EduLanche Coupons

Apart from books, EduLanche's digital services including online Q.BANK & Mobile Apps have been exclusively sold via our online store which makes use of Online payment facility. From 2011, there has been a steady rise in the online sales wherein most customers purchased using debit, credit cards and net banking. This trend shows how more of us are getting comfortable with online payments. 

On the other side many orders we receive show how customers have had to try 2-3 times to get their online payment completed. This is part of the accepted e-commerce standards of upto 20% incomplete transactions due to technical and other reasons such as insufficient funds, invalid cards, dropped connections etc. 



With a vision to make the payments easier and more accesible to those who prefer paying from their wallets to paying online we are releasing coupons which can be purchased from book stores. Users can get the coupons and use the unique 16 digit PIN on it to purchase from EduLanche Store. The coupons and the stores where they will be available will be listed out soon.