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NEET-PG Question Bank: 11,000 NEET Pattern MCQs

Become a NEET-PG Expert by Solving 11,000 NEET-PG MCQs in the Shortest Time
We started NEET-PG Question Bank to give students access to our exhaustive pool of MCQs. Students appreciate NEET-PG Question Bank for the number of MCQs, the ease of handling the interface, ability to bookmark MCQs, ability to create unlimited SWTs and so on. For whatever other ordinary question banks seem to offer, NEET-PG Question Bank is a level up in terms of features and most student friendly in terms of pricing. 
  • Subscribe to gain access to 11,000+ NEET-Pattern MCQs
  • All MCQs have answer keys and important ones have explanation
  • NEET-PG Build is Fast and Helps to Solve 11,000 NEET-PG MCQs in the Shortest Time
  • Unlimited Subject-wise Tests: With this new feature, you will be able to take any number of tests with MCQs from the subject(s) or chapters you choose

Validity: The validity of the subscription is till 15 Jan 2019
  • Rs. 2499/- (inclusive of GST) for access to NEET-PG Build
  • Subscription valid till 15 Jan 2019 or NEET-PG 2019 Exam whichever comes later

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We will be glad to assist you. Reach us at,


Frequently Asked Questions

What are UL SWTs?

UL SWTs mean Unlimited Subject Wise Tests. With this new feature, you will be able to take any number of tests with MCQs from the subject(s) or topics you choose. This is a feature available inside the Question Bank.

What are the 16 SWTs?

The 16 SWTs mean Subject Wise Tests which have a fixed set of questions Eg. 100. 

Do you have a printed book with these 11,000 MCQs?

No. The advantage of NEET-PG Build is the speed with which you can solve MCQs by doing it on the computer or mobile. So, there is no printed book with these MCQs.

Does the 11,000 MCQs include questions from all subjects?

Yes. Questions from all subjects are available and are classified into subjects and chapters.

 Do all questions have answer keys & explanations?

All questions have answer keys. Explanations are available for important questions and for all questions on demand.

What is the maximum & minimum time I will need to complete?

 At 1 minute per MCQ, you will need 166 hours to complete. At 30 seconds you will need 83.33 hours to complete. The time to go through answer keys & explanations is not included. After you answer the 11,000 MCQs once, the time taken for subsequent attempts drastically drop. Features like auto archive to correct, incorrect & skipped help to achieve maximum speed during revision.



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