New Delhi: Thanks for the support!

"Behind every beautiful thing, there's some kind of pain"

                                                                                                              -Bob Dylan

It is a happy occasion to know the sales of 'Rapid Review, AIPGMEE, 2011' has been more than amazing at book stores in different centres across the country. The sales reports have started coming.

Today's highlight would be that, more than 100 copies of 'Rapid Review, AIPGMEE, 2011' have been sold out at 2 venues in AIIMS, Delhi!  Thanks to all readers at New Delhi. You give us courage to do more good. 

It has been an overwhelming response to the book in terms of the sales, reviews and constructive criticism. At this point it makes us happy that  our sincere efforts and hard work in making a 'never before' AI supplement is being  recognised. I wish to thank  the author of 'Rapid Review, AIPGMEE, 2011' , Dr. Rahul K.R who is already getting busy with his new schedule at Dept. of Radiodiagnosis, Calicut Medical College, for gifting us this amazing book.  

Will update with more sales reports as they come. 


Dr. Nishanth B Singh


Image: AIIMS Flyover, New Delhi