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Frequently Asked Questions

What do Smart Plans contain? 

Smart Plans include,

  • NEET-PG question bank with authentic MCQs
  • NEET-PG subject-wise test series
  • NEET-PG grand test series and more


How much is each Smart Plan actually worth?

Most popular test series usually charge students Rs. 5000 and authentic question banks will cost Rs. 3000 or above for a year, which adds up to Rs. 8000. Smart Plans also give students discount of 30-50% on NEET-PG books which gives students the best savings on books they buy as well. 

Plus Pro Maestro
Introductory price 2499 2999 4999
Actual worth 5000 8,000  10,000



How can I start using the smart tools?

You can access the same soon after activation of your Smart Plan. Following activation, the tools will be available in your console under 'Books & eAccess'. 

On which books can I get the discount benefits?

Discount can be availed on any 5 books of your choice in the TestPrep section of EduLanche store published by JAYPEE, CBS, Pulse, Elsevier, Letterwave Books etc. 

To get the discount benefit for books, do I have to buy the books along with the Smart Plan subscription?

No. You can buy the books at the time of Smart Plan subscription or individually thereafter.  





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