A guide for preparation of All India Exam 2015-2016, Vol-III

Pages: 562
ISBN: 9789385722172
SKU: ELB1115458
YOP: 2016

A Guide for Preparation of All India Exam 2015-16, Volume 3 By Arvind Arora and Amit Tripathi.


Subjects included:

  • Pediatrics
  • Forensic
  • Skin
  • Psychiatry
  • Anesthesia
  • Radiology
  • Medicine
By Amit Tripathi, Arvind Arora
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Dermatology Review for PGMEE

Pages: 142
ISBN: 9789385999048
SKU: ELB1115082
YOP: 2016

Dermatology Review for PGMEE by Mary Vineetha and K Sobhanakumari 

The book Dermatology Review for PGMEE is designed to help the young doctors aspiring for PG admission. This is a comprehensive review of Dermatology, Venereology, Leprology and Cosmetology, stressing on the areas which were covered in the previous PG entrance examinations.

Key Features

  • Included all the areas covered in previous entrance exams and also latest questions of 2015 and 2016 
  • Quick and in depth coverage for scoring in exams conducted by institutes 
  • Concepts made clear in a nutshell 
  • Charts and image-based questions included 
  • Chapters on HIV and cosmetology 
  • Authored by experienced academicians in dermatology.
By K Sobhanakumari, Mary Vineetha
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Aim Excellence Series: Dermatology

ISBN: 9789386150325
SKU: ELB1115133
YOP: 2016

  • Chapterwise/topicwise scientifically and systematically important points are given. 
  • Includes PICTORIALS of important topics that can be asked or have already asked in the examination. 
  • Includes 10 pictorial MCQs in line with the recent NBE pattern and AIIMS pattern examinations. 
  • Contains 10 MRCP/USMLE pattern dermatology questions to give the flavour of the kind of questions asked and can be answered from the points given in this book. 
  • High-yield information from authentic references like Rook’s/Fitzpatrick’s/Neena Khanna’s/Behl’s Dermatology and Harrison 19/e. 
  • Highlighting lines and points in different color for the aid of the readers. 
  • Covers examinations such as NEET, PG/AIPG, AIIMS, JIPMER, PGI, DNB, FMGE, State PGs Nepal Medical Council Examination, FCPS Bangladesh, FCPS Pakistan, and a snapshot of overseas licensing examination questions for those willing to prepare for it.
By SnarayanM
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Review of Dermatology

Pages: 373
ISBN: 9789386322302
SKU: ELB1115555
YOP: 2017


  • Detailed topic discussion essential for the latest pattern of PGMEE, focusing on concepts
  • Charts and special features of 'How to diagnose in an MCQ' to help in the real-world scenario of deciding the answer in the exam
  • Integrated approach with 453 colour images interspersed with the text
  • 183 hand-drawn illustrations for ease of understanding
  • MCQs from 1997 right upto 2016 covered with authentic references from standard dermatology textbooks
  • Covers all exams including NEET pattern, AIIMS, PGI, JIPMER, DNB, COMEDK and state exams
By Saurabh Jindal
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Mastering NBE: Clinical Subjects, Vol II

Pages: 729
ISBN: 9789386261656
SKU: ELB1115509
YOP: 2017

Key Features:

  • Illustrated and concise solution to ‘National Board of Examination’ pattern question bank.
  • Simple and reader-friendly book.
  • Compiled into two volumes: Clinical and Non-clinical subjects.
  • Contents has been arranged into:
  • Key points based on high yield points.
  • MCQs with short explanations along with images and tables.
  • Practice MCQs given in each chapter for self-assessment.
  • Image-based MCQs to help students in solving questions asked in examinations.
  • MCQ points consist of one liner type of questions for quick recap.
  • Explanations are placed after the MCQs and answers are written in the footnotes.
  • Illustrated approach has been adopted; related images have been attached with explanations.
  • Tables have been inserted to give detailed information about the topics.
  • All efforts made to keep the presentation simple and reader-friendly
By Kamal KV
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PROAFS for NBE, 4th Edition (OUT OF STOCK)

Pages: 1026
ISBN: 9789385915345
SKU: ELB1115008
YOP: 2016


In any PG Entrance examination in India, FIVE CLINICAL SHORT SUBJECTS plays a big role in qualifying the exam:

1. Psychiatry

2. Radio-diagnosis & Radiotherapy

3. Orthopedics

4. Anesthesia

5. Skin & STDs

These 5 subjects are considered as BACKBONE of your preparation for any medical entrance examination. Attempting PGMEE exam without PROAFS subjects is an invitation to disastrous result.

Getting into a medical college for PG is not a cake-walk. All books available in market for PROAFS are based on older NBE examination pattern MCQ’s with high-difficulty level questions and extremely detailed explanation. So these books end up wasting crucial time of students. We at CBS strive to provide the best content to students to help them achieve their goals.Keeping this in mind we have come up with a book considering a student’s valuable time, requirements and a result oriented approach :


Salient Features:

  • Authentic “Recent Pattern Questions” (2012-2015) with Explained and Referenced answers
  • AIIMS, PGI, UPSC, JIPMER, State PG, MO Exams (1991-2015) with Explained and Referenced answers
  • One Stop Junction for ALL MCQs in the Market
  • Topic and Sub-topic wise arranged Theory and MCQs
  • Over 200 IMAGE-BASED MCQs integrated with Theory
  • Sets of Annexures added subject-wise for high scoring approach
  • Sets of Golden Points added subject-wise based on Recent MCQs
  • High yield Tables and Mnemonics for easy memorization
  • Differential Diagnosis for tackling challenging Clinical MCQs
  • Older MCQs highlighted as Q
  • New User-friendly layout
  • Multi-colour printing with clarity in Text matter and Images
  • Author: Well-recognised faculty involved in teaching PGMEE aspirants across India and abroad for the past 13 years
By Vivek Jain
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Illustrated synopsis of Dermatology and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Pages: 460
ISBN: 9788131242308
Publisher: Elsevier
SKU: ELB1115083
YOP: 2016

Illustrated Synopsis of Dermatology and Sexually Transmitted Diseases is a simplified and brief journey through skin diseases, peppered with numerous clinical pictures, illustrations and tables. The main aim of this book is to familiarize the medical student and the general practitioner with the plethora of common skin conditions he is likely to encounter, how to handle them correctly and not to succumb to the morbid temptation of prescribing steroids.

By Neena Khanna
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Revise SARP In 4 Days (Skin, Anesthesia, Radiology, Psychiatry)

ISBN: 9789386478917
SKU: ELB1115575
YOP: 2017

  • All in one book for Medical PG Aspirants & FMGE Students
  •  First short & Illustrative book in short subjects 
  • Important Theory based on latest examination topics covered
  • 1500 Recent Examination Qs with Explanations
  • Good Number of Flowcharts, Tables, & Mnemonics covered
  • First book on short subjects Authored by Subject Specialists & Teaching Faculties
By Deepika Amala A, K Raman, Prem Kumar, Vino Bharath
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ACROSS: A Complete Review of Short Subjects

ISBN: 9789386322739
SKU: ELB1115541
YOP: 2017


  • Vol. 1: 484 Pages
  • Vol. 2: 452 Pages
  • Vol. 3: 458 Pages


  • The first and the most sought after subjectwise book for PGMEE and the bestselling MCQs book on short subjects.
  • The book which has given a new approach and horizon to PGMEE preparation.
  • Thoroughly revised and updated edition with new layout.
  • Covers all questions from 2001 onwards.
  • All MCQs of All India (NBE Pattern), AIIMS, PGI, DNB, and State-based MCQs up to 2016 have been included.
  • Detailed, yet concise, short notes are added for each chapter.
  • Subjects divided into theory and MCQs and further divided into chapters and subchapters, according to their topics such that the study material is easily retainable and understandable for students.
  • Each new edition is not only an addition of few hundred new questions; as each line of the book is completely revised and updated based on the latest editions of various standard textbooks everytime. Controversial questions are explained with complete references.
  • A completely revised, researched, concise and condensed (PGMEE-oriented) presentation of important topics and basic concepts with numerous self made tables, figures, flow charts and mnemonics throughout the book, to save student’s ample time for preparation.
  • Provides a methodology to approach PGME examination; includes valuable pedagogical features and many topics of medicine, surgery and pharmacology, coinciding with short subjects.
  • Indispensable for course review and PGME examinations. Authors recommend to start reading and retaining this book after 2nd professional, during clinical postings.
  • A unique book for NEET, DNB, AIIMS, PGI, FMGE and State-level examinations.
  • Readership -Aspirants of NEET, DNB, AIIMS, PGI, FMGE and state-level examinations
By Anurag Shukla, Saumya Shukla
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