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More copies on the way!

'Rapid Review, AIPGMEE 2011' books have been sold out in 5 places this week.
Kottayam, Chennai, Madurai, Kanpur & Delhi. More copies have been dispatched and will reach the stores in 2-7 days.

MCQ platform Beta version!

We are pleased to inform the release of EduLanche Beta platform for medical MCQ's. Please sign up to access the questions. For details visit the info page.

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New copies arrive!

Third reprint of 'Rapid Review AIPGMEE, 2011' has been released on 29 June 2011. Copies will now be available at more book stores; H&C-Thrissur, City Books-Chandigarh & S.S Publishers-Hyderabad, Maharashtra.

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Rapid Review, AIPGMEE, 2011‘ is a recently published book containing the questions and answers of AIPGMEE 2011. The authors Rahul K.R. and Nishant B. have certainly done an excellent work in compiling the questions and answers in a easy to read format. All 300 questions, answers and explanations with suitable references are provided in a clear and concise manner. Controversial questions are discussed in more detail. Related questions asked in previous question papers are also added for easy reference.

Coimbatore & Vellore

Rapid Review on stands at Balaji books, Coimbatore & Global book stores, Vellore.

More book stores to buy from

Dear friends,

We have added more book sellers to the list of stores. 'Rapid Review' AIPGMEE 2011 will be released at these stores on 26 May, 2011.

New stores

1. City Book Shop, Chandigarh

2. Gyan Ganga, Bihar

3. Sajal Book House, College Square, Kolkata

4. Pusthak Bhavan, Kanpur

5. A.D Kansara Medical Book Sellers, Pune

6. U.R Shenoy & Sons, Mangalore

7. South India Book Agency, Chennai

8. Co-operative Book Store, Madurai Medical College

9.Ramdas Medical Books, Thrissur & Calicut

Second edition

"Knowledge has to be improved, challenged and increased constantly, or it vanishes."

-Peter F Drucker

We thank all readers of 'Rapid Review, AIPGMEE 2011' for the splendid support to our first book'.

The second edition will be released on 10 May 2011. It will be available in stores in 2 weeks. We are trying to make it available in more book stores across Maharashtra & Andhra Pradesh.

AIPGMEE 2011: Errors & Misprints update

We are happy to have kept the errors including misprints to a minimum. Readers of the First edition released in April, 2011 are requested to take note of these relevant changes. The changes have been updated in the second edition and readers of the second edition can skip this update.

1. Page 1 (Q.1):
Please change answer to A. Thigh adduction.
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Sold Out!

Its a pleasure to inform you that we have sold out all copies of 'Rapid Review, AIPGMEE 2011'in Kerala & Delhi. More copies will be available in Kerala during this weekend & in Delhi by next week from the same book stores.