Frequently Asked Questions

The confirmation email is sent immediately on registering for EduLanche. It will usually be available in your inbox in few minutes. If you cannot find it in the 'Inbox' of your mail application,

  • Check your email application's spam or junk folder or filter. 
  • Check that you are trying to log in from the exact email address you registered with. A common error is accidental entry of an extra space (e.g., is not the same as<space>). 
  • If you cannot login still, try creating an account with the correct email address once more to confirm that you have used it for signing up. If the address is already registered you will see a "The e-mail address is already registered" message on the screen.


If you are unable to log in, please copy and paste the full URL (web address) of the link that you received in the confirmation email into your browser.

  • This happens if you or another user have already registered with the same username. While trying to sign up the following message will appear  on the screen in an info box,  "The name toms is already taken."
  • You can use a different username to sign up for EduLanche.
  • This happens if you have already registered with the same email address. While trying to sign up the following message will appear on the screen in an info box, "The e-mail address toms@gmail is already registered."
  • If you have lost the password, you can request for a new password to be mailed to your email address.

EduLanche has an inbuilt system which detects incorrect passwords entered by you and automatically sends an email to your registered email address. Thus, in case you have entered an incorrect password, it is most likely that you have receieved the email with instructions on how to reset your password. 

You can also reset the password from this direct link

 For the online services or books, you can pay using any of the popular modes including internet banking, debit/ATM cards, credit cards. Bank deposits, cheque & demand drafts are also accepted. 


Credit cards or Debit/ATM cards
Use the Shopping Cart to shop and pay using your Credit or Debit/ATM Cards. All payments are secure and accepted via CCAvenue Payment gateway. You will receive a confirmation message via SMS & email soon after successful payment. 
Net Banking
The amount can be transferred to Edulanche Services Pvt. Limited. The details of our bank account are added below, 
  • Bank: State Bank of India (SBI)
  • Name: EduLanche Services Pvt. Limited
  • Account number: 33999693913
  • Account type: Current account
  • IFS Code: SBIN0000940
  • Branch name: Thrissur Main Branch
Know more on Net Banking mode of payment.
Cheque or Demand drafts
Cheque/DD obtained in the name of ‘Edulanche Services Pvt. Ltd’ can be sent to the following address. Please enclose a paper with your full name, address with pin code and phone number when you send the Cheque/DD.  Our executive will call you back.
EduLanche Services Pvt. Ltd.
Villa No. 5, Swaraj Road, Opp. Stanes Company 
Valiyalukal, Kanimangalam P O, Thrissur - 680027
Ph: 9567113355
Making a Bank Deposit
New mode of payment added to serve users who would like to make the deposit directly to our account from the bank in your neighbourhood. Please inform us via phone or email the transaction reference number and the 'IFS code' of the branch from where payment is made with the payment date. We will complete your order as soon as the payment is received. 
EduLanche Store Coupons
New method of payment to be available to students. You can buy coupon with 16-digit coupon code from the nearest book store and apply the code during checkout instead of paying with Credit/Debit cards or Net banking. Coupons can be used to subscribe to all EduLanche services. Coupons in different denomionations are available from stores. If you require assistance with a coupon you have purchased, please mail us at 
 In case of queries contact us at or call us toll free at 1800 30000 360

EduLanche accepts returns in the following conditions

  • Order placed for the wrong book
  • Books received with significant damages delivering the book unreadable
PS: We recommend avoiding returns as there is a possibility of damage in transit rendering the book unusable. We respect books as much as you do and hope to minimize this with your co-operation.  

Yes. In these cases, you can report the same to us via Support within 12 hours of placing the order. We will initiate the returns process and intimate you about the same.  Please note that chances of wear and tear of the book is high when packaging is not adequate. EduLanche will not be able to accept books that are returned in damaged condition.

You can report the same on our Support channel ideally with the photograph of the damage. Our executive will get in touch with you to know more about the damage and initiate returns. 

You may cancel the order within 3 hours of order placement. You can contact us via Support feature in the console to initiate cancellation. Once the order is dispatched, we will not be able to stop the consignment or cancel your order. In such cases, you can contact Support to report the same. 

Refunds will be initiated soon after the return or cancellation is approved by our executive. Once refunds are initiated, the amount will be credited back to your original source of payment in less than 7 business days. At times, in case of certain banks, the refund processing might take few more days but such instances have been rare.

After you place the order for a Q.BANK subscription, you will receive a mail from CCAvenue (our payment partner) informing you whether the payment has been successfully completed.

After you receive this mail, your order will be processed and activated in 3-6 hours. Following activation, you will receive another mail from EduLanche customer service with details on how to login to the Q.BANK.

This occurs if you have signed in with your account details from another system or web browser. The session limit is to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

The entire message displayed is:
"You have been automatically logged out. Someone else has logged in with your username and password and the maximum number of 1 simultaneous sessions was exceeded. This may indicate that your account has been compromised or that account sharing is not allowed on this site. Please contact the site administrator if you suspect your account has been compromised."

Yes. The monthly tests and subject-wise Q.BANK are online and accessible via a internet connection.

Students can attend the exams either on

  • Computers
  • Tablets & Smartphones

Students need to have internet facility to access these exams on their computers, tablets or smartphones. Exams are designed to be light enough so that even users with a normal speed internet connection will be able to attend exams comfortably. The exams are tested to load quickly with mobile internet connectivity as well. After completing the test, the exam will be automatically uploaded to EduLanche exam centre and students can view their All India/State-wise ranking.

Answer key, Explanations & High yield points can be accessed online 24x7

  • After the user completes the test, the answer key and complete explanation to all questions will be available on his account till his subscription expires.
  • The explanations for each exam can be accessed by the user any time from the exam console.


  • All premium users will have access to all Mock Exams, answers & ranklists irrespective of when you are joining the course.
  • For instance, a student joining in March, 2014 will have access to all the tests and the same applies to a student who joins in November, 2014.


As some questions might be lengthy or the when the test contains many quality images, the older versions of web browsers may not have enough memory to display them. We recommend using google chrome on a computer/tablet or EduLanche Student android app on your smart device for the best test experience.

To reopen a submitted test, you can fill in the Reset test form and our representative will do the needful and notify you by email once the test is reset. Test reset will be done within a business day. 

3 Steps to Access EduLanche Mobile Apps


1. Create an account on EduLanche to receive one-time username & passwrod.

    Already have an account? Sign in to with your credentials

2. Subscribing to paid plans:  Checkout EduLanche store and purchase your desired plan. 


On Android mobile/tablet

Users who have successfully subscribed to any of the plans can now sign in to their mobile apps with EduLanche username & password. Feel free to skip the next step, if you know how to install apps from Google Play. 

 3. Installing App: Visit Google Play to install any EduLanche App on your Android device


Cheers! You can sign in to the mobile app now.



The issue happens on certain Android devices. It can be solved by logging out of your EduLanche account completely (from mobile app and website) and then logging in to the mobile app. 

Coupons make subscribing to EduLanche services easier especially for students who prefer paying from their wallets to online payments. Coupons can be bought from book stores and the unique PIN on the coupon can be used to subscribe to Web & Mobile applications at EduLanche online store.

Smart books are the same textbooks available at bookstores. The only difference is that they have add-on features like study circle or edulanche access that make learning less tedious.  

Study circles are communication channels between readers of the same book(s). Students using the same textbook had no way to communicate even if they wished to. Study circles fill in this gap.

eAccess provides online access to digital content, if any, in textbooks. These may be high-quality images, videos or quizzes. Textbooks with digital content are more engaging and interesting to learn from compared to regular textbooks. 

Smart content can include Quizzes, Videos, Text and so on. You can access the same soon after subscription. Following subscription, the courses will be available in your console under 'Books & eAccess'.  Please see screenshots below.

Subscribe to edulanche courses      EduLanche Console     EduLanche Course Contents

Happy learning!