Demo Test

EduLanche Mock Exams: Glad to release the demo test! 

Demo test is intended to be a hands on tutorial for students to get familiar with the new exam portal. After the demo test, one would know the functions like Mark, Review etc that are  available to the user while they attend the test.

We were determined to make EduLanche Mock Exams faster than any avaialble platform we could see and are glad it has been achieved. With the built in features, the test window allows users to skip between questions in a flash whether they are connected via a high speed or a normal mobile internet connection. 

Mock Exam I with 240 questions is ready and will be released on 20, January 2013. Students can register to attend the first exam soon after the release. We hope to create wonderful test experiences to medicos with EduLanche Mock Exams in the coming days. 

Please note: Demo Test will be accessible to all registered users from 8 PM on 16 Jan, 2013 from

All are invited! 

-EduLance Developer Team