Sure Success MAGIC: Maximum Advantage Guide for Integrated Course Study

Pages: 1238
ISBN: 9789352704156
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YOP: 2018




YOP: 2018

Key Features of Sure Success MAGIC 

  • Sure Success MAGIC is an up-to-date, high yield, quick review book containing the topics from which questions frequently have appeared and are likely to appear in entrance exams
  • This book will give “Maximum Information in Minimum Time”
  • The information has been obtained from standard textbooks and reference books of all subjects
  • Each topic contains most of the MCQs that have already been asked in various entrance exams, for example: Psoriasis would contain almost all MCQs that have been asked about this topic in all exams
  • This book will give you all the necessary one-liners without compromising on the concepts
  • Hence, this book would be best described as containing the essence of the topics asked in various exams for the past 15 years!
By B Ramgopal
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Last Minute Revision for NBE/DNB/NEET/PGMEE/FMGE

ISBN: 978935270133
SKU: ELB1115713
YOP: 2018

YOP: 2018  (OUT OF STOCK AS ON 27 DEC 2018)


Key Features of Last Minute Revision For NBE/DNB/NEET/PGMEE/FMGE, 4th Edition:

  • Concise and quick revision of last 16 years’ study material based on the National Board pattern
  • Ultra-High Yield Factoids from Hot Topics included in easy-to-scan tables
  • A separate Hot Favourites Section for 2017, comprising recent trends in the PGMEE/NEET pattern
  • Image-based Question included as a separate chapter for the decisive extra edge
  • In a nutshell, critical information at maximum velocity, i.e. maximum information in minimum time
  • Your single most effective book to crack the NEET PATTERN/DNB PATTERN


  • Covers important points for Last Minute Revision of all 19 subjects (Topicwise)
  • Includes important topics covered in recent exams up to 2016
  • A separate 'Hot Favorites' Section for 2017
By Mathew R John, Sanish Babu, Simi Babu
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ACROSS: A Complete Review of Short Subjects, 3 Volume Set

ISBN: 9789386322739
SKU: ELB1115541
YOP: 2017


  • Vol. 1: 484 Pages
  • Vol. 2: 452 Pages
  • Vol. 3: 458 Pages


  • The first and the most sought after subjectwise book for PGMEE and the bestselling MCQs book on short subjects.
  • The book which has given a new approach and horizon to PGMEE preparation.
  • Thoroughly revised and updated edition with new layout.
  • Covers all questions from 2001 onwards.
  • All MCQs of All India (NBE Pattern), AIIMS, PGI, DNB, and State-based MCQs up to 2016 have been included.
  • Detailed, yet concise, short notes are added for each chapter.
  • Subjects divided into theory and MCQs and further divided into chapters and subchapters, according to their topics such that the study material is easily retainable and understandable for students.
  • Each new edition is not only an addition of few hundred new questions; as each line of the book is completely revised and updated based on the latest editions of various standard textbooks everytime. Controversial questions are explained with complete references.
  • A completely revised, researched, concise and condensed (PGMEE-oriented) presentation of important topics and basic concepts with numerous self made tables, figures, flow charts and mnemonics throughout the book, to save student’s ample time for preparation.
  • Provides a methodology to approach PGME examination; includes valuable pedagogical features and many topics of medicine, surgery and pharmacology, coinciding with short subjects.
  • Indispensable for course review and PGME examinations. Authors recommend to start reading and retaining this book after 2nd professional, during clinical postings.
  • A unique book for NEET, DNB, AIIMS, PGI, FMGE and State-level examinations.
  • Readership -Aspirants of NEET, DNB, AIIMS, PGI, FMGE and state-level examinations
By Anurag Shukla, Saumya Shukla
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Photon 20: Image-Based Questions with Explanations

Pages: 852
ISBN: 9789386827289
SKU: ELB1115641
YOP: 2017

YOP: 2017

PHOTON-20: Image-Based Questions with Explanations, 3rd Edition

  • 150+ Instrument-based Qs
  • 250+ New IBQs of 2017-18
  • 800 Illustration-based IBQs
  • 1100 Real-time Photograph based IBQs
  • 100+ X-rays, Ultrasounds & MRI-based
  • 50+ New ECG-based IBQs & New Section SPOTTERS Introduced

Key Features of PHOTON-20: Image-Based Questions with Explanations

  • First and only comprehensive book on IBQs: Includes all 20 subjects asked in PGMEEs
  • Latest examinations pattern: Includes latest logics asked during 2012 - 18
  • Recent most MCQs of 2017-18 are given
  • New section (Spotters): Includes ECGs, X-rays, USGs & MRIs
  • Subject-wise and topic-wise division of IBQs for comprehensive learning 
  • Fully explained referenced answers to all MCQs
  • All subjects reviewed by subject specialists
  • Standard textbooks have been used to identify important images
  • Enhanced image size for better clarity and understanding
  • Repository for all IBQs' topics asked in PGMEE (2000-2018)
  • Focus on most repeated, clinically relevant and topper's edge
By Vivek Jain
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FMGE Solutions for MCI Screening Examination

Pages: 1176
ISBN: 9789388108904
SKU: ELB1115789
YOP: 2018

Key Features of FMGE Solutions for MCI Screening Examination

  • More than 6500 practice questions with explanations.
  • 300 most recent pattern/ new questions added.
  • Most important topics for last minute revision.
  • Fully coloured layout with special features.
  • 300+ image based questions with their explanations.
  • Latest update from standard textbooks.
By Deepak Marwah, Siraj Ahmad
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MCQs Points for FMGE & DNB

ISBN: 9788184452433
SKU: ELB1115755
YOP: 2018



By Kamal K V
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FMGE Solutions – Update 2018 (Supplement)

Pages: 200
ISBN: 9789387964822
SKU: ELB1115766
YOP: 2018


Salient Features

  • The only trusted source for the most authentic answers
  • Solutions by the topmost FMGE mentor< /span>
  •  Controversy killers with references from standard textbooks
  • To the point and concise solved papers for quick overview of the challenges in the forthcoming months
  • Teaches you mental toughness and not shortcuts




By Deepak Marwah, Siraj Ahmad
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New SARP Series for NEET/NBE/AI/FMGE, Revise Forensic Medicine & Toxicology in a Week (PG Medical Entrance Test)

Pages: 170
ISBN: 9789385915833
SKU: ELB1115090
YOP: 2016

Exclusive Features:

  • A concise yet comprehensive handbook for last minute revision, Topic wise synopsis given covering detailed theory of topics asked in the last 5 years of NBE examinations, i.e., DNB, FMGE and AI, Student-friendly format for enhanced reading experience
  • High-yield facts boxes highlight important information that has a high probability to be asked in future examinations or any recent advancement in that subject, Also remember boxes highlight important points/concepts that relate to a fact and need to be memorized as well
  • Mnemonics wherever possible are given to help you in remembering the important information
  • Question bank of last 5 years only included
  • All in one book for Medical PG Aspirants & FMGE Students, First book in FMT short & Illustrative, Important Theory given based on latest examination topics
  • 500+ Recent Examination Q’s with references, Latest updates from Parikh 7/e & Reddy 33/e.
By Munish Wadhawan
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Pages: 325
ISBN: 9789386827326
SKU: ELB1115772
YOP: 2018


Salient Features

  • Complete subjects of Medicine and Pediatrics covered in a highly simplified manner
  • All important and recently asked topics in FMGE are included
  • Well illustrated with important diagrams, tables and figures
  • All Recent updates in the subjects are included in What’s New boxes
  • Extra edge information highlighted in Extra Mile boxes
  • Mnemonics included wherever necessary to let you remember everything quickly
  • Important chapter-wise MCQs covered from recent FMGE examinations
  • One stop solution for strengthening your concepts for FMGE
By Deepak Marwah
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Target Pediatrics Self-Assessment & Review

Pages: 880
ISBN: 9789386691408
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer
SKU: ELB1115643
YOP: 2017

YOP: 2017

This book is specifically designed for medical students/graduates appearing for various national and international postgraduate medical entrance exams. The main objective is to present the content in a concise and reader-friendly format. This book has a perfect mix of conceptual and factual elements along with special segments to help in easy understanding and retention.


  • Recent evidence-based concepts, management algorithms and guidelines included
  • Chapter-wise distribution of Synopsis and MCQs with explanations
  • >3500 previously asked exam pattern MCQs with answer key and explanations (updated till May 2017 exams)
  • >300 Image-based questions with answer key and explanations
  • Explanatory answers with references from standard textbooks (Nelson 20th ed., Harrison 19th ed., Avery's 9th ed.) and indexed articles
  • Special segments for easy understanding and retention
  • NEET-PG, AIIMS and JIPMER Keys for “frequently asked areas”
  • Controversy cleared segment for doubtful and controversial areas
  • Image-based questions for NEET-PG, DNB-CET and NEET-SS exams
  • Bulleted points, tables, illustrations and mnemonics are included for easy retention
  • Important points are presented in bold text and highlighted with asterisk for easy reading and revision
  • Additional blank space in every page of synopsis section to add extra points
  • Edited by Pediatric faculty trained from JIPMER, Puducherry—an Institute of National importance—and peer reviewed independently by experts in various pediatric subspecialties
Must for:
  • NEET-PG MD/MS & NEET-SS (Pediatric DM Superspeciality) entrance exams
  • DNB-CET & DNB-SS (Pediatric Superspeciality, FNB, NBE FET) exams
  • AIIMS, JIPMER, PGI MD/MS & Pediatric DM Superspeciality exms
  • FMGE, MRCPCH (Part 1 & 2) & USMLE Step 2 CK exams


By Arun Babu T
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Self Assessment NEET PG Pattern 2018

ISBN: 9789387902046
Publisher: Altis Vortex
SKU: ELB1115793
YOP: 2018


Model Questions with elaborate Solutions 

*Includes 300 recent pattern MCQs 

* Brief and well-explained solutions  

*  Important MCQs for Upcoming DNB, NEET & FMGE 

* Separate pages for color images  


By Apoorv Singh Abhishek Singh Rajeev Ranjan

By Abhishek Singh, Apoorv Singh, Rajeev Ranjan
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My Pathology Notes for FMGE

Pages: 190
ISBN: 9789386827395
SKU: ELB1115745
YOP: 2018

YOP: 2018

Key features of My Pathology Notes for FMGE

  • First book of FMGE Pathology written by the practicing subject specialist
  • Explanation of each topic is made in a point-wise manner, which makes the book easy to understand
  • Every chapter provides numerous Tables and Mnemonics, which ensure quick revision and easy recall during exams
  • Includes important and exam-oriented content, so that the maximum information can be gained in the shortest possible time
  • Multiple choice questions are framed from important and frequently repeated topics from previous years entrance exams
  • Includes image-based questions, which will help you to get an idea of the current pattern of exams
  • Various standard textbooks are being reviewed and referred in writing the content of the book
By Sonam Kr Pruthi
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Self-Assessment & Review of FMGE/MCI Screening Examination Supplement

Pages: 160
ISBN: 9789352700585
SKU: ELB1115607
YOP: 2017

Key Features:
  • This supplement too follows the concept of “illustrated and concise solution to ‘National Board of Examination’ pattern question bank
  • Each MCQ is followed by a short relevant explanation (pertaining to answer) followed by related images/ tables/ flowcharts
  • Every attempt has been made to make the text simple and informative
  • Some questions had been deliberately repeated in different subjects to give more emphasis on that particular topic
  • Image based questions segment has been prepared in four-colour format to keep images clear and informative
  • In image based questions segment, case-histories has been added to the MCQ statement to made understanding of the images a little bit easier
By Kamal KV
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MOM Mehra’s Orthopedics for MCI

Pages: 290
ISBN: 9789352705849
SKU: ELB1115797
YOP: 2018

Features of MOM Mehra’s Orthopedics for MCI

  • Concise, compact and comprehensive for easy understanding.
  • Enriched with lots of diagrams and new images for better retention.
  • Includes new flowcharts and mnemonics for easy recall during examinations.
  • New topics added as per the latest MCI guidelines and trends in exams.
  • Special chapter ‘Summary of Orthopedics’ to revise complete orthopedics in just few hours before exam.
By Apurv Mehra
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Sure Success Magic by B Ramgopal

Pages: 1232
ISBN: 9789352709168
SKU: ELB1116013
YOP: 2019

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Key Features of Sure Success MAGIC Maximum advantage guide for integrated course study.

  • An up-to-date, high-yield, quick review book.
  • The most useful book with a very high success rate in recent exams, i.e.NEET PG 2019 (>150 questions), JIPMER Nov 2018 (>100 questions), PGI Nov 2018 (>75 questions), and AIIMS Nov 2018 (>75 questions). 
  • This book will give you "Maximum Information Minimum Time" and is a "No nonsense" book (all topics are important and nothing is unimportant).
  • Information has been derived from standard textbooks and reference books of all subjects.
  • Incorporates essence of the topics asked in various exams for the past 15 years.
  • Each topic contains most of the MCQs that have already been asked in various entrance exams, for example: Psoriasis would contain almost all MCQs that have been asked about this topic in all exams .
  • Includes many potential future MCAs also.
  • Every topic contains Extra Edge points for last minute revision.
  • Author's Notes are provided wherever required for leaner's guidance.
  • High-yield points are highlighted in boxes and within the text to give due importance at the time of examination.
  • Lots of easy-to-remember Mnemonics are included.
  • Contains latest treatment guidelines of all 20 subjects.
  • A special chapter on 'Hot Images' to help students face image based questions confidently in exams.
  • Includes a chapter on 'Most Recent Exams Roundup' which contains:
  •          2019 NEET Points
  •          2018 NEET PG Points
  •          Central Exams New Points
  •          One-liners From Recent Exams (without compromising on the concepts)
  • Thus, this book is "Easy to Read - easy to Remember - easy to Recall".
  • The text is enriched with glossary, attractive flowcharts, easy-to-learn tablets, line diagrams, photographs, and photomicrographs.
By B Ramgopal
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