Last Minute Revision for NBE/DNB/NEET/PGMEE/FMGE

ISBN: 9789352704323
SKU: ELB1115713
YOP: 2018

YOP: 2018  


Key Features of Last Minute Revision For NBE/DNB/NEET/PGMEE/FMGE, 4th Edition:

  • Concise and quick revision of last 16 years’ study material based on the National Board pattern
  • Ultra-High Yield Factoids from Hot Topics included in easy-to-scan tables
  • A separate Hot Favourites Section for 2017, comprising recent trends in the PGMEE/NEET pattern
  • Image-based Question included as a separate chapter for the decisive extra edge
  • In a nutshell, critical information at maximum velocity, i.e. maximum information in minimum time
  • Your single most effective book to crack the NEET PATTERN/DNB PATTERN


  • Covers important points for Last Minute Revision of all 19 subjects (Topicwise)
  • Includes important topics covered in recent exams up to 2016
  • A separate 'Hot Favorites' Section for 2017
By Mathew R John, Sanish Babu, Simi Babu
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Photon 20: Image-Based Questions with Explanations(OUT OF STOCK)

Pages: 852
ISBN: 9789386827289
SKU: ELB1115641
YOP: 2017


YOP: 2017

PHOTON-20: Image-Based Questions with Explanations, 3rd Edition

  • 150+ Instrument-based Qs
  • 250+ New IBQs of 2017-18
  • 800 Illustration-based IBQs
  • 1100 Real-time Photograph based IBQs
  • 100+ X-rays, Ultrasounds & MRI-based
  • 50+ New ECG-based IBQs & New Section SPOTTERS Introduced

Key Features of PHOTON-20: Image-Based Questions with Explanations

  • First and only comprehensive book on IBQs: Includes all 20 subjects asked in PGMEEs
  • Latest examinations pattern: Includes latest logics asked during 2012 - 18
  • Recent most MCQs of 2017-18 are given
  • New section (Spotters): Includes ECGs, X-rays, USGs & MRIs
  • Subject-wise and topic-wise division of IBQs for comprehensive learning 
  • Fully explained referenced answers to all MCQs
  • All subjects reviewed by subject specialists
  • Standard textbooks have been used to identify important images
  • Enhanced image size for better clarity and understanding
  • Repository for all IBQs' topics asked in PGMEE (2000-2018)
  • Focus on most repeated, clinically relevant and topper's edge
By Vivek Jain
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ACROSS: A Complete Review of Short Subjects, 3 Volume Set

ISBN: 9789386322739
SKU: ELB1115541
YOP: 2017


  • Vol. 1: 484 Pages
  • Vol. 2: 452 Pages
  • Vol. 3: 458 Pages


  • The first and the most sought after subjectwise book for PGMEE and the bestselling MCQs book on short subjects.
  • The book which has given a new approach and horizon to PGMEE preparation.
  • Thoroughly revised and updated edition with new layout.
  • Covers all questions from 2001 onwards.
  • All MCQs of All India (NBE Pattern), AIIMS, PGI, DNB, and State-based MCQs up to 2016 have been included.
  • Detailed, yet concise, short notes are added for each chapter.
  • Subjects divided into theory and MCQs and further divided into chapters and subchapters, according to their topics such that the study material is easily retainable and understandable for students.
  • Each new edition is not only an addition of few hundred new questions; as each line of the book is completely revised and updated based on the latest editions of various standard textbooks everytime. Controversial questions are explained with complete references.
  • A completely revised, researched, concise and condensed (PGMEE-oriented) presentation of important topics and basic concepts with numerous self made tables, figures, flow charts and mnemonics throughout the book, to save student’s ample time for preparation.
  • Provides a methodology to approach PGME examination; includes valuable pedagogical features and many topics of medicine, surgery and pharmacology, coinciding with short subjects.
  • Indispensable for course review and PGME examinations. Authors recommend to start reading and retaining this book after 2nd professional, during clinical postings.
  • A unique book for NEET, DNB, AIIMS, PGI, FMGE and State-level examinations.
  • Readership -Aspirants of NEET, DNB, AIIMS, PGI, FMGE and state-level examinations
By Anurag Shukla, Saumya Shukla
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Sure Success Magic by B Ramgopal

Pages: 1232
ISBN: 9789352709168
SKU: ELB1116013
YOP: 2019

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Key Features of Sure Success MAGIC Maximum advantage guide for integrated course study.

  • An up-to-date, high-yield, quick review book.
  • The most useful book with a very high success rate in recent exams, i.e.NEET PG 2019 (>150 questions), JIPMER Nov 2018 (>100 questions), PGI Nov 2018 (>75 questions), and AIIMS Nov 2018 (>75 questions). 
  • This book will give you "Maximum Information Minimum Time" and is a "No nonsense" book (all topics are important and nothing is unimportant).
  • Information has been derived from standard textbooks and reference books of all subjects.
  • Incorporates essence of the topics asked in various exams for the past 15 years.
  • Each topic contains most of the MCQs that have already been asked in various entrance exams, for example: Psoriasis would contain almost all MCQs that have been asked about this topic in all exams .
  • Includes many potential future MCAs also.
  • Every topic contains Extra Edge points for last minute revision.
  • Author's Notes are provided wherever required for leaner's guidance.
  • High-yield points are highlighted in boxes and within the text to give due importance at the time of examination.
  • Lots of easy-to-remember Mnemonics are included.
  • Contains latest treatment guidelines of all 20 subjects.
  • A special chapter on 'Hot Images' to help students face image based questions confidently in exams.
  • Includes a chapter on 'Most Recent Exams Roundup' which contains:
  •          2019 NEET Points
  •          2018 NEET PG Points
  •          Central Exams New Points
  •          One-liners From Recent Exams (without compromising on the concepts)
  • Thus, this book is "Easy to Read - easy to Remember - easy to Recall".
  • The text is enriched with glossary, attractive flowcharts, easy-to-learn tablets, line diagrams, photographs, and photomicrographs.
By B Ramgopal
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Target Pediatrics Self-Assessment & Review (OUT OF STOCK)

Pages: 880
ISBN: 9789386691408
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer
SKU: ELB1115643
YOP: 2017

YOP: 2017

This book is specifically designed for medical students/graduates appearing for various national and international postgraduate medical entrance exams. The main objective is to present the content in a concise and reader-friendly format. This book has a perfect mix of conceptual and factual elements along with special segments to help in easy understanding and retention.


  • Recent evidence-based concepts, management algorithms and guidelines included
  • Chapter-wise distribution of Synopsis and MCQs with explanations
  • >3500 previously asked exam pattern MCQs with answer key and explanations (updated till May 2017 exams)
  • >300 Image-based questions with answer key and explanations
  • Explanatory answers with references from standard textbooks (Nelson 20th ed., Harrison 19th ed., Avery's 9th ed.) and indexed articles
  • Special segments for easy understanding and retention
  • NEET-PG, AIIMS and JIPMER Keys for “frequently asked areas”
  • Controversy cleared segment for doubtful and controversial areas
  • Image-based questions for NEET-PG, DNB-CET and NEET-SS exams
  • Bulleted points, tables, illustrations and mnemonics are included for easy retention
  • Important points are presented in bold text and highlighted with asterisk for easy reading and revision
  • Additional blank space in every page of synopsis section to add extra points
  • Edited by Pediatric faculty trained from JIPMER, Puducherry—an Institute of National importance—and peer reviewed independently by experts in various pediatric subspecialties
Must for:
  • NEET-PG MD/MS & NEET-SS (Pediatric DM Superspeciality) entrance exams
  • DNB-CET & DNB-SS (Pediatric Superspeciality, FNB, NBE FET) exams
  • AIIMS, JIPMER, PGI MD/MS & Pediatric DM Superspeciality exms
  • FMGE, MRCPCH (Part 1 & 2) & USMLE Step 2 CK exams


By Arun Babu T
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Pages: 325
ISBN: 9789386827326
SKU: ELB1115772
YOP: 2018


Salient Features

  • Complete subjects of Medicine and Pediatrics covered in a highly simplified manner
  • All important and recently asked topics in FMGE are included
  • Well illustrated with important diagrams, tables and figures
  • All Recent updates in the subjects are included in What’s New boxes
  • Extra edge information highlighted in Extra Mile boxes
  • Mnemonics included wherever necessary to let you remember everything quickly
  • Important chapter-wise MCQs covered from recent FMGE examinations
  • One stop solution for strengthening your concepts for FMGE
By Deepak Marwah
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New SARP Series for NEET/NBE/AI/FMGE, Revise Forensic Medicine & Toxicology in a Week (PG Medical Entrance Test)

Pages: 170
ISBN: 9789385915833
SKU: ELB1115090
YOP: 2016

Exclusive Features:

  • A concise yet comprehensive handbook for last minute revision, Topic wise synopsis given covering detailed theory of topics asked in the last 5 years of NBE examinations, i.e., DNB, FMGE and AI, Student-friendly format for enhanced reading experience
  • High-yield facts boxes highlight important information that has a high probability to be asked in future examinations or any recent advancement in that subject, Also remember boxes highlight important points/concepts that relate to a fact and need to be memorized as well
  • Mnemonics wherever possible are given to help you in remembering the important information
  • Question bank of last 5 years only included
  • All in one book for Medical PG Aspirants & FMGE Students, First book in FMT short & Illustrative, Important Theory given based on latest examination topics
  • 500+ Recent Examination Q’s with references, Latest updates from Parikh 7/e & Reddy 33/e.
By Munish Wadhawan
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Self Assessment NEET PG Pattern 2018

ISBN: 9789387902046
Publisher: Altis Vortex
SKU: ELB1115793
YOP: 2018


Model Questions with elaborate Solutions 

*Includes 300 recent pattern MCQs 

* Brief and well-explained solutions  

*  Important MCQs for Upcoming DNB, NEET & FMGE 

* Separate pages for color images  


By Apoorv Singh Abhishek Singh Rajeev Ranjan

By Abhishek Singh, Apoorv Singh, Rajeev Ranjan
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Pages: 426
ISBN: 9789352709304
SKU: ELB1116042
YOP: 2019

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 Key features of Review of Dermatology

  • The first, most detailed, complete color dermatology book dedicated to PGMEE.
  • NEW: New MCQs added from the last year state and national exams till NEET Pattern 2019
  • NEW: New AIIMS pattern MCQs. NEW: New images have been added and the old data has been thoroughly updated.
  • NEW: Index has been moved online.
  • NEW: Chapter grading (according to importance in PGMEE) has been done to ensure maximum focus on hot topics in recent exams.
  • Emphasis has been given on image-based MCQs.
  • Based on latest standard textbooks, such as Fitzpatrick 8/e, Rooks 9/e, Bolognia 3/e, Habif 5/e, Andrews 11/e, McKee 4/e, King Holmes 4/e, Lever 10/e and IAL 2/e.
  • Includes explained Referenced Answers of All recent Questions (2019-1997), All India (2015-1997), AIIMS (Nov 2018-1997), DNB (2015-1997), PGIMER, SGPGI, AP, JIPMER, Bihar, UPSC, COMED-K (2018), and other state exams (2016-1997).
  • Charts and special features of ‘How to diagnose in an MCQ’ to help in the real-world scenario of deciding the answer in the exam. 
  • Integrated approach with 790 color images interspersed within the text.
  • 200 hand-drawn illustrations for ease of understanding.
  • MCQs from 1997 to 2019, covering AII India NEET pattern, AIIMS, PGI, DNB, JIPMER, COMEDK and state exams.
  • High yield charts, Aid to remember, Mnemonics, Simplified hand-drawn conceptual diagrams have been added in every chapter.
  • Quick revision segment at the end of the chapter for last minute revision.
By Saurabh Jindal
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Pages: 176
ISBN: 9789352709298
SKU: ELB1116048
YOP: 2019



  • Best-selling book by a subject specialist.
  • Thoroughly updated with all recent questions.
  • Updated with AIIMS new pattern questions.
  • Updated with MCQs till NIMHANS 2019.
  • Fully updated with International Classification of Diseases- 11 (ICD-11).
  • Includes Image-based questions. 
  •  Controversial questions fully explained.
  • Newer topics such as Mental Healthcare Act, POSCO Act, and others have also been included.
  • High-yield points are highlighted in colored boxes for last minute revision.
  • Based on Kaplan’s and Sadock’s Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry, 9th edition and Short Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry, 6th edition. 2
  • Explained referenced answers of all recent questions (2019-1997), NEET pattern questions (2019), NIMHANS (2019-2012), AIIMS (Nov 2018-1997), PGI (2018), DNB (2012-1997), JIPMER (2018), and other state exams (2016-1997).
  • Written in a simple and easy-to-understand language.
  • Concise theory and authentic questions with explanations. 
  •  Latest questions with explained referenced answers.
By Praveen Tripathi
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My Pathology Notes for FMGE

Pages: 190
ISBN: 9789386827395
SKU: ELB1115745
YOP: 2018

YOP: 2018

Key features of My Pathology Notes for FMGE

  • First book of FMGE Pathology written by the practicing subject specialist
  • Explanation of each topic is made in a point-wise manner, which makes the book easy to understand
  • Every chapter provides numerous Tables and Mnemonics, which ensure quick revision and easy recall during exams
  • Includes important and exam-oriented content, so that the maximum information can be gained in the shortest possible time
  • Multiple choice questions are framed from important and frequently repeated topics from previous years entrance exams
  • Includes image-based questions, which will help you to get an idea of the current pattern of exams
  • Various standard textbooks are being reviewed and referred in writing the content of the book
By Sonam Kr Pruthi
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ISBN: 9788184452709
SKU: ELB1116090
YOP: 2019


By Kamal K V
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FMGE Solutions-Update-2019 (Supplement)

Pages: 272
ISBN: 9789388108881
SKU: ELB1116070
YOP: 2019

Salient Features of  FMGE Solutions-Update-2019 (Supplement)

  • The only trusted source for the most authentic answers
  • Solutions by the topmost FMGE mentors
  • Controversy killers with references from standard textbooks
  • To the point and concise solved papers for a quick overview of the challenges in the forthcoming months
  • Teaches you thorough study, not shortcuts
By Deepak Marwah, Siraj Ahmad
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Pages: 338
ISBN: 9789352709373
SKU: ELB1116058
YOP: 2019


Key features of Review of RADIOLOGY

  • Bestselling book by subject specialists.
  • Thoroughly updated with all recent and image-based questions.
  • Includes New AIIMS Pattern Questions in a special chapter.
  • Important Points have been added for last minute revision at the side of the text.
  • Based on facts and concepts from latest editions of standard books, like Som and Curtin 5th/e, Dahnert 8th/e, Grainger 6th/e, Sutton, Scott, Rumack 4th/e, CT and MRI (Haaga), and CME series. 2
  • Includes updates of recent NEET pattern 2019 exams.
  • Explained referenced answers of all recent questions (2019-2012), All India (2012- 1991), AIIMS (Nov 2018-1991), DNB (2012-1991), AP, JIPMER, WBPGMEE (2018), and other state exams (2016-1991).
By Rajat Jain, Virendra Jain
You save: Rs. 25 (5 %)

Review of Pharmacology

Pages: 640
ISBN: 9789352709229
SKU: ELB1116035
YOP: 2019

Key features of Review of Pharmacology

  • Fully colored edition.
  • New NBE based pattern (wider coverage and concept development). 
  • Includes a section on Special AIIMS Pattern Questions in the beginning.
  • Facts and concepts based on latest editions of KDT 8 th , Katzung 13 th , Goodman Gilman 13 th , and Harrison 20 th and CMDT 2019. 2
  • Includes explained answers of all recent questions (2019-2010), All India (2012- 1995), AIIMS (Nov 2018-2010), PGI Chandigarh (2018-2010), and latest NEET based questions.
  • A separate chapter on Numerical questions with explanations.
  • Detailed synopsis of every topic in bulleted format.
  • High-yield points highlighted with color background.
  • Key Points for solving one-liners provided in boxes for last minute revision.
  • New drugs given in color boxes symbolized as ‘n’.
  • Large number of easy to grasp mnemonics in boxes.
  • Golden Points and Drug of Choice sections are added at the end of theory in every chapter.
  • Image Based Questions with explanations added at the end of each chapter.
  • Question bank of every chapter has been divided into subtopics.
  •  Recent developments given in every chapter.
  •  New Drugs with Mnemonics incorporated in a separate chapter.
  • Advantage of both antegrade as well as retrograde study.
  • Plenty of eye-catching images to help aid visual memory.
  •  Lots of mnemonics, diagrams and flowcharts have been added.
  • A section includes Latest Papers of AIIMS November 2018, AIIMS May 2018, and NEET Patterns with Explanations at the end of the book.
  • Annexures have been added on ‘Histology of Pharmacology’, ‘Teratogenic Drugs’ and ‘Drugs of Choice’.
  • Authentic and complete question base of various years with latest reframes and explanations of AIIMS, PGI, DNB and NEET pattern examinations.
  • Doubt solving via telegram group
By Gobind Rai Garg and Sparsh Gupta
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Self-Assessment & Review of FMGE/MCI Screening Examination Supplement

Pages: 160
ISBN: 9789352700585
SKU: ELB1115607
YOP: 2017

Key Features:
  • This supplement too follows the concept of “illustrated and concise solution to ‘National Board of Examination’ pattern question bank
  • Each MCQ is followed by a short relevant explanation (pertaining to answer) followed by related images/ tables/ flowcharts
  • Every attempt has been made to make the text simple and informative
  • Some questions had been deliberately repeated in different subjects to give more emphasis on that particular topic
  • Image based questions segment has been prepared in four-colour format to keep images clear and informative
  • In image based questions segment, case-histories has been added to the MCQ statement to made understanding of the images a little bit easier
By Kamal KV
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Self-Assessment & Review of FMGE/MCI Screening Examination

Pages: 1136
ISBN: 9789389129854
SKU: ELB1116056
YOP: 2019


Key features of Self-Assessment & Review of FMGE/MCI Screening Examination (2002-Dec 2018)

  • Thoroughly revised and updated edition with color plates.
  • Only book in the market, which presents the authentic FMGE/ MCI Screening Examination MCQ bank from the year 2002 till December 2018.
  • There are 5 segments in this book, which are as follows:

158 Image Based MCQs segment is composed of image-based questions asked in the examination so far.

Important Images contain images which are related to the commonly asked MCQs so that students can understand the theoretical concept easily (especially for clinical subjects). These are available on an online portal.

79 Important Tables which are related to the topics, from which MCQs are commonly framed. It tries to compile all important information at one place, from a particular topic.

 9880 MCQs with Short Explanations in which the MCQ bank from 2002 till December 2018 had been solved subject-wise and topic-wise along with short and concise explanations that are placed after the MCQs.

 2700 Quick Review Points contain important and commonly asked one-liner type of questions, meant for quick revision.

  •  Subject grading has been done as to which subjects are most important and should be read with priority.
  • All efforts were done to keep the presentation simple and reader-friendly.
  • Important images available on & App.
By Kamal K V
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Review of Physiology

Pages: 536
ISBN: 9789352709144
SKU: ELB1116021
YOP: 2019



  • Book written by subject specialist, experienced in the text of PGMEE coaching for last 10 years.
  • Thoroughly revised and updated with the most recent edition of Ganong's Physiology (26th ed. Jan 2019)
  • Updated MCQs including NEET pattern MCQ of Jan 2019 NEET exam.
  • Thoroughly updated with all recent questions and image-based questions.
  • Each chapter have been divided into multiple sub-topics and explained in a simple language.
  • Important Points highlighted in boxes alongside the text for last minute revision.
  • Predicted 'Future Trend' questions and conceptual questions provided at the end of each chapter.
  • MCQs of NEET pattern and AIIMS, PGI, JIPMER pattern have been separated into different groups.
  • Answers of each MCQ in every chapter have been given after thoroughly crossed checked from standard textbooks and research papers.
  • Based on latest editions of standard textbooks: Ganong 26th, Guyton 13th, Berne & amp; Levy 6th updated, Kandel 5th, Harrison 20th, Harper 30th, Sembulingam 7th.
  • Explained referenced answers of all recent questions up to 2019, All India (2012-1991), AIIMS (Nov 2018-199), JIPMER & amp; (2018), PGI (2018), and other state exams (2018-1991)
By Soumen Manna
You save: Rs. 140 (20 %)

MOM Mehra’s Orthopedics for MCI

Pages: 290
ISBN: 9789352705849
SKU: ELB1115797
YOP: 2018

Features of MOM Mehra’s Orthopedics for MCI

  • Concise, compact and comprehensive for easy understanding.
  • Enriched with lots of diagrams and new images for better retention.
  • Includes new flowcharts and mnemonics for easy recall during examinations.
  • New topics added as per the latest MCI guidelines and trends in exams.
  • Special chapter ‘Summary of Orthopedics’ to revise complete orthopedics in just few hours before exam.
By Apurv Mehra
You save: Rs. 20 (7 %)

FMGE Solutions for MCI Screening Examination

Pages: 1400
ISBN: 9789389261967
SKU: ELB1116096
YOP: 2019


Salient features of FMGE Solutions for MCI Screening Examination

  • 2019-2012 New Patterns Model Qns with Explanations
  • 600 Most Recent Patterns/New Qns added
  • Most Updated keypoints for LMR
  • 2011-2008 Precious Qns.
  • 500+ Image Based MCQs.
  • More than 8000 Practice Qns with Explanations
  • Controversy killers with References from Standared Textbooks
By Deepak Marwah, Siraj Ahmad
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Self-Assessment and Review of OPHTHALMOLOGY

Pages: 230
ISBN: 9789352709199
SKU: ELB1116074
YOP: 2019


Key Features of Self-Assessment and Review of OPHTHALMOLOGY

  • Bestselling book on the subject.
  • NEW: Full Color Edition.
  • NEW: Expanded in size for better readability.
  • NEW: Golden Points for NEET included at the end of each chapter as “Must Remember”.
  • NEW: Recent NEET, AIIMS, and PGI questions included in a separate chapter for quick revision.
  • NEW: More than 150 high-resolution ophthalmic images with Image-based questions on clinical cases provided at the end of each chapter with key points for identification of the images.
  • NEW: More one-liners have been added.
  • NEW: Contents have been star-marked with Important, Very Important and Extremely Important chapters as per recent exam trends.
  • Important points to remember are highlighted with superscript Q.
  • High-yield points are highlighted in colored boxes for last minute revision. 2
  • Special emphasis on chapters like Retina and Neuro-ophthalmology which are important for MCQ and require an in-depth understanding of concepts.
  • Self-assessment questions provided at the end of each chapter along with answers and explanations.
  • Concepts are based on the latest editions of standard textbooks by eminent authors, like Kanski, Yanoff-Duker, Peyman, Parson, and Khurana.
  • Answers with precise explanations of all recent questions including NEET 2019, AIIMS (Nov 2018-2000), PGI (2018-2000), DNB (2016-2000), APPG, JIPMER, Bihar PG, PGMCET, WBPG, COMEDK (2015). 
  •  Illustrative diagrams, flowcharts, and tables provided for better understanding of concepts.
By Sudha Seetharam
You save: Rs. 25 (5 %)