Biochemistry Wave: NEET-PG Biochemistry Made Easy

Front cover of Biochemistry Wave
By Soumya Kurup
Average: 4.9 (18 votes)
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Pages: 362
ISBN: 9788192441092
Publisher: Letterwave Books
Edition: 1st edition
SKU: ELB111218

Biochemistry Wave for NEET-PG

About the Author


  • Dr. Soumya Kurup was a topper in NEET-PG and is now completing her DM, Endocrinology which makes this the only book for NEET-PG/AIIMS/PGI  in Biochemistry by a super specialist.


  • 'Must Knows' to crack NEET-PG, AIIMS, DNB-CET, PGI and JIPMER
  • Bullet points for easy learning
  • All biochemistry cycles simplified
  • Quick review of questions for NEET-PG, DNB-CET, AIIMS & PGI preparation for all chapters and more
"Ideal for entrance preparation."
Dr. Vivek Vijayakumar, Rank 10, AIIMS MD/MS

"Since Medical Biochemistry is gaining importance in the new pattern of exams, this book will help many students in the pursuit of their dreams"

Dr. Sreekumari S (Author of Vasudevan & Sreekumari's Textbook of Biochemistry)

"Book was so helpful..I could complete whole biochem in 5 days with that book...."
Dr. Abhishek Sreekumar

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Average: 4.9 (18 votes)
You save: Rs. 495 (100%)

We will be glad to assist you. Reach us at,


Its a good book!


Its a good book, so much effort has been put by Dr. Soumya to make the book concise and readable.

book which any pg aspirant should have


Though biochem was a subject where we could score marks easily during our ug days, it was the same biochem which we always used to keep for the later during our pg preprtns. The reasn being: boredom and difficulty in memorizing the cycles and complex reactions.
This book first of all removes the inhibition we have towards biochem. Simplified diagrams and charts makes things much more easier to learn. Small boxes and easy to memorize tips are the highlight of this book.
Overall, i would say, this is one book which any pg aspirant should have to clear the exams with ease.

Thank you edulanche and Dr soumya for this wonderful gift.

Dr Vishnu Vinayakumar

brilliant book#must have#


this is the first and last book i read for biochem... it has all that is reqd in simplified manner. it is not voluminous or time consuming. the summary of imp one liners at the end of the book is wonderful for revision. i loved the colorful illustrations and the fact that evrything explained clearly with all the controversies explained. 

thank u dr soumya kurup for such a wonderful book. 



Biochemistry is an important but poorly remembered subject, biochemistry wave has simplified the topics for easy grasp & better retention. A must have !!

Reading biochemistry was


Reading biochemistry was never so much fun, loved every bit of it, concepts like molecular biochemistry, lipids important aspects of which often get. missed broken down into points. If you are still looking for where to read the most frequently asked subject from, go grab your copy of biochemistry q wave, many controversial questions finally answered. Thanks edulanche for q wave, edulanche q bank and now for another amazing book. Dr. Sheenam Gupta GSMCH Patiala

Biochemistry wave


Biochem was always the "never stays in my head" & "too boring to read" kind of subject for me. But unfortunately, a huge volume of questions are being asked from biochem and it is a definite high yield subject. And i Certainly had much difficulty in consolidating knowledge from all the various boring text buks for biochem. Well, biochemistry wave simply changed the outlook of the subject for me.. Its presented in a clear, consice and attractive manner which makes the subject much interesting to me. The multicolored pages also helped me in keeping everything retained in my brain. Ideal for entrance preparation. Way to go edulanche.. Do come up with more of such buks..!!

Dr. Vivek Vijayakumar

Govt. Medical college thrissur

  • Rank 10, AIIMS May 2016
  • 33 JIPMER May 2016
  • 41 PGI May 2016 



Book was so helpful..I could complete whole biochem in 5 days with that book....

Thank you for the wonderful books... 

Not only biochemistry...the book s also covering some important points Harrison..

Highly recommended


 Biochemistry being one of the toughest subject,one needs to have a clear concept to solve such mcq. This book is excellent and explains everything perfectly.. Highly recommended.

Dr. Atanu Sengupta

Institute of post graduate medical education and research (IPGMER) kolkata

best book for the subject


After goin through biochemistry wave by soumya kurup i can confidently say that it is one of the best book for the subject available now. The content has been explained in a clear and concise manner with the cycles and metabolisms explained is really helpful to clear the concepts. Considering how important biochemistry is for pgmee like aiims this book definitely will give the extra edge with its student friendly presentation and comprehensive coverage of the subject. Sincerly thank edulanche and especially dr.soumya kurup for this initiative that will help a lot of pg aspirants like me to crack this important subject.

Dr. Sanju Unnikrishnan
Govt.Stanley Medical College, Chennai

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