Rapid Review, AIIMS MAY 2012

As announced earlier, 'Rapid Review, AIIMS MAY 2012' is being written based on a new template which has been designed by the editors in sync with the toppers of AIPGMEE 2012 and AIIMS May 2012.

The template will help to continue the sleekness of earlier Rapid Review format while taking a problem solving approach to each of the 200 MCQ's we have this time. The new layout intends to make the book more useful and reader friendly. The template is being previewed by a group of medicos preparing for the entrance exams and has already started receiving good reviews.

AIIMS November 2011: More copies to be available soon!

We thank all readers for the support and inquiries. More copies of AIIMS November 2011 will be released by 21 May 2012.

Book: Rapid Review, AIIMS May 2012

Our editors have started to work on the questions and "Rapid Review, AIIMS May 2012" will be released soon. We hope to introduce new features to make the book more useful to our readers.

Rapid Review of AIPGMEE, 2012

Rapid Review, AIPGMEE 2012 released!

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our teachers,seniors, colleagues and juniors who have helped us a lot through eachstage of making of ‘Rapid Review, AIPGMEE 2012’. Thanks for your help and encouragement.

Rapid Review, AIPGMEE 2012: Cover Preview

Coming Soon!

After bringing out 2 bestsellers, the third PG supplement from the desk of EduLanche Publishers is on it's way! 

For this supplement too, experts of EduLanche Team are going the extramile to make the book as good as possible before it hits the stands.

Good Luck & Best Wishes!


We wish all medicos appearing for the AIPGMEE 2012 on 8th January, "ALL THE VERY BEST!"


-EduLanche Team.

'Rapid Review', AIIMS November, 2011: Sales Updates

'Rapid Review' AIIMS November, 2011 has been sold out in Delhi, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Chennai, Coimbatore, Thrissur, Kottayam, Kozhikode and more places again! We are happy to repeat the feat after 'Rapid Review' AIPGMEE, 2011.

Thanks to all readers for the support!

EduLanche Wishes Everyone A Very Happy New Year!

All at & EduLanche Publishers wishes everyone a great year that Fills our Hearts with new Hopes, Brings us new Opportunities and More reasons to Celebrate!

'Rapid Review' AIIMS November, 2011: Thanks for the Support!

We wish to thank the authors of 'Rapid Review' AIIMS November, 2011, for painstakingly preparing a good book and all the readers for lending their support.

Happy to announce, 'Rapid Review' AIIMS November, 2011 has been declared the #1 BESTSELLER across book stores.

We also take this opportunity to inform our readers that 'Rapid Review' is the only book  which has all 200 MCQ's compiled without repeating any MCQ.