NEET-PG Build: 10,000 NEET Pattern MCQs

NEET-PG Build: 10,000 NEET Pattern MCQs
You save: Rs. 150 (30%)

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NEET-PG Build: 10,000 NEET Pattern MCQs (1 Month Validity)

We started NEET-PG Build to give students access to our exhaustive pool of MCQs. Students appreciate NEET-PG Build for the number of MCQs, the ease of handling the interface, ability to bookmark MCQs, ability to create unlimited SWTs and so on. For whatever other ordinary question banks seem to offer, NEET-PG Build is a level up in terms of features and always student friendly in terms of pricing. 
  • NEET-PG Build gives you access to 10,000 NEET-Pattern MCQs. All MCQs have answer keys and important ones come with explanations.
  • Practicing 1000s of MCQs everyday can happen only with NEET-PG Build. 
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You save: Rs. 150 (30%)

We will be glad to assist you. Reach us at,


There are less than 10000 questions.


There are less than 10 k questions. They have calculated wrong. What is up with the maths. I mean simple addition of questions is messed up.
Also, there is no way you can finish 10k questions in 8 or 16 hours. Assuming 1 minute per question, it will take 16 days with 10 hours of question solving to finish all the question.
I don't understand how they can make such a blunder in calculating the time taken.


how to use..plz tell me about

Accessing the online courses & to see results.

Dear Dr. Ketan Machhi,

Greetings from EduLanche Support!

Thank you for showing interest in our smart tools. In order to access them please Sign in to your EduLanche account,

After you Sign in click on the icon that you see at the top left corner of the screen, towards the left of EduLanche logo. 

It will open the Student console and under the Books & Tools, you can find the list that you ordered from us.

In those lists, you can find the NEET PG Question (Question bank) and NEET PG Subject (SWTs). Click on the test that you want to take and it will open the test and under the 'Contents' part, click on the test or Take quiz button and it will open the test and you can take the test.

To see the explanations and results, please follow the below-provided steps;

1. Open the test that you completed and click on the test that you see in the right-hand side section (Contents part) or click on the icon that you see at the end. 

2. Once you click, a new page will load and in that, you see two options – Closed/Attempted & View result.

3. Click on View result and now you see another list with 'Rank list' and 'You'

4. Click on "You" and you see two options - Review & Bookmarks.

5. Click on Review and you can see the test that you took categorized into Correct, Incorrect and Skipped and you can see the explanation for it.


Under the Bookmarks, you can see the questions that you bookmarked, if any. 


To see your rank, click on the button Rank list.

 We have also made our site more mobile friendly now and you will be able to access your EduLanche account by Sign into our site using the mobile browser.

Hope the information is useful. 

Proud to serve those who serve. 



Jiji S


EduLanche Team

perfect place to sharpen my training

My name is Dr.Unnikrishnan.S 

I did my MBBS at government medical college Trivandrum and it was always my dream to do my post-graduation there as well. 

And as I prepared for the dreaded All India entrance exams , which is doubtlessly one of the most competitive exams in the country I found myself worried that I did not have the best way to revise what I have learned. Revising from the question banks of various subjects ended up being a waste of valuable time. Which is when I stumbled upon Edulanche’s online training program Edulanche’s exhaustive collection of questions in their question bank allowed a quick and effective method to revise and apply whatever I have learned.

Plus the online approach also provided some respite from staring at the same books all day (which we all know can get very exhausting) while allowing me to make best use of my time.

In addition the test series provided by edulanche was also very useful for checking my state of readiness and if I had to improve on any subject’s preparation'

I was able to achieve my dream – this year I will be joining MS general surgery at Government medical college Trivandrum. So I would recommend that those preparing for this exam atleast give edulanche a try –to see if it will be useful for ur study style 

Thank you

Dr. Unnikrishnan S
Rank 1048, AIPGMEE 2015 

Rank 143

Thank you for this awesome work...

gt aipgmee rank 143... :)

Dr. Dhiya Philomina


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