Rapid Review, AIIMS May 2012

'Rapid Review AIIMS May 2012' released today morning in Thrissur. The book opened to a grand welcome sale. Thanks to all medicos for the support. Copies will be available at all medical book stores within a week from now.

Here is the preface to 'Rapid Review AIIMS May 2012'.

"With new MCQ’s getting an appreciable share of the spotlight in recent
exams we feel there is a need to shift focus from providing extra points based on previously asked MCQ’s.

With this in mind we designed a new layout, building on the earlier Rapid
Review Series’ format. The new layout will provide a bird’s eye view on topics asked with essential concepts and facts in each. The explanations provided are meant to cover topics in a concise way which will be evident as you go through the sections.

The new layout and quality paper of the pages ensures that the content is spaced out and the headings and important points catch your eye. Also, some of the 800 options in this book are possible MCQ’s for upcoming exams. With this in mind we have discussed the important options as we complete each explanation. This will save readers from referring to them from other sources.

There are few questions which have a different answer from those in the guides. We have consulted the experts for such ambiguous questions so that you do not have to spend time on them.

Essentially this book is about a fresh approach to solving MCQ’s inorder to make Rapid Review more reader friendly and easy to learn from.

We thank all teachers, seniors, colleagues and juniors who have helped us through each stage of making of this book. We believe this book will be discussed for its convincing authenticity and about the new approach to solving MCQ’s in an attempt to make MCQ books more reader friendly and interesting to learn from."

-Rapid Review Team