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 Q.Bank Console: Where Learning is Organized


A. Build your Future with Confidence


Choose one or more subjects to answer

The build tests page lets you choose the subject or paper you would like to answer and create a test with the desired number of questions.




B. Revise more & Remember more

When the stakes are high, you wouldn't want to repeat the mistakes. That is why EduLanche built a student friendly system that remembers the result of each question you answered from Day 1 of joining the course. Q.Bank Review feature has been designed to help students revise questions quickly and faster than it could happen with a book. 

Categorized Review

  • Correct
  • Incorrect
  • Skipped

The 3 way categorization allows the student to go through questions he has got incorrect/skipped with priority. 


How to get there?

  • Open a Q.Bank (AIIMS/DNB/NEET-PG/PGI) and Click on the 'Review' icon.
  • MCQ's Attempted with Correct, Incorrect & Skipped questions organized under corresponding tabs will be available for revision anytime you wish to
  • You can also answer the incorrect questions again and see if you get them right this time


C. Bookmark & Never Miss an Important Question


Subject-wise Bookmarks

Bookmark button available under each question lets you bookmark the ones you wish to check out later. It can be undone by clicking on the button again.





Learn-o-Meter: Subject-wise performance Analysis



As in the sample, the tracker on the left indicates total questions covered/total available and the tracker on the right indicates total correct/total answered. If the tracers on the right are green, it means you are good in the topic and if red, you need to improve.

  • This powerful tool filters the subject & topic based statistics of your performance in Q.BANK & PreTests. The data is presented to you and in a fly you will know the subjects/topics your are good at and the topics that require more attention. With the Analytics edge, you know how to divide your time and achieve the best results in the exams.
  • Learn-o-Meter (LoM) will provide you valuable insights into your subject-wise knowledge from day one of your study program. Students can use the analysis to organize study time and see significant improvement in results.
  • Users with a free account can login and view their LoMs at Mock Exams  (Users will see their performance analysis soon after attending any PreTest)

How to get there?

  • Click on  'Learn-O-Meter' in the Q Bank Console

Other features

  • Quick Revisions with Show answer: Save 50% time on revisions
  • Bookmark questions & more


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