Last Minute Revision for NBE/DNB/NEET/PGMEE/FMGE

ISBN: 9789352704323
SKU: ELB1115713
YOP: 2018

YOP: 2018  


Key Features of Last Minute Revision For NBE/DNB/NEET/PGMEE/FMGE, 4th Edition:

  • Concise and quick revision of last 16 years’ study material based on the National Board pattern
  • Ultra-High Yield Factoids from Hot Topics included in easy-to-scan tables
  • A separate Hot Favourites Section for 2017, comprising recent trends in the PGMEE/NEET pattern
  • Image-based Question included as a separate chapter for the decisive extra edge
  • In a nutshell, critical information at maximum velocity, i.e. maximum information in minimum time
  • Your single most effective book to crack the NEET PATTERN/DNB PATTERN


  • Covers important points for Last Minute Revision of all 19 subjects (Topicwise)
  • Includes important topics covered in recent exams up to 2016
  • A separate 'Hot Favorites' Section for 2017
By Mathew R John, Sanish Babu, Simi Babu
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Complete Review of Pediatrics for NBE

Pages: 536
ISBN: 9789387964761
SKU: ELB1115734
YOP: 2018

YOP: 2018

Key Features of Complete Review of Pediatrics for NBE, 4th Edition:

  • Most comprehensive Colored book on Pediatrics with revised Immunization Schedule (2017) with incorporation of vaccination guidelines from India Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) with salient points about individual vaccines included
  • This book is Compiled by Leading Faculty & Subject Expert of Pediatrics
  • 2018 Edition with All New Updates/Qs covered up to Jan 2018
  • Covering 2500+ Qs with explanations, 150+ IBQs & 300+ Colored Illustrations
  • Recent Qs (Jan) 2018 - 2012
  • AIIMS Nov 2017 - 2010
  • JIPMER Dec 2017 - 2010
  • PGI Nov 2017 - 2010
  • All India 2011 - 2000
By Deepak Marwah, Singaram A
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Dermatology Nothing Beyond for PGMEE

Pages: 440
ISBN: 9789388725774
SKU: ELB1116017
YOP: 2019

Key Features of Dermatology: Nothing Beyond for PGMEE

  • Thoroughly updated with fully coloured images for better understanding.
  • Facts and concepts based on latest editions of Rook's, Fitzpatrick, King Holmes, Bolognis, Habif, Andrews, McKee, Lever, IAL, Wolverton & Neena Khanna.
  • Tips & tricks and mnemonics for easy remembrance and quick retention of concepts.
  • Latest exam pattern MCQ with detailed explanations (special emphasis on image-based questions)
  • Recent updates, recent drugs & important facts discussed separately for giving you an extra edge.
  • Flow charts, diagnostic boxes and one liners at the end of each chapter for quick revision.
  • 600+ Relevant real-time photographs to help you correlate the pathological changes in a perfect manner.
By Manish Soni
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Revise Anatomy In 15 Days

Pages: 660
ISBN: 9789388725897
SKU: ELB1116032
YOP: 2019

YOP: 2019

Key Features of Revise Anatomy In 15 Days, 3rd Edition

Unique compendium presenting core and important anatomical concepts in a concise and student-friendly format; seamless integration of text and visuals ·

  • All chapters are thoroughly revised · Integrated anatomy of major clinical subjects like Surgery, Medicine, OBG, ENT, and Pediatrics ·
  • Neuroanatomy extensively covered especially for NIMHANS exam · Well illustrated with 1200+ diagrams and flowcharts to simplify and enhance the understanding of key concepts ·
  • View anatomy from a clinical perspective with hundreds of Clinical Aspects boxes given with all structures
  • · The Chapter at a Glance at the end of every chapter outlines memory-triggering visuals along with text to help you remember chapter content
  • · 400+ High Yield, Remember and Mnemonics boxes given as extra tools for remembering the most important information from examination perspective ·
  • Recent Questions of 2019 (up to Jan) of all the important national level exams included ·
  • New spotters section on dissection images added for the first time.
By K Raviraj, V D Agarwal
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Revise Orthopedics In 10 Days: New SARP Series for NEET/NBE/AI

Pages: 424
ISBN: 9789386827159
SKU: ELB1115624
YOP: 2017

YOP: 2017

Key Features of Revise Orthopedics In 10 Days (New SARP Series for NEET/NBE/AI):

  • All diverse topics of Orthopedics have been packaged in this First fully colored book on the subject by a leading faculty and subject expert
  • The text has been well illustrated with 500+ colored illustrations and tables to make the reading experience smooth and interesting
  • All important signs and tests pertaining to various orthopedic conditions have been discussed in detail to provide a fundamental base to the clinical understanding of the students
  • Imaging techniques, Tractions, Orthosis and Implants have been discussed in detail with relevant diagrams and images to acquaint the students with their exact identification
  • Chapter at a Glance and Final Recall given at the end of every chapter are ready-to-use tools for the students to revise the concepts they have studied in the chapter
  • 100+ IBQs have been covered separately in every chapter to acquaint the students with probable and recently asked image-based questions in the national level exams
  • 150+ High yield, Extra Edge and Key Points boxes have been covered to highlight the most important concepts in every chapter
  • Most recent questions up to AIIMS May 2017 have been covered in the book as a separate section as well
By P Selvaraj
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Pages: 636
ISBN: 9789352709151
SKU: ELB1116043
YOP: 2019

                                       HURRY! PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW

Key features of Review of PATHOLOGY AND GENETICS

  • Thoroughly revised and updated by a professional board of editors.
  • Fully colored along with over 300 images.
  • Best pathology book with Image Based Questions from recent exams (All India/AIIMS).
  • Includes latest exam pattern questions.
  • The book includes Most Recent Papers: NEET Pattern 2019, AIIMS Nov 2018, and AIIMS May 2018.
  • Important new topics pertaining to recent exam questions like blood transfusion, genetic diagnosis of disorders, Updated WHO criteria for Plasma cell cancers etc. have been incorporated.
  • Facts and concepts based on latest editions of Robbins 9/e, Harsh Mohan 7/e, Harrison 20/e, CMDT 2019, Wintrobe’s 13/e, Williams’s 8/e, Ackerman’s 10/e and Sternberg 6/e.
  • Includes explained answers of all recent questions of 2019, All India (2019-1991), AIIMS (Nov 2018-1991), PGI Chandigarh (2018-2000), and various solved MCQs of other state exams.
  • New NBE based pattern (Wider coverage, concept development, one-liner approach).
  • Special points like NEET buster have been added to facilitate last minute revision.
  • Picture MCQs with Answers (According to Recent Examinations).
  • A new feature “Golden points” has been added before the chapter review so as to facilitate last minute revision prior to the exams.
  • Every chapter has the presence of an annexure containing the information required for the extra edge in the exams.
  • Special boxes “Mnemonic”, “Definition”, “Recent exam questions”, “Key points” and “Concept” have been placed regularly in the text so as to highlight important facts.
  • Chapterwise concise complete text in a new layout for enabling the students to study antegrade.
  • New conceptual and clinically relevant information has been highlighted in the text.
  • Provides the advantage of both antegrade as well as retrograde study.
  • Large number of diagrams and flow charts to quickly revise the topics.
  • References from 7th, 8th and 9th editions of Robbins and Cotran Pathological Basis of Disease.
  • Golden points and additional information from 9th edition of Robbins have been given separately.
  • Previous years’ MCQs and other potential questions highlighted in the text.
  • Large number of easy-to-grasp Mnemonics.
  • Chapter on important stains and bodies included.
  • Authentic and complete Question Banks of various years with latest references and correct answers of the following States’ examinations have been added.
  • Author support in the form of Live Sessions, facebook pages and videos (Available in Mobile App).
By Gobind Rai Garg and Sparsh Gupta
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Forensic Medicine Nothing beyond for PGMEE (New SARP Series for NEET/NBE/AI)

Pages: 336
ISBN: 9789388725804
SKU: ELB1116007
YOP: 2019


  • Every concept is depicted in the most comprehendible way and also supplemented with appropriate images to help you remember and recollect without any hassles.
  • Constant reinforcement without repetition of the content lets you feel confident in facing any question that may arise, as you finish each chapter.
  • Illustrative case studies to understand the practical importance of what you study and also to develop   more interst in reading the subject. 
  • The questions and the image-based questions at the end of each chapter have been given to make sure that you are thorough with the concepts before you proceed to the next chapter.
  • Spotters provided will help you in visual memory for image-based questions and also in UG Practical Exams.
  • Flowcharts given under Chapter at a Glance will help you revise the content just in one go.
  • Frequently repeated points are given in last minute tidbits to aid your revision process before the exams.


 1. Forensic Thanatology

 2. Human Identification

 3. Asphyxial Deaths

 4. Forensic Traumatology

 5. Forensic Toxicology

 6 .Sexual Jurisprudence

 7. Medical Law and Ethics

 8. Forensic Psychiatry, Starvation, and Blood Stains

 9. Rules, Sections and Deception Detection Techniques

10. Down and Memory Lane

11. Spotters

By J Magendran
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