ISBN: 9789352700
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YOP: 2018


YOP: 2018


Authentic Questions with finest explanations verified from subject specialist and references from latest editions of standard textbooks

Subjects Include

  • Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Obstetrics &
  • Gynecology
  • Pediatrics

Salient Features

  • Authentic questions with exact language and options including all image-based questions
  • Fully coloured, thoroghly revised, updated from 19th edition of Harrison, 26th edition of Bailey & Love, 9th edition of Robbins, 12th edition of Goodman Gillman, 10th edition of Schwartz, 20th edition of Sabiston, 40th edition of Gray's Anatomy, 23rd edition of Park, 30th edition of Harper, 24th edition of Ganong
  • Thoroughly revised answers from subject specialist, faculty members of PGMEI and PG aspirants
  • Explanations in tabulated form
  • Explanations incorporating only high yielding and relevant facts
  • Highlighted important, golden facts and previously asked questions
  • Contraversial questions and image-based questions are handled with special care to clear the concept
  • Explanations from latest editions of standard and most authentic textbooks
  • Line diagrams to minimise tedious efforts
  • Mnemonics for fast learning
By Pritesh Singh
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Complete Review of Pediatrics for NBE

Pages: 536
ISBN: 9789387964761
SKU: ELB1115734
YOP: 2018

YOP: 2018

Key Features of Complete Review of Pediatrics for NBE, 4th Edition:

  • Most comprehensive Colored book on Pediatrics with revised Immunization Schedule (2017) with incorporation of vaccination guidelines from India Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) with salient points about individual vaccines included
  • This book is Compiled by Leading Faculty & Subject Expert of Pediatrics
  • 2018 Edition with All New Updates/Qs covered up to Jan 2018
  • Covering 2500+ Qs with explanations, 150+ IBQs & 300+ Colored Illustrations
  • Recent Qs (Jan) 2018 - 2012
  • AIIMS Nov 2017 - 2010
  • JIPMER Dec 2017 - 2010
  • PGI Nov 2017 - 2010
  • All India 2011 - 2000
By Deepak Marwah, Singaram A
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Self Assessment & Review of Paediatrics by Arvind Arora

Pages: 518
ISBN: 9789385722516
SKU: ELB1115751
YOP: 2018

Key features of Self Assessment & Review of Paediatrics:
  • Notes of every topics in a very simple language given before solving the questions
  • Complete guide for preparation of most entrance exams including NEET, AIIMS, PGI
  • Includes questions of recent NEET pattern and CET pattern with explanatory answers (upto 2017)
  • Also includes questions from AIIMS, All India, PGI Chandigarh & various other state examinations (upto 2017)
By Aravind Arora
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Marwah’s Internal Medicine & Pediatrics MCQs

Pages: 784
ISBN: 9788123927008
SKU: ELB1115112
YOP: 2016

  • First Book with System-wise Medicine & Pediatrics MCQs 
  • More than 5000 Qs arranged system-wise with authentic answers 
  • All Qs are updated with the references from latest editions of Harrison's Internal Medicine 19/e and Nelson's Pediatrics 20/e 
  • More than 1000 New Qs from recent exams of 2016 given as practice Qs 
  • Latest NBE/DNB Pattern Questions covered from 2012 to 2016 
  • Most recent Questions covered from JIPMER & AIIMS May 2016 
  • Other Questions from AIPGMEE, AIIMS, PGI, JIPMER, UPSC and Other states from 2000 to 2016 
  • Best book for Last Minute Revision of Medicine & Pediatrics subjects
By Deepak Marwah
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Target Pediatrics Self-Assessment & Review (OUT OF STOCK)

Pages: 880
ISBN: 9789386691408
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer
SKU: ELB1115643
YOP: 2017

YOP: 2017

This book is specifically designed for medical students/graduates appearing for various national and international postgraduate medical entrance exams. The main objective is to present the content in a concise and reader-friendly format. This book has a perfect mix of conceptual and factual elements along with special segments to help in easy understanding and retention.


  • Recent evidence-based concepts, management algorithms and guidelines included
  • Chapter-wise distribution of Synopsis and MCQs with explanations
  • >3500 previously asked exam pattern MCQs with answer key and explanations (updated till May 2017 exams)
  • >300 Image-based questions with answer key and explanations
  • Explanatory answers with references from standard textbooks (Nelson 20th ed., Harrison 19th ed., Avery's 9th ed.) and indexed articles
  • Special segments for easy understanding and retention
  • NEET-PG, AIIMS and JIPMER Keys for “frequently asked areas”
  • Controversy cleared segment for doubtful and controversial areas
  • Image-based questions for NEET-PG, DNB-CET and NEET-SS exams
  • Bulleted points, tables, illustrations and mnemonics are included for easy retention
  • Important points are presented in bold text and highlighted with asterisk for easy reading and revision
  • Additional blank space in every page of synopsis section to add extra points
  • Edited by Pediatric faculty trained from JIPMER, Puducherry—an Institute of National importance—and peer reviewed independently by experts in various pediatric subspecialties
Must for:
  • NEET-PG MD/MS & NEET-SS (Pediatric DM Superspeciality) entrance exams
  • DNB-CET & DNB-SS (Pediatric Superspeciality, FNB, NBE FET) exams
  • AIIMS, JIPMER, PGI MD/MS & Pediatric DM Superspeciality exms
  • FMGE, MRCPCH (Part 1 & 2) & USMLE Step 2 CK exams


By Arun Babu T
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Pages: 325
ISBN: 9789386827326
SKU: ELB1115772
YOP: 2018


Salient Features

  • Complete subjects of Medicine and Pediatrics covered in a highly simplified manner
  • All important and recently asked topics in FMGE are included
  • Well illustrated with important diagrams, tables and figures
  • All Recent updates in the subjects are included in What’s New boxes
  • Extra edge information highlighted in Extra Mile boxes
  • Mnemonics included wherever necessary to let you remember everything quickly
  • Important chapter-wise MCQs covered from recent FMGE examinations
  • One stop solution for strengthening your concepts for FMGE
By Deepak Marwah
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GEMS A Golden Endeavor for Medical Students

Pages: 488
ISBN: 9789352705177
SKU: ELB1115795
YOP: 2018

Key Features Of GEMS

  • A novel of GEMS.
  • More concise approach towards the case discussion and viva.
  • Incorporated  additions from latest editions of reference textbooks.
  • Deals with various clinical cases including history, examination, investigations, differential diagnosis, and management.
  • Emphasizes on management topic with updated references from standard text.
  • Includes suitable diagrams, illustrations and flowcharts for easy grasp of concepts.
  • Serves as an eleventh-hour revision tool for final MBBS students
By Jafar Niyas P, Liyakkath Ali M, Muhammed Navas NK, Muhammed Noufal Poongadan, Shameej KV
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Textbook of Pediatrics

Pages: 919
ISBN: 9789385915963
SKU: ELB1115661
YOP: 2017

YOP: 2017

Care of a child is as much an art as it is the science and young children need medical attention not only when they are sick but also when healthy, for growth monitoring, immunization, dietary advice, etc.

This book aims to provide state-of-the art information on the subject in a concise and simplified format, specially targeted at undergraduate students and practising pediatricians, though it is also expected to benefit postgraduates as a basic tool to refresh their knowledge before further reading.

Considering the excellent reviews and wide popularity of the previous edition, the material of the second edition of the Textbook has been revised and updated extensively. 

Features of Textbook Of Pediatrics, 2nd edition:

  • Text updated with most recent guidelines from national and international academic bodies to strengthen evidence-based clinical practice in child care
  • Addition of two new chapters on clinical pediatrics history taking and general examination to enhance clinical evaluation skills
  • Addition and revision of over 100 figures and diagrams, to assist in visual appreciation of the clinical problems and the issues related to them
  • Inclusion of key references to encourage and support further reading
  • Restructuring of various chapter sections and sub-sections to enhance the flow of reading
  • A brief review of applied basic sciences at the beginning of the chapters to enhance understanding of the subject
  • A systemic review of relevant clinical examination and investigations at the beginning of chapters on systemic pediatrics, to enhance evaluation skills
  • Updated chapters of Pediatric Procedures and instruments and essential pharmacological aspects of drug therapy
  • Selected chapters contributed by the renowned experts in the relevant fields
  • Based on the current pediatric curriculum prescribed by Medical Council of India and medical universities in India
  • A stepwise diagnostic approach to common clinical problems to assist in arriving at the diagnosis in a simplified manner 
  • The fully revised and updated edition of this widely acclaimed book is expected to serve as a primary resource for medical students in pediatrics
By Mukesh Agrawal
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PG Textbook of Pediatrics, 3 Volume Set

ISBN: 9789352702312
SKU: ELB1115669
YOP: 2017

YOP: 20117

Key Features of PG Textbook of Pediatrics, 3 Volume Set:

  • A genre-establishing book, created by 50 Section Editors and more than 700 choicest faculties from more than 200 teaching institutions in India and abroad
  • New chapters added on Ethical Issues, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Microbiome, Dengue Vaccines, Antiviral Drugs, Esophageal Motility Disorders, Microcephaly, Infantile Tremor Syndrome and Drug Therapy for Rheumatic Disorders
  • Pediatrics in all its complexity and comprehensiveness, covered completely in Three Volumes, 10 Parts, 51 Sections
  • More than 600 Chapters with India-centric approach and solutions, edited by the foremost experts and doyens in their respective fields
  • Systemic arrangement of the entire subject in 10 Parts;

Starting from Introduction to Pediatrics

Basic Sciences, Intensive Care and Emergencies; moving on to problems of the Newborn Infant

The Child, and the Adolescent; and culminating with exhaustive treatise on Infectious Disorders

Systemic Pediatrics, and

Social Issues in Child Health; followed by Annexures on Drug Formulary and Laboratory Values

  • For better understanding of Genetic and Genetic disorders in pediatric patients, case studies on the diagnosis and investigation of disorders are incorporated in orange-colored boxes
  • Treatment of disorders is highlighted with yellow and green screens for texts, and tables/boxes, respectively
  • Tables and boxes pertaining to evidence-based diagnostic recommendations are codded with pink color throughout the book
  • Each chapter contains summary points- In a Nutshell, and suggested reading- More on this Topic
  • Liberal use of tables, line diagrams, images, clinical photographs, illustrative figures, flow charts and algorithms in the main text
By Piyush Gupta, PSN Menon, Rakesh Lodha, Siddarth Ramji
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LMR Manual – Vol-2

ISBN: 9788184452730
SKU: ELB1116100
YOP: 2019

By Kamal K V
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