About Us

We are the EduLanche.com Team and we are passionate about education.

The Challenge

Our challenge is to solve a problem that we will face in the future than to solve one that we already face. 

Don't you think there is already so much of content out there you can study with? By content, we mean the options you have in terms of classes at school, multiple textbooks for the same subject, variery of e-learning programs and so on, both free and paid. We feel, it is always great to have variety of content options to learn from. But, we think, how long this content we have today, created by educators stay relevant? Like the black and white textbooks went out of the shelves, the new age content too can get outdated. The real challenge is to solve this in a way that is future proof. How can we enable creation and circulation of great content that is relevant today, today and that is relevant tomorrow, tomorrow?

With the new age content creation tools, we hope to empower the actual stakeholders, that is teachers and students to create conent the way they like to, when they want. That is what we are upto. We are trying to trigger an avalanche of user made content, that wipes out irrelevant content and to allow teachers and students to create awesome content from time to time, exactly the way they want it. Most of the time we are awake, you will find us working on the same.

EduLanche has won 4 major awards within 3 months of launch. This, we believe, is because we really love what we do and who we are doing it for. Do have a look inside to see what we are building and feel free to share your thoughts with us on hello@edulanche.com.


Red Herring Asia 2014: Finalist
Startup village
Startup village Top 100 startups 2014


Red Herring Global 2014: Finalist

MIT TR 35 2015: Finalist