Net Banking

Thanks for your interest in Net Banking mode of subscribing. With more users having an online bank account Net Banking is a popular and secure payment gateway.

What do I require?

Online Net Banking account of your bank.

How do I pay?

The amount can be transferred to Edulanche Services Pvt. Limited

  • Bank: State Bank of India (SBI)
  • Ac. name: EduLanche Services Pvt. Limited
  • Ac. number: 33999693913
  • Ac. type: Current account
  • IFS Code: SBIN0000940
  • Branch name: Thrissur Main Branch

The third party transfer facility will be activated within 24-48 hours. When the facility is ready you can enter the amount to be paid to the third party (eg. Edulanche Services Pvt. Limited) and the bank will transfer the amount to EduLanche Services Pvt. Limited.

If I am subscribing via Net Banking money transfer, when and where should I register on

You can create an EduLanche account before making the payment. And, after we receive your payment we will send the acknowledgment and activate your account.

How will know I have paid?

We receive updates from the bank within 24 hours of receiving payments. You can also send a mail to mentioning your order number and the amount paid via Net Banking.  Our representative will contact you via email/phone soon after.