AIPGMEE 2011: Errors & Misprints update

We are happy to have kept the errors including misprints to a minimum. Readers of the First edition released in April, 2011 are requested to take note of these relevant changes. The changes have been updated in the second edition and readers of the second edition can skip this update.

1. Page 1 (Q.1):
Please change answer to A. Thigh adduction.
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2. Page 57 (Q.53):
"Thus Atropine can be used for Rx of bradyarrhythmia" i.e., 'Ach' is to be replaced with 'Atropine'

3. Page 151 (Q.158):
In the sample questions, please replace 'sibling' with 'child', i.e.,

1. Raman is having PHP-Ia with hypocalcemia, hyperphosphatemia & AHO. If his child gets...

2. 2. Leela is having PHP-Ia. If her child gets the defective allele...

4. Page 205 (Q.205):
Please change answer to D. CECT abdomen
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