Obstetrics & Gynecology

Self Assessment & Review Obstetrics

ISBN: 978935270156
SKU: ELB1115717
YOP: 2018

YOP: 2018

Key Features of Self Assessment & Review Obstetrics, 11th edition:

  • For the first time theory has been added before each chapter
  • Thoroughly revised and edited
  • Recent papers of AIIMS May and November
  • New pattern questions have been added in each chapter, keeping in mind the latest trend of questions

Special Features

  • All Recent Questions of 2017
  • AIIMS May/Nov recent  covered
  • More than 300 New Pattern Questions with explanations included
  • Theory added in the beginning of all chapters
  • Image-based Questions added
  • Includes Important Instruments
  • Ultrasounds and Doppiers
  • Manual on CTG added
  • Include annexures for last-minute version
By Sakshi Arora Hans
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ISBN: 9789352700
SKU: ELB1115718
YOP: 2018

YOP: 2018



Authentic Questions with finest explanations verified from subject specialist and references from latest editions of standard textbooks

Subjects Include

  • Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Obstetrics &
  • Gynecology
  • Pediatrics

Salient Features

  • Authentic questions with exact language and options including all image-based questions
  • Fully coloured, thoroghly revised, updated from 19th edition of Harrison, 26th edition of Bailey & Love, 9th edition of Robbins, 12th edition of Goodman Gillman, 10th edition of Schwartz, 20th edition of Sabiston, 40th edition of Gray's Anatomy, 23rd edition of Park, 30th edition of Harper, 24th edition of Ganong
  • Thoroughly revised answers from subject specialist, faculty members of PGMEI and PG aspirants
  • Explanations in tabulated form
  • Explanations incorporating only high yielding and relevant facts
  • Highlighted important, golden facts and previously asked questions
  • Contraversial questions and image-based questions are handled with special care to clear the concept
  • Explanations from latest editions of standard and most authentic textbooks
  • Line diagrams to minimise tedious efforts
  • Mnemonics for fast learning
By Pritesh Singh
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Review of Postgraduate Medical Entrance Examinations, Vol-III

ISBN: 9789385722424
SKU: ELB1115645
YOP: 2017

YOP: 2017

  • Review of PGMEE Vol III, 13E (AAA)

Author: Amit Tripathi, Ashish Gupta, Arvind Arora

Publisher: Pulse Publications

  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Pediatrics
  • Radiology
By Amit Tripathi, Arvind Arora, Ashish Gupta
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Mastering NEET Series: Non-Clinical Subjects, Volume 2

ISBN: 978938626165
SKU: ELB1115708
YOP: 2018

YOP: 2018

Key Features of Mastering NBE Series: Non-Clinical Subjects, Volume 2

  • The text has been compiled in two volumes:
    • Volume 1: Non-Clinical Subjects
    • Volume 2: Clinical Subjects
  • The content has been arranged into:
    • Key points
    • MCQs with short explanations (attached images/tables)
    • Practice MCQs
    • Image-based MCQs
    • MCQ points
  • Key note had been compiled based on high-yield topics, from which questions are usually asked
  • MCQs have been categorized into different sections. The sections are the same as those in Self Assessment & Review of FMGE, so that the students can read both the titles together, section-wise, so as to have an in-depth knowledge of NBE pattern
  • Explanations are short and concise and try to highlight the fact that why a particular option is the answer to that MCQ
  • For the ease of studying, explanations are placed after the MCQs and answers are written in footnotes
  • One-liner type of questions have been compiled as MCQ points for quick recap
  • All efforts were made to keep the presentation simple and reader-friendly
By Kamal KV
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GEMS A Golden Endeavor for Medical Students

Pages: 488
ISBN: 9789352705177
SKU: ELB1115795
YOP: 2018

Key Features Of GEMS

  • A novel of GEMS.
  • More concise approach towards the case discussion and viva.
  • Incorporated  additions from latest editions of reference textbooks.
  • Deals with various clinical cases including history, examination, investigations, differential diagnosis, and management.
  • Emphasizes on management topic with updated references from standard text.
  • Includes suitable diagrams, illustrations and flowcharts for easy grasp of concepts.
  • Serves as an eleventh-hour revision tool for final MBBS students
By Jafar Niyas P, Liyakkath Ali M, Muhammed Navas NK, Muhammed Noufal Poongadan, Shameej KV
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DC Dutta's Textbook of Obstetrics

Pages: 686
ISBN: 9789352702428
SKU: ELB1115667
YOP: 2017

YOP: 2017

DC Dutta's Textbook of Obstetrics

Edition: 9th

Publisher: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd

Author:  Hiralal Konar

  • This ninth edition has been fully revised to provide clinicians and trainees with the latest information and developments in the field of obstetrics
  • Beginning with discussion on female reproductive anatomy, physiological changes in pregnancy, the foetus, placenta and foetal membranes, the following chapters explain antenatal care and normal labour
  • The following sections cover the diagnosis and management of numerous disorders and complications that may occur during pregnancy and in labour
  • A complete chapter is dedicated to imaging, amniocentesis and clinical tests, and the final section presents photographs of instruments, specimens, sonograms, MR images, and drugs
  • The book provides guidelines from different professional and academic organisations including RCOG, ACOG, WHO, FIGO, NICHD, CDC, and NICE. Summary tables, algorithms, boxes, flowcharts and ‘key points’ are given in each chapter to assist revision.

Key points

  • Fully revised, new edition presenting latest developments in the field of obstetrics
  • Highly illustrated with clinical photographs and learning tools
  • Provides guidelines from various professional and academic organisations
  • Previous edition (9789351527237) published in 2015
By Hiralal Konar
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