Study circles

Study circles


This is a feature we built with the aim of bringing together students who have similar interests. It does so by connecting students who are following the same books and courses. Study Circle gives them a space to interact, like never before. Right from healthy discussions on books, to clearing doubts, to book based assessments for popular textbooks, the advantages for students can be many. And like all innovative services from EduLanche, access to Study Circles will be free for students who buy the book or course from us. To summarize,

  • Connect with other learners using the same books & courses
  • Discuss with other readers, ask doubts and get them cleared
  • Attend mini mock tests based on the TestPrep book to know much you have learnt in comparison with other learners more

Students would never have to feel lonely when the times get rough during the Exam Prep. If you are part of a Study Circle, you're never alone.

Update: Study circle is available for all popular textbooks and test prep books. You can click on the 'Study circle' link to access the same. Examples,

Biochemistry wave Study circle PGI Vol I Study circle