Mock Exams: Why not before November, 2012?

We have been asked about mock exams and increasingly so in the last few weeks. We tell them there are many good websites for that. Not always, do we explain why we are not currently interested in being one. Here is why.

Being run by medicos, our team believes the last month before the exam is a crucial period for the PG aspirants. Its the time where the preparation is accelerated and much more content gets read and revised. Toppers of previous exams and those in our panel too emphasize the need to be focused on the basics, what one has learnt and then revising those. And this year, as the exams are earlier, time matters more. So, what we have been doing at EduLanche is enable students to revise faster with our web & mobile applications.

We think students attending few mock exams is great and will help to get used the exam scenario, but please make sure its not at the expense of your revision time.

And if we keep getting more inquiries for Mock exams, we will be glad to host them for free.