EduLanche Online Store #EOS

EduLanche Online Store #EOS is up and running with medical books. More books to be available in the upcoming days. If you are a student of arts, literature, commerce or science we will have you covered. Do come back in a while to fetch your favourite title and get to know the experience of shopping at EduLanche Online Store. 

And before we wind up, here is a review from Dr. Saraswat Mitra that sums up how we are faring. 


-EduLanche Team

EduLanche Online Store #EOS

EduLanche Online Store is the dedicated store for academic books and products. At your service from 15, August 2014. 


EduLanche Academic Network: Going Live in August!

EduLanche Academic Network

To Learn. To Discover. To Do. 


Ideas are powerful. We have one which makes us dream and join hands to make the world a better place. 

Welcome you to the new face of learning. Lets come together on EduLanche Academic Network. 

Have Lots to Read and Revise? Here is How a Timetable Can Help!

Have Lots to Read and Revise? Here is How a Timetable Can Help!

Q Wave Volume I: Errors & Misprints

We are happy to have kept the errors including misprints to a minimum. Readers of the first edition released in April, 2014 are requested to take note of the changes.

-EduLanche Team

Time Management Tools and Tips

Time Management Tools and Tips

Preparing for the mighty test that’s coming up? It may be scary but you don’t need to worry about it because with simple tips, tactics, and tools you will be able to prepare well and improve your chances of doing well in the test.


February, 2014: Reports

EduLanche Updates

Jan-Feb, 2014

EduLanche MCQ Practice Notebook

EduLanche Notebooks: Smarter way to Practice!

EduLanche Online Store: Launching soon!

EduLanche is gearing up for the launch of online educational book store in March, 2014. We have begun the pilot run of the service and look forward to your suggestions. All popular titles from academic streams will be soon available on EduLanche at the best prices from March, 2014. We will keep you updated.