NEET-PG Advance: NEET-PG Test Series with 12 Grand Tests

NEET-PG Test Series: 12 Grand Tests

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NEET-PG Test Series: Be 12 Times More Ready!

Online tests with authentic questions, real exam simulation, national and state-wise ranking, rank forecast and subject-wise analytics.


  • 12 Grand Tests of 300 MCQs each including Image Based MCQs with answer keys and explanations for all questions
  • All India and state-wise ranking with Rank Forecaster TM
  • Verified answer keys & explanations for all questions with correct, incorrect and skipped sorting for quick revision
  • All tests available till 15, January 2020
  • World class exam portal for an unmatchable test experience
  • Being a neutral platform, our tests are attended by TMCAA, Bhatia, DAMS, Speed and students of other popular coaching centres


Validity: The validity of the subscription is till 15 Jan 2020 and all tests will be open till then
  • Rs. 1111/- for 12 Grand Tests (INTRODUCTORY PRICE)
  • All tests open till 15 Jan 2021
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We will be glad to assist you. Reach us at,


1. Good syndrome 2. Velocity of blood flow


1. Good syndrome 2. Velocity of blood flow - comparison 3. Severity of antitrypsin deficiency maximum among-ZZ/MM/ZM/MZ 4. Tumbling motility 5. Loading dose problem etc. Thanks for NEET-PG test series. Got many questions including tough ones in my session from your tests.

- Dr. Antony Nettikadan, GMC, Thrissur

Do a good exam series like Edulanche


Do a good exam series like Edulanche with monthly 300 NEET pattern questions test.

Dr. Anoop N AIR 60, AIIMS 198, JIPMER 28

Govt. Medical College, Thrissur

I had subscribed for Online test series @ EduLanche


I had subscribed for Online test series @ EduLanche. The questions were really good and the solutions were especially good! And I loved the attractive presentation. It gave me an assessment of where I stood. Practicing online tests is a must for any PG aspirant

Dr. Sameer Abdul Samad, Rank 77, AIIMS

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EduLanche Tools

Testprep tools on EduLanche uses latest technology and are 100% mobile responsive. You can access them on Mobile/PC/Tablets. When you are on the move and wish to practice MCQs on the mobile or you wish to take grand tests on a PC to simulate the real NEET-PG, the choice is yours.