Self Assessment and Review of Biochemistry

Front cover:Self Assessment and Review of Biochemistry, 3rd edition
By Rebecca James Perumcheril
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Pages: 456
ISBN: 9789386322401
Edition: 3rd edition
SKU: ELB1115527

The perfect biochemistry book for medical PG aspirants:

  • Written by the best faculty of Biochemistry in PG training programs
  • First Biochemistry book with image-based questions and image-based information
  • First book in biochemistry with Author's Online support
  • Fully coloured book based on the latest examination pattern
  • Updated based on the latest editions of the standard books


  • All the latest questions up to January 2017 included
  • 99% of recent questions and 90% of questions asked in various exams in 2016-17 from the book
  • Chapter-wise divided, concept-oriented study with references
  • Image-based information and image-based questions included in each chapter's review
  • Chapter reviews based on Harper 30th, Lehninger 6th, and Robbins 9th
  • Clinically correlated with facts from Harrison 19th, Nelson 20th, and CMDT 2017
  • High-yield points, mnemonics and tables for easy recollection
  • Sold over 20,000 copies of the second edition
  • Online author support for learning and clarifications
  • Highly recommended by the toppers of all PGMEEs
  • Written by one of the best subject experts active in PG training programs
  • Thoroughly revised edition with the latest references
  • Must-learn book for all the PG entrance examinations
Average: 5 (4 votes)
You save: Rs. 116 (19%)

We will be glad to assist you. Reach us at,


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