Demo Test Rank list

As we are gearing up to launch Mock Exam I here is a preview to the rank list of Demo Test.

All users who take the exam can view the live ranklist at,

Demo Test

EduLanche Mock Exams: Glad to release the demo test! 

Demo test is intended to be a hands on tutorial for students to get familiar with the new exam portal. After the demo test, one would know the functions like Mark, Review etc that are  available to the user while they attend the test.

NEET PG 2013 & DNB-CET November 2012 RESULTS


DNB CET November 2012 Results New!

  • Results Announcced on 30 April 2013. Visit official website.
  • If there are issues loading the page, please see the attached file below. 


NEET-PG Build: Features

NEET-PG Build: Quick view

Q.Bank Console: Quick Video Tutorial


NEET PG 2013: The Exam Experience


Day 1: The Exam Experience


New in Q.BANK 3.0: Assessment from Level One

Developers at EduLanche are always pushing the limits to integrate features that enhance the learning experience. Lately, we have been working on providing ways to measure the statistics starting from the roots.

Here is what we have integrated for assessing how different students performed in a test. The performance can be traced for the whole test and students can zoom in on each question.

-Development Team

Mock Exams: Why not before November, 2012?

We have been asked about mock exams and increasingly so in the last few weeks. We tell them there are many good websites for that. Not always, do we explain why we are not currently interested in being one. Here is why.

EduLanche Coupons: Available at book stores

As announced earlier, another product from EduLanche will hit the stands soon!

EduLanche Coupons are being released on 05, November, 2012. The scratch cards will be available through major book stores. Medicos can get the coupons and use the PIN to subscribe to Web & Mobile applications at EduLanche online store. From now, subscribing to EduLanche services will be as easy as recharging your mobile phone using pre-paid coupons. 

From November

We would like to inform all prospective subscribers that there will be a restructuring EduLanche Online Q.BANK prices effective from 15, November 2012. Soonafter the new prices are announced, EduLanche Coupons will be available at book stores.

Most student members on EduLanche team believe the services are well priced. We hope to keep improving EduLanche services and make them available at the best prices possible. The final decision will be taken in the days ahead. In view of this, we are stopping registrations to 2,3 & 6 month Q.BANK plans from now.

-EduLanche Team