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TestPrep Books with eAccess

eAccess is available for some of the bestselling titles based on student's demand. If you wish to have eAccess for any book, you can send a mail to support@edulanche.com. We will be happy to work on it and let you know once we make eAccess available. 

 No.  Name of the Book MCQs  eAccess Publisher
1 Surgery for PGMEE by Asish Gupta 2728 Available Pulse
2 Review of Radiology by Sumer Sethi 584 Available Peepee
3 Concepts in Pathology by Devesh Mishra 2287 Available Pulse
4 Q Wave I  550 Available Letterwave
5 Q Wave II  430 Available Letterwave
6 Q Wave III 405 Available Letterwave
7 Biochemistry Wave by Soumya Kurup 572 Available Letterwave
8 PGI Volume I by Manoj Chaudhary 1745 Available CBS
9 Conceptual Review of Pharmacology by Ranjan Kumar Patel 3107  Available CBS
10 SAR of Basic Subjects Volume I 2272 Available Pulse
11 SAR of Basic Subjects Volume II 2745 Available Pulse
12 SAR of Short Subjects Volume I 2242 Available Pulse
13 SAR of Short Subjects Volume II 2454 Available Pulse
14 All India Volume 1 1918 Available Pulse
15 All India Volume 2 1532  Available Pulse
16 All India Volume 3 1407 Available Pulse
17 SAR of Paediatrics by Arvind Arora 1432 Available Pulse





Frequently Asked Questions

What is eAccess?

eAccess provides online and mobile access to MCQs in TestPrep books. Students SAVE 50% OF THE TIME they spend to learn and revise MCQs in the textbooks by using eAccess.


Do I have to pay for eAccess? 

Yes. A nominal charge of Re. 1 per day is levied to make eAccess more awesome and sustainable. 

When will eAccess services be activated?

eAccess will be activated within 24 hours of completing your purchase.


How can I start using eAccess?

You can access the same soon after activation of your eAccess subscription. Following activation, the value added services will be available in your console under 'Books & eAccess'. 




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