Frequently Asked Questions - Mock Exams

Yes. The monthly tests and subject-wise Q.BANK are online and accessible via a internet connection.

Students can attend the exams either on

  • Computers
  • Tablets & Smartphones

Students need to have internet facility to access these exams on their computers, tablets or smartphones. Exams are designed to be light enough so that even users with a normal speed internet connection will be able to attend exams comfortably. The exams are tested to load quickly with mobile internet connectivity as well. After completing the test, the exam will be automatically uploaded to EduLanche exam centre and students can view their All India/State-wise ranking.

Answer key, Explanations & High yield points can be accessed online 24x7

  • After the user completes the test, the answer key and complete explanation to all questions will be available on his account till his subscription expires.
  • The explanations for each exam can be accessed by the user any time from the exam console.


  • All premium users will have access to all Mock Exams, answers & ranklists irrespective of when you are joining the course.
  • For instance, a student joining in March, 2014 will have access to all the tests and the same applies to a student who joins in November, 2014.


As some questions might be lengthy or the when the test contains many quality images, the older versions of web browsers may not have enough memory to display them. We recommend using google chrome on a computer/tablet or EduLanche Student android app on your smart device for the best test experience.

To reopen a submitted test, you can fill in the Reset test form and our representative will do the needful and notify you by email once the test is reset. Test reset will be done within a business day.