NEET-PG Test Series: Grand Tests I-XII

A new test will be released on 15th of every month and remain open till 15, Jan 2021. The instructions are common for all the 12 grand tests.

  • MCQs: 300
  • Scoring: +4 for correct, -1 for incorrect, 0 for skipped (NEET pattern)
  • Duration: 3 hours 30 mins 
  • Duration analysis: 3 hours 30 mins = 210 mins = 12600 seconds. Time per MCQ = 12600/300= 42 seconds
  • Users can submit the test anytime within the allotted time. If not manually submitted, your test will be automatically submitted on time out


All you need to know to navigate, pause, resume, view skipped/marked questions and submit the test.

  • Use Back/Next to navigate through the MCQs
  • Use 'Review' button to view 'Marked' or 'Skipped' questions 
  • Submit test: Click on 'Review' button and 'Submit' test on completion of the test. You can also use the green tick button for submitting the test. (see below)

Topper Stories

"Got 77th rank in July DNB November DNB rank was above 4000. Don't lose your hope, chase your dreams...familiarisation with neet pattern of exam is also very important. Edulanche online model exams helped a lot...all the best!" 

- Dr. Febin KM, Rank 77, DNB-CET

Pause exam
  • Timer: Displays time left for completing the test
  • Pause & Resume: The pause & resume button  will be displayed when you click on the list button provided next to the timer. 
  • To exit a live test in progress and attempt it later, you can pause the test first and then use the 'exit' (red cross) button. This will save your answers and allow you to resume the test later, from where you left off. (Note: We recommend using the 'Pause' feature sparingly. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PAUSE YOUR TEST IN THE REAL EXAM) 
  • In case of queries or issues, please mail us at 
  • You can also check FAQs and get a quick solution if the issue has already been reported by users.