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Rank Forecaster TM

EduLanche Rank Forecaster

Competitive exams are about where we stand among the crowd. As the exams became more competitive, the way students prepare for them too have changed. Today, we have better books to read from and better tools to check our performance as we move towards the goal. We are glad to introduce Rank Forecaster TM, another great tool for learners.

Rank Forecaster was born based on a simple thought. What if you could compare your score with that of rankers of previous NEET-PG exam? Wont it help you to get closer to your success. With Rank Forecaster we make this possible for you. 

How it works?

  • Rank Forecaster compares your scores with the real scores of candidates in NEET-PG (Eg. 1354.5847 = Rank # 5, 1303.2320 = Rank # 70)
  • It compares your standardised score with the stadndardised scores of past years NEET-PG ranklist to forecast your rank.

How is it helpful?

  • Did you know? Most of the traditional mock exam portals multiply your rank in their exams 5-10 times to come up with a bloated rank list? At EduLanche, we do not dilute the ranklist of any of our exams as our commitment to students. Rank Forecast is a better way of knowing what your rank will be if  you wrote the NEET-PG exam last year. The predictive ranks are based on real test scores by real candidates. 
  • Rank Forecaster can be used to track your improvement with each exam. It will let you know how closer you get to your goal each month. 


Disclaimer: Rank Forecaster works based on predictions and is not 100% accurate. We advise using Rank Forecaster as a preparatory tool and not to arrive at conclusions based on the same.