Frequently Asked Questions - Smart Books & Courses

Smart books are the same textbooks available at bookstores. The only difference is that they have add-on features like study circle or edulanche access that make learning less tedious.  

Study circles are communication channels between readers of the same book(s). Students using the same textbook had no way to communicate even if they wished to. Study circles fill in this gap.

eAccess provides online access to digital content, if any, in textbooks. These may be high-quality images, videos or quizzes. Textbooks with digital content are more engaging and interesting to learn from compared to regular textbooks. 

Smart content can include Quizzes, Videos, Text and so on. You can access the same soon after subscription. Following subscription, the courses will be available in your console under 'Books & eAccess'.  Please see screenshots below.

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Happy learning!