'Rapid Review' AIIMS November, 2011: Thanks for the Support!

We wish to thank the authors of 'Rapid Review' AIIMS November, 2011, for painstakingly preparing a good book and all the readers for lending their support.

Happy to announce, 'Rapid Review' AIIMS November, 2011 has been declared the #1 BESTSELLER across book stores.

We also take this opportunity to inform our readers that 'Rapid Review' is the only book  which has all 200 MCQ's compiled without repeating any MCQ. 

In case of any queries regarding the content of the book, please mail us at mail@edulanche.com or sms our customer care at 9633486869. We will forward your queries to the concerned editor/s and reply to you as soon as possible.

PS: We apologize for errors if any, that might have crept in in the form of printing mistakes due to compilation of the book in a short span of time. Errors in content if any, will be notified via Edulanche.com, Facebook, SMS Channels and Newsletters (email) before Jan 5th. 


---Edulanche Publishers