Surgery Sixer for NBE

ISBN: 9789386827418
SKU: ELB1115735
YOP: 2018

YOP: 2018

  • Key Features of Surgery Sixer for NBE, 3rd Edition
  • The most comprehensive Colored book on Surgery with 1000 One-Liners
  • The only book covering maximum Real-time Images, Surgical instruments, LMR Tables
  • This book is compiled by Leading Faculty & Subject Expert of Surgery
  • Most Preferred Book for Surgery by PG Aspirants in 2018
  • Covering 4650 Qs with explanations, 300+ IBQs & 500+ Colored Illustrations
  • Recent Qs (Jan) 2018 - 2012
  • AIIMS Nov 2017 - 2010
  • JIPMER Dec 2017 - 2010
  • PGI Nov 2017 - 2010
  • All India 2011 - 2000
By R Rajamahendran
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Last Minute Revision for NBE/DNB/NEET/PGMEE/FMGE

ISBN: 9789352704323
SKU: ELB1115713
YOP: 2018

YOP: 2018  


Key Features of Last Minute Revision For NBE/DNB/NEET/PGMEE/FMGE, 4th Edition:

  • Concise and quick revision of last 16 years’ study material based on the National Board pattern
  • Ultra-High Yield Factoids from Hot Topics included in easy-to-scan tables
  • A separate Hot Favourites Section for 2017, comprising recent trends in the PGMEE/NEET pattern
  • Image-based Question included as a separate chapter for the decisive extra edge
  • In a nutshell, critical information at maximum velocity, i.e. maximum information in minimum time
  • Your single most effective book to crack the NEET PATTERN/DNB PATTERN


  • Covers important points for Last Minute Revision of all 19 subjects (Topicwise)
  • Includes important topics covered in recent exams up to 2016
  • A separate 'Hot Favorites' Section for 2017
By Mathew R John, Sanish Babu, Simi Babu
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Complete Review of Pathology & Hematology for NBE

ISBN: 9789386827401
SKU: ELB1115729
YOP: 2018

YOP: 2018

Key Features of Complete Review of Pathology & Hematology for NBE, 4th Edition

  • Most comprehensive Colored book on Pathology with exclusive chapters on Cell as a unit of Health & Disease, Diseases of Infancy & Childhood, Soft tissue Tumors of Head
  • This book is Compiled by Leading Faculties and Subject Experts of Pathology
  • Most Recommended Book on Pathology by the TOPPER OF NEET 2018 EXAM
  • Fully updated from Robbibs 9/e, Wintrobe's 13/e, Sternberg's 6/e, Ackerman's 10/e & WHO 2016 CNS/Hematopoiteic classifications
  • Recent Qs (Jan) 2018 - 2012
  • AIIMS Nov 2017 - 2010
  • JIPMER Dec 2017 - 2010
  • PGI Nov 2017 - 2010
  • All India 2011-2000
By Praveen Kumar Gupta, Vandana Puri
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Dermatology Review for PGMEE

Pages: 142
ISBN: 9789385999048
SKU: ELB1115082
YOP: 2016

Dermatology Review for PGMEE by Mary Vineetha and K Sobhanakumari 

The book Dermatology Review for PGMEE is designed to help the young doctors aspiring for PG admission. This is a comprehensive review of Dermatology, Venereology, Leprology and Cosmetology, stressing on the areas which were covered in the previous PG entrance examinations.

Key Features

  • Included all the areas covered in previous entrance exams and also latest questions of 2015 and 2016 
  • Quick and in depth coverage for scoring in exams conducted by institutes 
  • Concepts made clear in a nutshell 
  • Charts and image-based questions included 
  • Chapters on HIV and cosmetology 
  • Authored by experienced academicians in dermatology.
By K Sobhanakumari, Mary Vineetha
You save: Rs. 26 (12 %)

Photon 20: Image-Based Questions with Explanations(OUT OF STOCK)

Pages: 852
ISBN: 9789386827289
SKU: ELB1115641
YOP: 2017


YOP: 2017

PHOTON-20: Image-Based Questions with Explanations, 3rd Edition

  • 150+ Instrument-based Qs
  • 250+ New IBQs of 2017-18
  • 800 Illustration-based IBQs
  • 1100 Real-time Photograph based IBQs
  • 100+ X-rays, Ultrasounds & MRI-based
  • 50+ New ECG-based IBQs & New Section SPOTTERS Introduced

Key Features of PHOTON-20: Image-Based Questions with Explanations

  • First and only comprehensive book on IBQs: Includes all 20 subjects asked in PGMEEs
  • Latest examinations pattern: Includes latest logics asked during 2012 - 18
  • Recent most MCQs of 2017-18 are given
  • New section (Spotters): Includes ECGs, X-rays, USGs & MRIs
  • Subject-wise and topic-wise division of IBQs for comprehensive learning 
  • Fully explained referenced answers to all MCQs
  • All subjects reviewed by subject specialists
  • Standard textbooks have been used to identify important images
  • Enhanced image size for better clarity and understanding
  • Repository for all IBQs' topics asked in PGMEE (2000-2018)
  • Focus on most repeated, clinically relevant and topper's edge
By Vivek Jain
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ACROSS: A Complete Review of Short Subjects, 3 Volume Set

ISBN: 9789386322739
SKU: ELB1115541
YOP: 2017


  • Vol. 1: 484 Pages
  • Vol. 2: 452 Pages
  • Vol. 3: 458 Pages


  • The first and the most sought after subjectwise book for PGMEE and the bestselling MCQs book on short subjects.
  • The book which has given a new approach and horizon to PGMEE preparation.
  • Thoroughly revised and updated edition with new layout.
  • Covers all questions from 2001 onwards.
  • All MCQs of All India (NBE Pattern), AIIMS, PGI, DNB, and State-based MCQs up to 2016 have been included.
  • Detailed, yet concise, short notes are added for each chapter.
  • Subjects divided into theory and MCQs and further divided into chapters and subchapters, according to their topics such that the study material is easily retainable and understandable for students.
  • Each new edition is not only an addition of few hundred new questions; as each line of the book is completely revised and updated based on the latest editions of various standard textbooks everytime. Controversial questions are explained with complete references.
  • A completely revised, researched, concise and condensed (PGMEE-oriented) presentation of important topics and basic concepts with numerous self made tables, figures, flow charts and mnemonics throughout the book, to save student’s ample time for preparation.
  • Provides a methodology to approach PGME examination; includes valuable pedagogical features and many topics of medicine, surgery and pharmacology, coinciding with short subjects.
  • Indispensable for course review and PGME examinations. Authors recommend to start reading and retaining this book after 2nd professional, during clinical postings.
  • A unique book for NEET, DNB, AIIMS, PGI, FMGE and State-level examinations.
  • Readership -Aspirants of NEET, DNB, AIIMS, PGI, FMGE and state-level examinations
By Anurag Shukla, Saumya Shukla
You save: Rs. 330 (22 %)

Self Assessment & Review of Microbiology & Immunology

ISBN: 9789352704354
SKU: ELB1115716
YOP: 2018

YOP: 2018

Key features of Self Assessment & Review of Microbiology & Immunology:

  • Topic and chapter wise arranged explanatory series
  • Thoroughly revised and edited by a group of microbiologists
  • Review of every chapter helps in solving new questions
  • Full color presentation, simple text and mnemonics, to make the things easy
  • Provides detailed coverage of immunology and parasitology
  • References from latest editions of standard books
  • The very important points given in single unit "Revision at a Glance"
  • Provides the most essential facts in flow diagrams and tabulation with an easy-to-remember format
  • The focus of the book is to enable everyone to solve forthcoming questions


  • Extensive enhancement in theory portion as per latest exam pattern
  • Thorough revision to rectify the spelling and formatting mistakes, to make it virtually error free
  • Recent new exam pattern questions have been added with explanations
  • Image based questions for Practice with additional important colour plates which can be asked 


By Anshul Jain, Rachna Chaurasia
You save: Rs. 145 (18 %)

My PGMEE Notes By Hemant Gajendra, Puja Singh

Pages: 830
ISBN: 9789387964716
SKU: ELB1115759
YOP: 2018

Salient Features

 First of its kind when the book is not written by the senior authors but by the students who are in the race of PGMEE competition. Being students ourselves, we have observed that giving sleepless nights to textbooks, class notes and question-based books, studying the whole year but failing to compile and revise everything in the final lap was the most common regret.

We came up with an idea during our own preparations to compile the maximum possible important facts and data, along with necessary diagrams, mnemonics and Photographs together at one place in the most concise and simplified way and this idea came into reality by completing this herculean task which ended with a fruit in your hand- " My PGMEE Notes”

In these Notes, we are using inclusive target oriented approach base on the new exam patterns that we have experienced in the last few years. The Notes itself defies “Jack of all trades and master of SOME”.  It is like “SEA IN A POT”.

·         It contains:

·         All the important topics of 19 Subjects of MBBS

·         Perfect illustrations, diagrams and clinical photographs wherever necessary

·         Important T ables from Authentic Textbooks and journals

·         Most Recent updates from latest Textbooks,  Journals and Important  Website

·         Mnemonics for various topics for a quick recall of the topics when needed

·         Content Reviewed by Various PG Aspirants from PAN India Medical Colleges & Subject Experts. 

·         Each page in the Notes is provided with a â8 0œSpace for Extra Points”.  In that space, students can add their extra points which they feel are important for that particular topic. This way at the end, the Notes will have everything at one place perfectly tailored for you. 


How to make the best out of this Notes?

To make the best out of this Notes, make a schedule to complete this notes by studying it for a specific number of hours/day (like 1–2 hours/day) or a specific number of pages per day (like 20–30 pages/day), complete it, add the Special Points, Revise and Re-revise.

For example:

Make a cycle of 40 days, try to complete this notes in 40 days (studying 20 pages/day). The way Notes has been represented it will take hardly 2 hours for you to complete your 20-page quota of the day. As soon as your one cycle is over start with another cycle which may be shorter this time (say 32 days with 25 pages/day). With this plan, till your exams knock your door you would have already revised the Notes "n" number of times and then re-revise these Notes in the last week before the exam. This is sort of "must follow step" for you.

To make this Notes more fruitful, optimize it according to your needs by adding the extra points/newer updates in the space provided below each page in respective topics and make it a complete package for your last month preparation.

By Hemant Gajendra, Puja Singh
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ISBN: 9789387902053
Publisher: Aim4AIIMS
SKU: ELB1115774
YOP: 2018



Key Features Of AIIMS PGMEE May-2018:

Our effort to come up with this current book is due to huge demand by AIIMS aspirants who are in search of a quality book with genuine recall of the questions with correct options and most authentic answers.

  • We, the AIIMS post graduate students have made a group, who wish to give aspirants the best they always look for in terms of genuine recall, correct answers and authentic explanations
  • Our book would serve as a true companion for all those hard working PG aspirants with most authentic answers from highly reputed faculties of AIIMS
  • We have tried to put our best effort to give correct explanations in the right contexts covering maximum topics, if not all
  • The book is very lucid and reader-friendly. Where ever possible the tables have been formulated making the information easy to remember
  • Long paragraphs of texts have been deliberately avoided and all the information have been presented in a point wise manner making it easy to remember and revise
By Apoorv Singh
You save: Rs. 240 (100 %)

NEUROSCIENCES NIMHANS: PG Medical Entrance Test Review

Pages: 1184
ISBN: 9789386827142
SKU: ELB1115653
YOP: 2017


YOP: 2017

Key Features of NEUROSCIENCES NIMHANS: PG Medical Entrance Test Review, 13th Edition:

  • This is the only book in India, exclusively published for NIMHANS PG Entrance Exam and is very successful in 2001
  • NIMHANS Online Pattern MCQs of 2017 exams included
  • 780 Image-based NIMHANS Pattern Questions are provided with utmost clarity
  • 5200 NIMHANS Pattern Previous Exam Questions thoroughly revised and updated from 19th Edition of Harrison's Internal Medicine and 26th Edition of Bailey & Love's Surgery
  • MCQs are arranged year wise in each subject from 1998-2017
  • Very thoroughly verified answers from super-speciality subject experts, faculty members of neuro institutes and PG aspirants
  • Explanations are provided precisely in bullet and tabulated form incorporating only high yield relevant facts
  • Repeatedly asked questions and their essence has been highlighted as important points in nutshell
  • More illustrations are added to understand the difficult topics better
  • Necessary Mnemonics for faster learning have been added
By G Omkarnath
You save: Rs. 1495 (100 %)

Self Assessment & Review ENT

ISBN: 9789352704309
SKU: ELB1115710
YOP: 2018

YOP: 2018

Salient Features

  • Best-selling book on ENT
  • Contains lucid presentation of text in a new layout
  • Includes recent AIIMS (2017) and PGI Questions (2016)
  • Includes New Pattern Questions
  • Four useful appendices included


  • All Chapters Thoroughly Revised and Edited
  • More than 500 Latest Pattern Questions with Explanations
  • Explanatory Questions & Answers of AIIMS (2017-2000), PGI (2016-2000) and All India (2012-2000)
  • Color Plates with Important Illustrations and Instruments
  • Four useful appendices included
By Sakshi Arora Hans
You save: Rs. 120 (20 %)

PROAFS For NBE by Vivek Jain

Pages: 1230
ISBN: 9789386310385
SKU: ELB1115586
YOP: 2017


Key Features of PROAFS for NBE, 5th Edition:

  • Chapter-wise Synopsis of all subjects with Picture-based Qs (Integrated Approach)
  • More than 6500 Explained Qs with References covering All National level exams (AI, DNB, AIIMS, PGI, UPSC, JIPMER) & State Exams (TNPG, DPG, APPG and many more)
  • All Qs given Topic-wise & Sub topic-wise
  • 650 Qs added from Most Recent Exams of Nov/Dec 2016
  • 500 High yield Tables & Mnemonics for quick memorization
  • 400+ Image-based Qs from all Recent Exams
  • Most Important Topics in Annexures for Quick Revision
  • Golden points given based on Recent MCQs
  • Fully colored layout
By Vivek Jain
You save: Rs. 1295 (100 %)

Sure Success Magic by B Ramgopal

Pages: 1232
ISBN: 9789352709168
SKU: ELB1116013
YOP: 2019

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Key Features of Sure Success MAGIC Maximum advantage guide for integrated course study.

  • An up-to-date, high-yield, quick review book.
  • The most useful book with a very high success rate in recent exams, i.e.NEET PG 2019 (>150 questions), JIPMER Nov 2018 (>100 questions), PGI Nov 2018 (>75 questions), and AIIMS Nov 2018 (>75 questions). 
  • This book will give you "Maximum Information Minimum Time" and is a "No nonsense" book (all topics are important and nothing is unimportant).
  • Information has been derived from standard textbooks and reference books of all subjects.
  • Incorporates essence of the topics asked in various exams for the past 15 years.
  • Each topic contains most of the MCQs that have already been asked in various entrance exams, for example: Psoriasis would contain almost all MCQs that have been asked about this topic in all exams .
  • Includes many potential future MCAs also.
  • Every topic contains Extra Edge points for last minute revision.
  • Author's Notes are provided wherever required for leaner's guidance.
  • High-yield points are highlighted in boxes and within the text to give due importance at the time of examination.
  • Lots of easy-to-remember Mnemonics are included.
  • Contains latest treatment guidelines of all 20 subjects.
  • A special chapter on 'Hot Images' to help students face image based questions confidently in exams.
  • Includes a chapter on 'Most Recent Exams Roundup' which contains:
  •          2019 NEET Points
  •          2018 NEET PG Points
  •          Central Exams New Points
  •          One-liners From Recent Exams (without compromising on the concepts)
  • Thus, this book is "Easy to Read - easy to Remember - easy to Recall".
  • The text is enriched with glossary, attractive flowcharts, easy-to-learn tablets, line diagrams, photographs, and photomicrographs.
By B Ramgopal
You save: Rs. 300 (18 %)

New SARP Series: Ophthalmology OUT OF STOCK

Pages: 266
ISBN: 9789386217813
SKU: ELB1115484
YOP: 2016

  • Around 1 lakh PGMEE aspirants appear for various PG entrance examinations every year while those who actually make it lie between the percentage of 10 and 15 due to increasing competition.
  • The competition is going to be tougher from this year onwards as the National Board will start conducting a single examination throughout India, which will demolish the current scenario of State Entrance Examinations.
  • The students have a Herculean task of going through the major textbooks and the trending PGMEE preparation manuals/books as well and that too in a very limited time.
  • The intention behind developing New SARP Series is not to substitute any of your textbooks.
  • This series is a unique collection intended to keep you abreast with the latest ongoing trends and topics that are being asked in recent examinations.
  • New SARP Series will give an extra edge to your preparation by helping you revise each subject in not more than 15 days.
  • This series will be your companion during the 11th Hour of your preparation when browsing through the voluminous textbooks is not possible.

Salient Features:

  • Easy to carry
  • A concise yet comprehensive handbook for last minute revision
  • All in one book for Medical PG Aspirants & FMGE Students
  • First short & Illustrative book in Ophthalmology
  • Important Theory based on latest examination topics covered 1000+ Recent Examination Qs with Explanations
  • Good Number of easy to remember Mnemonics
  • Latest updates from Khurana's 6th Edition
By Gobind Rai Garg and Sparsh Gupta
You save: Rs. 295 (100 %)

KONCPT - 20 Authors 2018 Most Recent Questions & Answers

Pages: 200
ISBN: 9789386827463
SKU: ELB1115693
YOP: 2018

YOP: 2018


  • KONCPT-20 Authors 2018 most Recent Questions & Answers
  • First Colored Book on 2018 Most Recent PGME Exam
  • Basic Science questions  
  • Pre-Clinical Subjects Questions 
  • Clinical Subjects Qs - IBQs
By Abirami Arun Prabhu, J Magendran, M Malathi, S Radhika
You save: Rs. 35 (12 %)


Pages: 325
ISBN: 9789386827326
SKU: ELB1115772
YOP: 2018


Salient Features

  • Complete subjects of Medicine and Pediatrics covered in a highly simplified manner
  • All important and recently asked topics in FMGE are included
  • Well illustrated with important diagrams, tables and figures
  • All Recent updates in the subjects are included in What’s New boxes
  • Extra edge information highlighted in Extra Mile boxes
  • Mnemonics included wherever necessary to let you remember everything quickly
  • Important chapter-wise MCQs covered from recent FMGE examinations
  • One stop solution for strengthening your concepts for FMGE
By Deepak Marwah
You save: Rs. 131 (22 %)

Dermatology Nothing Beyond for PGMEE

Pages: 440
ISBN: 9789388725774
SKU: ELB1116017
YOP: 2019

Key Features of Dermatology: Nothing Beyond for PGMEE

  • Thoroughly updated with fully coloured images for better understanding.
  • Facts and concepts based on latest editions of Rook's, Fitzpatrick, King Holmes, Bolognis, Habif, Andrews, McKee, Lever, IAL, Wolverton & Neena Khanna.
  • Tips & tricks and mnemonics for easy remembrance and quick retention of concepts.
  • Latest exam pattern MCQ with detailed explanations (special emphasis on image-based questions)
  • Recent updates, recent drugs & important facts discussed separately for giving you an extra edge.
  • Flow charts, diagnostic boxes and one liners at the end of each chapter for quick revision.
  • 600+ Relevant real-time photographs to help you correlate the pathological changes in a perfect manner.
By Manish Soni
You save: Rs. 96 (19 %)

AIIMS PGMEE November - 2017

Publisher: Altis Vortex
SKU: ELB1115674
YOP: 2017

YOP: 2017

AIIMS PGMEE November - 2017

Author: Dr. Sandhya Gaur, Dr. Apoorv singh


  • We have provided the colored images of the questions as well as related images in the explanations for concept based learning and solving similar questions
  • Includes more than 75 colour images
  • Includes Tips for approaching tricky MCQs
By Apoorv Singh, Sandhya Gaur
You save: Rs. 60 (25 %)

Revise Anatomy In 15 Days

Pages: 660
ISBN: 9789388725897
SKU: ELB1116032
YOP: 2019

YOP: 2019

Key Features of Revise Anatomy In 15 Days, 3rd Edition

Unique compendium presenting core and important anatomical concepts in a concise and student-friendly format; seamless integration of text and visuals ·

  • All chapters are thoroughly revised · Integrated anatomy of major clinical subjects like Surgery, Medicine, OBG, ENT, and Pediatrics ·
  • Neuroanatomy extensively covered especially for NIMHANS exam · Well illustrated with 1200+ diagrams and flowcharts to simplify and enhance the understanding of key concepts ·
  • View anatomy from a clinical perspective with hundreds of Clinical Aspects boxes given with all structures
  • · The Chapter at a Glance at the end of every chapter outlines memory-triggering visuals along with text to help you remember chapter content
  • · 400+ High Yield, Remember and Mnemonics boxes given as extra tools for remembering the most important information from examination perspective ·
  • Recent Questions of 2019 (up to Jan) of all the important national level exams included ·
  • New spotters section on dissection images added for the first time.
By K Raviraj, V D Agarwal
You save: Rs. 200 (20 %)

Surgery Sixer for NBE

Pages: 1070
ISBN: 9789388725859
SKU: ELB1116018
YOP: 2019


YOP: 2019

Key Features of Surgery Sixer for NBE, 4th Edition

  • Most preferred book of surgery for PG aspirants in 2018.
  • Only book on surgery for PGMEE written by leading faculty and super specialty surgeon.
  • First book to cover sample video questions on Surgery seeing the changing trends of examinations.
  • The complete content has been updated from the latest Editions of Bailey and Love 27/e, Sabiston's 20/e, Schwartz 10/e, Campbell-Walsh Urology 11/e, Harrison's 20/e, Blumgart's 6/e, Shackelford's 8/e and Devita 11/e.
  • Latest updates of AJCC Cancer staging 8th edition & ATLS 10th Edition included.
  • All chapters are reviewed and inputs are given by the concerned super specialty consultants.
  • Every chapter starts with One liner which will help you learn the basic points related to the respective chapter.
  • Several important points like-Extra-Mile, Recent Advances, Must Know, Controversy desk and High Yield Facts are added to pay special attention while you read the text.
  • Highest number of illistrations are given to supplement the text for better understanding of intricate concepts.


By Dr R Rajamahendran
You save: Rs. 220 (16 %)

AIIMS PGMEE November & May - 2017

ISBN: 9788193486504
Publisher: Altis Vortex
SKU: ELB1115675
YOP: 2017

YOP: 2017

AIIMS PGMEE Nov & May - 2107

Author: Dr. Sandhya Gaur, Dr. Apoorv singh


  • We have provided the colored images of the questions as well as related images in the explanations for concept based learning and solving similar questions
  • Includes more than 135 colour images
  • Includes Tips for approaching tricky MCQs
By Apoorv Singh, Sandhya Gaur
You save: Rs. 35 (10 %)

Neurosciences NIMHANS PG Medical Entrance Test Review

Pages: 1256
ISBN: 9789388725767
SKU: ELB1116010
YOP: 2019


Key Features of Neurosciences NIMHANS:PG Medical Entrance Test Review, 14 th edition

  • This is the only book in India, exclusively published for NIMHANS PG Entrance Exam and is very successful since 2001.
  • NIMHANS Online Pattern MCQs of 2018 exams included.
  • 780 Image-based NIMHANS Pattern Questions are provided with utmost clarity.
  • 5400 NIMHANS Pattern previous Exam Questions thoroughly revised and updated from 10th Edition of Harrison's Internal Medicine and 27th Edition of Bailey & Love's Surgery.
  • MCQs are arranged year-wise in each subject from 1998-2018.
  • Very thoroughly verified answers from super-speciality subject experts, faculty members of neuro institutes and PG aspirants.
  • Explanations are provided precisely in bullet and tabulated form incorporating only high yeild and relevant facts.
  • Repeatedly asked questions and their essence has been highlighted as important points in nutshell.·
  • More illustrations are added to understand the difficult topics better.
  • Necessary Mnemonics for faster learning have been added.
By G Omkarnath
You save: Rs. 225 (15 %)

Revise Orthopedics In 10 Days: New SARP Series for NEET/NBE/AI

Pages: 424
ISBN: 9789386827159
SKU: ELB1115624
YOP: 2017

YOP: 2017

Key Features of Revise Orthopedics In 10 Days (New SARP Series for NEET/NBE/AI):

  • All diverse topics of Orthopedics have been packaged in this First fully colored book on the subject by a leading faculty and subject expert
  • The text has been well illustrated with 500+ colored illustrations and tables to make the reading experience smooth and interesting
  • All important signs and tests pertaining to various orthopedic conditions have been discussed in detail to provide a fundamental base to the clinical understanding of the students
  • Imaging techniques, Tractions, Orthosis and Implants have been discussed in detail with relevant diagrams and images to acquaint the students with their exact identification
  • Chapter at a Glance and Final Recall given at the end of every chapter are ready-to-use tools for the students to revise the concepts they have studied in the chapter
  • 100+ IBQs have been covered separately in every chapter to acquaint the students with probable and recently asked image-based questions in the national level exams
  • 150+ High yield, Extra Edge and Key Points boxes have been covered to highlight the most important concepts in every chapter
  • Most recent questions up to AIIMS May 2017 have been covered in the book as a separate section as well
By P Selvaraj
You save: Rs. 96 (24 %)

AIIMS ESSENCE 2018–2015: Volume 1

Pages: 1598
ISBN: 9789352709236
SKU: ELB1116038
YOP: 2019


                                           HURRY! PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW


  •  Gold standard book for PGMEE preparation.
  •  Authentic questions of AIIMS PG entrance examination.
  • Contains image-based questions.
  •  Includes Special AIIMS Pattern Questions.
  • Question Paper of AIIMS November 2018 given in full color in the beginning.
  •  Fully coloured, thoroughly revised, updated from Harrison 20th/e, Bailey & Love 27th/e, Robbins 9th/e, Goodman Gilman 12th/e, Schwartz 10th/e, Sabiston 20th/e, Gray’s Anatomy 41st/e, Park 25th/e, Harper 30th/e and Ganong 25th/e.
  •  Thoroughly verified answers from the subject specialist, faculty members of Dr. Pritesh Institute and PG aspirants.
  • Explanations in tabulated form.
  •  Explanations incorporating only high yielding and relevant facts.
  •  Highlights important, golden facts, and previously asked questions.
  •  Controversial questions and image-based questions are handled with special care to clear the concepts.
  •  Line diagrams to minimize tedious efforts. 2
  •  Mnemonics for faster
By Pritesh Singh
You save: Rs. 95 (5 %)

Complete Review of Pathology & Hematology for NBE

Pages: 770
ISBN: 9789388725828
SKU: ELB1116044
YOP: 2019


By Praveen Kr Gupta & Vandana Puri
You save: Rs. 50 (5 %)

Conceptual Review of Biochemistry

Pages: 480
ISBN: 9789388725873
SKU: ELB1116037
YOP: 2019

Key Features of Conceptual Review of Biochemistry

  •  Simple and easy to understand language
  • More topics have been added according to need of subject
  •  Text is enriched with Improved images, Diagrams, Flowcharts and Tables · Strategically the unit has be en cleaved into chapters to facilitate future references
  •  Boxes like - Additional Edge, High Return, Energetics and Mnemonics will polish reader's memory
  • Clinical boxes are auxil iary to cover diseases
  •  Summary Tables are supplementary to provide concise view of the chapter
  • One liners at the end of chapters are assets to a reader when one is running short of time
  • Explanations and updates are reinforced by references from standard text books
  •  Controversial questions have been discussed with proper reasoning
  •  Questions from latest Competitive Exams like PGI, AIIMS, PG and FMGE have been included
By Smily Pruthi Pahwa
You save: Rs. 197 (28 %)

KONCPT-20 Authors: 2019-18

Pages: 400
ISBN: 9789388178709
SKU: ELB1116054
YOP: 2019

KEY FEATURES OF KONCPT-20 Authors: 2019-18

  • KONCPT-20 Authors: 2019-18
  • most Recent Questions & Answers Colored Book on 2019
  • Most Recent PGME Exam Basic Science questions
  • Pre-Clinical Subjects Questions Clinical Subjects Qs - IBQs
By Dr R Rajamahendran, S Radhika, T Antan Uresh Kumar, V Abirami
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Review of Pediatrics & Neonatology

Pages: 582
ISBN: 9789352709182
SKU: ELB1116028
YOP: 2019

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Key Features of  Review of Pediatrics & Neonatology 

  • First Pediatrics review book by subject specialists from topmost institutes of India.
  • Fully colored book: Attractive, reader friendly presentation of the theoretical concepts in the pretext with fully colored, high resolution images, placed beside the relevant text, to help in concept building.
  •  Thoroughly updated pretexts: To provide concise, point-wise overview of all the chapters, thoroughly updated pretexts with high-yield points, mnemonics and flow diagrams have been provided.
  •  Three sections: In order to make your reading well-organised, the chapters have been re-arranged into 3 different sections: General Pediatrics, Neonatology & Systemic Pediatrics.
  •  NEW: Contents have been star-marked with Important, Very Important and Most Important chapters as per recent exam trends.
  • Exclusive feature for MCI/FMGE exams: Topics and questions important for MCI/FMGE exams have been distinctively marked with ‘M' for easy identification and revision. 2
  •  Image-based MCQs: Keeping in mind the current pattern of examinations, we have included over 500 fully colored images to prepare you for the same. Image-based questions have been presented along with the pretext for ‘integrated approach'.
  •  Latest updates: All the latest updates and guidelines in the field of pediatrics, which are potential upcoming questions, have been highlighted in the respective chapters.
  • Most latest MCQs included: Over 3000 MCQs comprising updated NBE-pattern questions up to January 2019, AIIMS up to November 2018, PGI & JIPMER up to December 2018 have been included and have been arranged chronologically to make the students familiar with the current trend.
  •  Authentic explanations: Explanations have been provided for the answers, with references from the latest editions of standard textbooks, like Nelson20/e, Ghai 9/e, Harrison 19/e. Controversial MCQs have been explained in detail, discussing each option and excluding the incorrect ones for instituting analytical skills in students.
  •  Annexures: Important high-yielding topics requiring last-minute revision, like developmental milestones, salient features of important metabolic disorders, important genetic syndromes, list of ‘Most commons' and many more have been included in annexures.
  •  Online support is available from the author herself at, to answer all your queries in Pediatrics, to keep you abreast with the latest updates and help you in revision before exams as well as for assessing yourself.
  •  Utility of this book: This book is useful not only for the students preparing for various PGMEEs, but for all MCQ- based exams on Pediatrics including MCI/FMGE exams, various DM entrance exams and also for the final-year undergraduate students for concept-building as well as for quick revision, as adjunct to their text books.
By Taruna Mehra
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Conceptual Review of Pharmacology for NBE

Pages: 700
ISBN: 9789388725866
SKU: ELB1116049
YOP: 2019

Key Features of Conceptual Review of Pharmacology for NBE, 4th Edition

  • A never before 'Fun and Learn Approach' to study a bland subject like pharmacology. The book retains the same flavor in studying the subject, as the author's classes.
  •  The content has been thoroughly revised and updated as per the recent developments.
  •  The Cardiovascular Drugs section has been updated with Recent ACC/AHA Guidelines 2017 on CHF and hypolipidemic.
  •  An Integrated Approach of Understanding has been followed in the book with Conceptual Boxes highlighting the Interrelation of Pharmacology with other Clinical and Non-clinical Subjects.
  •  Further details related to drugs have been summarized in Clinical Boxes.
  • All chapters now contain Classifications of Various Drug Classes to strengthen the Basic Understanding of the readers.
  •  Recent Guidelines in Management of Tuberculosis, Leprosy, and HIV have been incorporated. ·     Antimalarial, Antileprosy, and Anti-HIV Vaccines have also been discussed.
  • A detailed chart on Autonomic Nervous System Drugs has been included with this edition to help the readers revise it.
By Ranjan Kumar Patel
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Last Minute Revision Physiology

Pages: 314
ISBN: 9789351528951
SKU: ELB1114372
YOP: 2015

  • The book provides a new approach and horizon to PGMEE preparation 
  • The new edition provides not only an addition of few hundred new questions but also each line of the book is completely revised and updated, based on the latest editions of various standard textbooks every time. 
  • Subject has been divided into theory and MCQs portions and further subdivided into chapters and subchapters according to their topics 
  • Updated concepts and thoroughly revised 
  • The book is more interesting and user-friendly 
  • Written in a simple language, explanations are clear and presentation is very systematic 
  • Useful for All India, DNB, AIIMS, PGI, GMGE and other state level examinations.
By Anurag Shukla, Saumya Shukla
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Self Assessment & Review of Pharmacology

ISBN: 9789385722561
SKU: ELB1115761
YOP: 2018

YOP: 2018

Key Features of Self Assessment and Review of Pharmacology, 10th Edition:

  • Notes of every topic in a very simple language given before solving the questions
  • Complete guide for preparation of most entrance exam including NEET, AIIMS, PGI 
  • Includes question of recent NEET Pattern and CET Pattern with explanatory answer (Upto 2017)
  • Also includes questions from AIIMS, All India, PGI Chandigarh & Various other state examinations (Upto 2017)
By Arvind Arora
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AIIMS MedEasy Volume II

Pages: 795
ISBN: 9789386827500
SKU: ELB1115747
YOP: 2018

YOP: 2018

Key Features of AIIMS MedEasy Volume II:

  • Each subject Written and Reviewed by the Subject Experts
  • Maximum coverage of AIIMS papers: Vo l. I: Nov 2017-May 2014 & Vol. II: Nov 2013-May 2011 (Both the volumes are available separately) 
  • Over 100 controversial Qs are dealt with proper explanations, which are generally found wrong in other books
  • New boxes of RECALL BIAS 
  • Highest collection of COLOR PLATES (900+) with detailed explanations (Given in Vol. I)
  • 900+ High yield tables and Mnemonics
  • Reference of latest Editions of standard textbooks are given in all the Subjects


By Vaibhav Bharat
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Pages: 356
ISBN: 9789387742871
SKU: ELB1115771
YOP: 2018

  • Short and crisp summary of all relevant topics for quick revision
  • Over 1500 MCQs for self-assessment, distributed at the end of respective chapters
  • All repeat questions from last 15 years from national and state PG entrance examinations
  • New MCQs based on latest trend of NEET examination
  • Image based practice questions
  • Mnemonics to grasp difficult to remember information
  • High yield points after every topic to give “Xtra edge”
By Anish Agarwalla, Mukul Mohindra
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Complete Review of Medicine for NBE

Pages: 1010
ISBN: 9789388725880
SKU: ELB1116072
YOP: 2019

Salient Features of the book Complete Review of Medicine for NBE  

  • Only book covering the maximum number of ECGs, EEGs and spirometry analysis
  • Conceptual diagnostic algorithms summarize the important concepts of the chapter for the readers
  • Topic wise Recent Questions including AIIMS May 2019 Examinations have been added
  • Chapters on Hepatology, Rheumatology, Endocrinology, and Disorders of Kidney have been updated
  • New information on various disorders has been added
  • All updates from Harrison 20th edition and CMDT 2018 have been included.

About the Author

Dr Deepak Marwah Clinician and Director Medicine Buster Classes, New Delhi, India. He is an alumnus from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi and has been in the teaching profession for more than 12 years. His classes are appreciated and accepted by the students in India as well as abroad. At several occasions, he has been invited as a guest lecturer at International Universities. His innovative methods and flawless delivery of the lecture make him very popular among the students. The way he has simplified the complex subject of Medicine has helped the students to score a good rank in the exams.

By Deepak Marwah
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