ACROSS: A Complete Review of Short Subjects Vol II, 7th edition (2 volume set) (OUT OF STOCK)

Front cover: ACROSS Vol II
By Anurag Shukla, Saumya Shukla
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Pages: 1244
Edition: 7th edition
SKU: ELB111163

Part A: ISBN: 9789351526599 | Pages: 706 

Part B: ISBN: 9789351529620 | Pages: 538

How to Prepare?
• Do question-answer part first.
• Decide the topics that are important and where to focus.
• Thoroughly revise the topics.

Why this book?

• The first and the most sought-after subjectwise book for PGMEE and the best selling MCQs book on short subjects.
• The book which has given a new approach and horizon to PGMEE preparation.
• Subjects are divided into theory and MCQs, and further divided into chapters and sub chapters, according to their topics in such a manner that the study material is easily understandable and retainable by the students.
• Each new edition is not only an addition of few hundred new questions; as each line of the book is completely revised and updated, based on the latest editions of various standard textbooks everytime. Controversial questions are explained with complete references.
• A completely revised, researched, concise and condensed (PGMEE oriented) presentation of important topics and basic concepts with numerous self-made tables, figures, flow charts and mnemonics throughout the book, to save a lot of student’s preparation time.
• Provides a methodology to approach PGME examination; includes valuable pedagogical features and many topics of medicine, surgery and pharmacology coinciding with short subjects.
• Indispensable for course review and PGME examinations. Authors recommend to start reading and retaining this book along with first professional.

Key Features:
• Thoroughly revised and updated with latest questions.
• Systematic presentation of the text.
• Written in simple language with precise explanations.
• Divided into two parts, the first part of the book covers Physiology and Biochemistry, while the other focuses on Anatomy and Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

• Enriched with subject-wise theory.

• Includes valuable pedagogical features and many topics of medicine, surgery and pharmacology.
• Contains numerous self-made tables, figures, flowcharts and mnemonics for exam preparations.
• Fully explained questions of last 13 years of AIIMS, DNB, and PGI, ALL India, JIPMER, CMC, AFMC, AMU and single liner questions from various state PGME examinations.

• Exclusively useful for ALL India, DNB, AIIMS, PGI, PMGE and other state level examinations.
Authors: Saumya Shukla DNB Radiodiagnosis and Anurag Shukla MS MCh (Orth), UK

Publication: Jaypee

YOP: 2015

Average: 5 (2 votes)
You save: Rs. 285 (20%)

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