1. In L5 root involvement, which among the following is not affected?
A.Thigh adduction
B. Knee flexion
C. Knee extension
D. Toe extension
Ref: B.D Chaurasia 4th. Vol II. 59, 142 Tab 12.1, 148 Tab 12.2

                                         Muscles                                       Nerve supply                                      
Knee extension:     Quadriceps femoris (main)           Femoral N (L2,3,4)
                                  Tensor fascia lata (accessory)      Superior gluteal N (L4,5 S1)
Knee flexion:           Semitendinosus
                                  Semimembranosus                       Tibial part of Sciatic N (L5  S1,2)
                                  Biceps femoris
Toe extension:        Ext. digitorum longus                   Deep peroneal N (L4,5 S1)
Thigh adduction:   Adductor longus                           Obturator N   (L2,3,4)
                                 Adductor brevis
                                 Adductor magnus
                                 Pectineus  (accessory)                Obturator N   (L2,3,4)
                                Gracilis       (       ,,        )

#Cleft b/w 1st & 2nd toes is supplied by: Deep peroneal nerve (L5) (PGI 1998)
#Trendelenberg test is positive in damage of: Superior gluteal nerve (paralysis of gluteus medius & minimus)
# Nerve damaged during venous cut down to access great saphenous vein:
            Saphenous nerve (largest cutaneous branch of femoral N)   (AI 2008)    
#Short saphenous vein is accompanied by: Sural nerve (a pure sensory branch of Tibial nerve)


Ans: A.Thigh adduction