosis and treatment of pediatric diseases based on the latest recommendations and methodologies.

  • Key features
  • Cognitive Development: Domains and Theories;
  • The Reggio Emilia Educational Approach and Child Development and Learning;
  • Catatonia;  
  • Refeeding Syndrome;
  • Altitude-Associated Illness (Acute Mountain Sickness);  
  • Genetic Approaches to Rare and Undiagnosed Diseases;  
  • Healthcare-Associated Infections; Intrapartum and Peripartum Infections;  
  • Bath Salts;  
  • Small Fiber Polyneuropathy;  
  • The Microbiome and Pediatric Health;  
  • Kingella kingae;  
  • Mitochondrial Neurogastrointestinal Encephalomyopathy;
  • Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease;  
  • Deformational Plagiocephaly;  
  • Central Nervous System Vasculitis;  
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rupture;  
  • Sports-Related Traumatic Brain Injury (Concussion).
  • Recognize, diagnose, and manage genetic and acquired conditions more effectively.
  • A new Rehabilitation section with 10 new chapters, including Evaluation of the Child for Rehabilitative Services; Severe Traumatic Brain Injury; Spinal Cord Injury and Autonomic Crisis Management; Spasticity; Birth Brachial Plexus Palsy; Traumatic and Sports-Related Injuries of the Lower Extremity; Meningomyelocele (Spina Bifida); Health and Wellness for Children with Disabilities.
  • Manage the transition to adult healthcare for children with chronic diseases through discussions of the overall health needs of patients with congenital heart defects, diabetes, and cystic fibrosis.
  • Understand the principles of therapy and which drugs and dosages to prescribe for every disease
By Bonita M D Stanton, Joseph St. Geme, Nina F Schor, Robert M Kliegman
You save: Rs. 1049 (20 %)

Review of Pediatrics, A Riyaz

Pages: 701
ISBN: 9788181913357
SKU: ELB1113476
YOP: 2011

By A Riyaz
You save: Rs. 53 (15 %)

Textbook of Pediatrics by Mukesh Agrawal (OUT OF STOCK)

Pages: 812
ISBN: 9788190843300
SKU: ELB1113496
YOP: 2009

By Mukesh Agrawal
You save: Rs. 125 (15 %)

Nutrition and Child Development

Pages: 630
ISBN: 9788181914293
SKU: ELB1113379
YOP: 2015

Key Features - Provides a comprehensive outline of various aspects of paediatric nutrition and child development. - Offers an insight into the complexities of the subject and approach to childhood diseases. - A succinct book with point by point description for easy understanding & application, thus acts as a ready reckoner. - Based on the practical experience and research conducted among children with malnutrition, in the Indian context. - Recent topics such as WHO charts, IYCF, FLD, etc have been added. - Revised and updated topics to meet the requirements of practicing and academically oriented paediatricians, postgraduates and nutritionists. 

Provides a comprehensive outline of various aspects of paediatric nutrition and child development.

  • Offers an insight into the complexities of the subject and approach to childhood diseases.
  • A succinct book with point by point description for easy understanding & application, thus acts as a ready reckoner.
  • Based on the practical experience and research conducted among children with malnutrition, in the Indian context.
  • Recent topics such as WHO charts, IYCF, FLD, etc have been added.
  • Revised and updated topics to meet the requirements of practicing and academically oriented paediatricians, postgraduates and nutritionists.
By KE Elizabeth
You save: Rs. 80 (16 %)

Clinical Pediatrics

Pages: 450
ISBN: 9788131228135
Publisher: Elsevier
SKU: ELB1113198
YOP: 2012

The second edition of this book provides an opportunity to take into account the changes in the pattern of postgraduate clinical examination from totally subjective to partially objective assessment format in the national board exams. This edition is also an all inclusive teaching package as the first edition. It has evolved to assimilate the basics of pediatrics with clinical science. The essential information is wrapped up in an efficient format designed to facilitate retention and reproduction of knowledge during practical examination.

By N C Joshi
You save: Rs. 150 (15 %)

PG Textbook of Pediatrics, 3 Volumes Set

Pages: 3038
ISBN: 9789351527251
SKU: ELB1113440
YOP: 2015

​The book attempts to provide the essential information that postgraduates throughout India need to capture to effectively address the health problems that our children and youth may face in the times to come. Our objective is to be comprehensive yet concise and reader friendly, embracing both the new advances in science as well as the time-honored art of pediatric practice. Both Indian and international experts in respective fields have provided the details which have been further scrutinized for exposition and usefulness to pediatric postgraduates by a chosen team of eminent academicians. We have liberally included tables, line diagrams, images, clinical photographs, illustrative figures, flowcharts and algorithms in the main text. The book is divided in 10 major Parts and further arranged into 51 Sections to cover all aspects of postgraduate pediatric curriculum. Themes which have major public health relevance for India are extensively covered. It is almost impossible to cover all pediatric problems with the same degree of detail and hence a careful balance has been made in the details of description of diseases and their management to the needs of the students, and to keep the book to a manageable size. Take-home messages are provided at the end of each chapter. Selected recent references – mostly leading articles, reviews and position statements – are provided for more detailed information, if desired by the student or the teacher.

Key Features

The book with an Edge: 

• Paediatrics in all its complexity and comprehensiveness covered in Two Volumes, 51 Sections, and more than 600 Chapters. 

• For the very first time, a Postgraduate level book of Pediatrics with India-centric approach and solutions with the over 50 Section Editors and almost more than 725 authors, brings forth more than 10000 years of combined teaching and clinical experience. 

• A genre-establishing book , written by the choicest faculty form more than 200 teaching institutions in India and abroad, and edited by the foremost experts and doyens in their respective fields. 

• Systemic arrangement of the entire subject in 10 Parts; starting from Introduction to Pediatrics, Basic Science, Intensive Care and Emergencies; moving on to problems of the Newborn Infant, the Child, and the Adolescent; and culminating with exhaustive treatise on Infectious Disorders, Systemic Pediatrics, and Social Issues in Child Health and Extensive Annexures on drug formulary and normal laboratory values. 
• Each Chapter contains summary points In A Nutshell and suggested reading More on this Topic. A Must for every postgraduate student and practicing pediatricians in India.

By Piyush Gupta, PSN Menon, Rakesh Lodha, Siddarth Ramji
You save: Rs. 1149 (23 %)

Paediatric Clinical Examination

Pages: 570
ISBN: 9788181914224
SKU: ELB1113385
YOP: 2014

By A Santhosh Kumar
You save: Rs. 135 (20 %)

IAP Textbook of Pediatrics

Pages: 1408
ISBN: 9789352501960
SKU: ELB1115053
YOP: 2016

The book represents a substantial revision and reorganization of the text based on a complete review of the field of Pediatrics. 

A major change in this edition is the concerted effort to condense the contents of the 6th edition in a single volume. There are 21 chapters carefully revised and updated by the respective authors. These changes are in accordance with the wishes expressed by several readers and also suggestions received from the publisher. The entire contents of the textbook were formulated to provide relevant clinical information and national priorities at one site. Judicious balance of old and young authors was made by retaining most authors as far as possible and at the same time inducting new experts in chosen fields. All the chapters have been thoroughly revised and updated in a lucid and readable style and have undergone a three-tier review and edit process.

Key Features

  • The latest edition of this extensive textbook highlights the substantial advances in preventive and therapeutic care in paediatrics since the last edition. 
  • Divided into 21 chapters, beginning with basic concepts of childcare, care of the newborn, and a chapter on growth and development. 
  • Subsequent chapters cover nutrition, immunity, immunisation and infectious diseases. 
  • The middle part of the book covers diseases of the nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, and gastrointestinal systems, as well as the liver, kidney, urinary tract, and blood. 
  • Later chapters cover endocrinology, genetics, and adolescence amongst other topics. 
  • Thoroughly revised and reorganised into a single volume, enhanced by nearly 1200 full colour images and illustrations for quick and easy reference. 
  • New content and topics include new IAP growth charts, human milk banking, and survival of childhood cancer. 
  • A book of great utility for the students, teachers and practitioners of Pediatrics in India and South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) countries.
By A Parthasarathy
You save: Rs. 570 (23 %)

Illingworth's The Development of the Infant and Young Child Normal and Abnormal

Pages: 390
ISBN: 9788131230206
SKU: ELB1113347
YOP: 2012

This is the tenth edition of a classic work on child development by Ronald Illingworth (1909-1990), the renowned English paediatrician who was Professor of Child Health at the University of Sheffield. This book was first published in 1960 and Professor Illingworth revised it frequently. It was translated into several languages and is used throughout the world. Since the publication of the ninth edition of this book in 1987, a sea of changes has happened in the discipline of child development. To bridge this gap Dr. MKC Nair and Dr. Paul Russell have supported Professor Illingworth's extraordinary observations with contemporary evidence whenever available. In addition, they have included the current normative values in child development as well as cultural and societal influences on a developing child. The Development of the Infant and Young Child by Dr Ronald S Illingworth is considered as the bible in the Growth and Development area. Every word of this book is considered as the Gospel truth by the Indian Paediatricians. The last edition of this book came out in 1999. This thoroughly revised and updated edition tries to bridge the gap between the last edition and current concepts.

By M K C Nair, Paul Russell
You save: Rs. 170 (17 %)

Ghai Essential Pediatrics

Pages: 804
ISBN: 9788123923345000
SKU: ELB1113334
YOP: 2013

Ghai Essential Pediatrics 2013 is renowned and trusted as a reliable resource for teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students of Pediatrics. This 8th edition of the book marks well over 25 years that it has spent as the standard in imparting knowledge in the field of Pediatric Health.

Several chapters in the new edition have been rewritten to include new research findings and clearer illustrations. The emphasis of the book is on learning practical techniques in child health care and treatment and on evidence-based management of illness. The entire textbook has been extensively revised to ensure that all the information is relevant. It includes several tables that clearly explain differential diagnoses and management. There are new chapters on diagnosis, therapy, nutrition, gastrointestinal diseases, immunisation and rational drug therapy.

Ghai Essential Pediatrics 2013 comes with a CD that contains clinical photographs, algorithms and results which help to enhance the learning experience. It was published by CBS Publishers in 2013 and is available in hardcover.

  • Key Features
  • The 8th edition is fully revised to keep all the information up to date.
  • Several new chapters on various therapies, illnesses and diagnoses have been added.
  • Over thirty experts from around the world have contributed to the book.
By Vinod K Paul
You save: Rs. 193 (22 %)

Clinical Paediatrics History Taking and Case Discussion

Pages: 765
ISBN: 9788184732221
SKU: ELB1113193
YOP: 2010

Specially designed for medical students, this book presents a succinct exposition of the clinical procedures involved in the diagnosis and management of common pediatric cases.

Key Features:

1. In a simple and easy- to- understand language, the book explains the fundamentals of:

  • History taking &ndash both general and systemic
  • Clinical examination- both general and systemic.
  • Differential diagnosis
  • Investigations
By Aruchamy Lakshmanaswamy
You save: Rs. 150 (20 %)

Clinical Cases In Pediatrics

Pages: 226
ISBN: 9789351520658
SKU: ELB1113188
YOP: 2014


  • Covers all the important clinical cases needed for the MBBS students 
  • Completely reviewed and edited by Pediatricians-Dr B Parthiban and Dr K lIayaraja 
  • This is the first book of its kind to have in-depth discussion of the clinical examination cases for final MBBS students in pediatrics 
  • Discusses each topic from history taking, examination, investigations to treatment along with the relevant theory parts 
  • The book is updated with the latest editions of Nelson, OP Ghai, Indian Academy of Pediatrics (lAP) and various recent journals 
  • Many relevant data needed for the topics are taken from various international textbooks and journals, which will help postgraduates in paediatrics to have a quick review during their examinations also 
  • Number of illustrations, photographs and tables are given for easy understanding and remembering of the concepts 
  • This book being small and handy will be very helpful for ward preparation.
By Rajamahendran
You save: Rs. 59 (20 %)

Paediatric Prescriber (OUT OF STOCK)

Pages: 270
ISBN: 9788181913999
SKU: ELB1113390
YOP: 2014

By Santhosh Kumar
You save: Rs. 15 (10 %)

Pediatric Drug Doses

Pages: 256
ISBN: 9789350255056
SKU: ELB1113410
YOP: 2011

By G L Chattri
You save: Rs. 25 (11 %)

IAP Specialty Series Pediatric Gastroenterology

Pages: 320
ISBN: 9789350903698
SKU: ELB1113342
YOP: 2013

By Ashish Bavdekar, John Matthai, Malathi Sathiyasekaran
You save: Rs. 90 (20 %)

Pediatric Physical Diagnosis

Pages: 368
ISBN: 9781848290143
SKU: ELB1113428
YOP: 2014

This is the second edition of a successful textbook which puts emphasis on the study and knowledge of normality in physical diagnosis, in order to better appreciate, describe, diagnose and treat the abnormal. Clearly written and generously illustrated, it describes in practical step-by-step, head-to-toe procedures, the diagnostic examination of the newborn, child and adolescent. It provides a novel approach to the recognition and description of physical findings. This book is divided into 4 sections - Introduction to the Concept of Normality, Taking the History, Physical Examinations, and Specialised Examinations. It emphasises the importance of both subjective and objective observations, of distinguishing between the two, and of the use of exact measurements whenever possible.This book is comprehensive and easy to use, the text flows easily and understandably, unusual or key words are defined, rare diseases, unusual syndromes and name-dropping are avoided wherever possible. In short, this new edition of "Pediatric Physical Diagnosis" is an enjoyable, invaluable reference for both the beginner and the experienced physician and for trainees specialising in pediatrics and neonatology.

By Balu H Athreya, Basil J Zitelli, Stephen A Pearlman
You save: Rs. 85 (16 %)

Pediatric Endocrine Disorders

Pages: 488
ISBN: 9788173719134
SKU: ELB1113413
YOP: 2014

By Meena P Desai, P S N Menon, Vijayalakshmi Bhatia
You save: Rs. 150 (16 %)

Park's Pediatric Cardiology for Practitioners

Pages: 698
ISBN: 9788131238967
Publisher: Elsevier
SKU: ELB10778

  • Parks Pediatric Cardiology for Practitioners is the essential medical reference book for the ever-changing field of pediatric cardiology.
  • Comprehensive in its content, it provides the practical guidance you need to diagnose and manage children with congenital and acquired heart disease.
  • From history and physical examination through preventative treatment and the management of special problems
  • The fully revised 6th edition incorporates all of the latest concepts in cardiology, distilled in a way that is understandable to pediatricians, family practitioners, NPs and PAs alike.

Publisher: Elsevier

Author: Myung K Park

Year: 2014

By Myung K Park
You save: Rs. 376 (20 %)

CBS Quick Medical Examination Review Series: Pediatrics

ISBN: 9788123922232
SKU: ELB10259

Key Features:

  • This book is designed as a supplement to the standard textbooks.
  • It includes the Referenced - MCQs (of previous years papers) of various PO Medical Entrance and Services Examinations
  • Specialty-wise and Chapter-wise arranged.
  • The students while preparing the text or just before the examination can quickly go through this book.
  • This will help in detecting the areas of weakness in understanding the text and thus will improve the skills with multiple choice system of examination.
  • It is a favorite book for Paper-setters

Publisher: CBS

Author: M.S.Bhatia

Year: 2012

By M S Bhatia
You save: Rs. 41 (20 %)

Pediatrics: A Concise Text

Pages: 328
ISBN: 9788131225554
Publisher: Elsevier
SKU: ELB1113439
YOP: 2011

By R N Srivastava, S K Kabra
You save: Rs. 72 (15 %)

Manual Of Paediatric Emergencies and Critical Care

ISBN: 9788181913081
SKU: ELB1113361
YOP: 2010

Now a major motion picture, this remarkable classic recounts, moment by moment, the spellbinding process that gave birth to the state of Israel. Collins and Lapierre weave a brilliant tapestry of shattered hopes, fierce pride, and breathtaking valor as the Arabs, Jews, and British collide in their fight for control of Jerusalem. "O Jerusalem!" meticulously re-creates this historic struggle. Collins and Lapierre penetrate the battle from the inside, exploring each party's interests, intentions, and concessions as the city of all of their dreams teeters on the brink of destruction. From the Jewish fighters and their heroic commanders to the charismatic Arab chieftain whose death in battle doomed his cause but inspired a generation of Palestinians, "O Jerusalem!" tells the three-dimensional story of this high-stakes, emotional conflict. Now with a new introduction by Dominique Lapierre, "O Jerusalem!" remains, as ever, a towering testament to the fiery dawn of Israel and an unforgettable tale of faith and violence, of betrayal and indomitable courage.

By Suchitra Ranji
You save: Rs. 105 (18 %)

Clinical Pediatrics: History Taking And Case Discussion

Pages: 778
ISBN: 9789351296522
SKU: ELB1115490
YOP: 2016

Specially designed for medical students, this book presents a succinct exposition of the clinical methods (history taking, examination and investigations) involved in the diagnosis and management of common paediatric cases. 

Key Features:

  • History taking and examination relevant to each system is followed by a discussion on common paediatric disorders with emphasis on aetiology, pathogenesis, clinical features, investigations, management, prognosis and follow-up
  • New chapter Newborn covers various aspects of neonatology such as nomenclature and definitions, care of normal newborn, resuscitation, low birth weight, hyperbilirubinaemia and sepsis in addition to history taking and clinical examination
  • Newly added topics include adolescence and sexual maturity rating, coarctation of aorta, bronchial asthma, arterial blood gas, localisation of lesion in hemiplegia, Horner syndrome, bacterial meningitis and its differentiation from tuberculous meningitis, urinary tract infections, aplastic anaemia, juvenile idiopathic arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus
  • All topics are thoroughly revised and updated especially physical examination in children, immunisation schedule, classification and treatment of malnutrition, diarrhoea, viral hepatitis, infective endocarditis, immune thrombocytopenia, screening of Down syndrome, muscular and rheumatic disorders and neoplasms
  • Viva-voce section at the end of each chapter for quick self-assessment
  • Percentile tables for length, height, weight head circumference and BMI in children
  • New clinical photographs, radiographs and flowcharts to illustrate the text
  • Simple, point-wise style of presentation with important features summarised in tables and boxes 
By Aruchamy Lakshmanaswamy
You save: Rs. 135 (15 %)

Manual of Newborn Care

ISBN: 9788181913500
SKU: ELB1113360
YOP: 2011

By Santhosh Kumar
You save: Rs. 95 (18 %)

Practical Aspects of Pediatrics

Pages: 425
ISBN: 9788190843362
SKU: ELB1113447
YOP: 2012

By Mayoor K Chheda
You save: Rs. 65 (11 %)

Medical Emergencies In Children

Pages: 939
ISBN: 9788170820707
SKU: ELB1113344
YOP: 2012

By Meharban Singh
You save: Rs. 286 (22 %)

Paediatric Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Pages: 667
ISBN: 9788181912503
SKU: ELB1113388
YOP: 2008

By A Riyaz
You save: Rs. 102 (15 %)

Recent Advances in Pediatrics Hot Topics 23rd Volume

Pages: 490
ISBN: 9789351527367
SKU: ELB1113466
YOP: 2015

By Suraj Gupte
You save: Rs. 122 (14 %)