Frequently Asked Questions - Mobile

3 Steps to Access EduLanche Mobile Apps


1. Create an account on EduLanche to receive one-time username & passwrod.

    Already have an account? Sign in to with your credentials

2. Subscribing to paid plans:  Checkout EduLanche store and purchase your desired plan. 


On Android mobile/tablet

Users who have successfully subscribed to any of the plans can now sign in to their mobile apps with EduLanche username & password. Feel free to skip the next step, if you know how to install apps from Google Play. 

 3. Installing App: Visit Google Play to install any EduLanche App on your Android device


Cheers! You can sign in to the mobile app now.



The issue happens on certain Android devices. It can be solved by logging out of your EduLanche account completely (from mobile app and website) and then logging in to the mobile app.