What Your Favorite Superhero can Teach You About Your Strengths and Weaknesses?


Let us tell you a short fable. There was a hare and there was a tortoise, both decided to have a race and yes, we all know what happened next. 


We are also in a race. Aren't we?

Race against time, against competition, and against our weaknesses. It is crucial to have an awareness of your strengths and weaknesses to win this race.

As in the hare and tortoise story, or like your favourite superhero, knowing your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses one by one might be the best 'Win the race' or ‘Save the world’ technique you could follow. Let's start with the superpowers. 


Identify your superpower and use it properly

Your strength is retractable claws, cool use it to fight others. Telekinesis? Why not plan a stealth attack on your enemy. You can control the weather? Make a thunderstorm! Studies well in a group. Gather your squad. Read out loud, read in mind, early bird or a night owl, write down in your book or keep it in your mind, refer to textbooks or prefer notes. Whatever is your superpower for studies, identify it. Use it properly.


Identify your Kryptonite/ 'super weaknesses'

Like kryptonite to Superman, we too have some major weaknesses to overcome. It could be a subject you don’t like much, no or low motivation to study, lack of confidence in your ability. Not having proper guidance, not having proper study materials or the inherent confusion of from where should we begin – whatever be your weaknesses, identify them and work on them.


Symptoms and causes of your weakness

People often get confused with the symptoms and causes of weakness. Inability to concentrate is one of the major symptoms of weakness. Usually, people think that this is a cause. Getting distracted by social media, over thinking, sleepiness etc are all symptoms, not causes. The causes can be lack of motivation, lack of sleep, unhealthy learning environment and so on. Make the right diagnosis and you are half way there.


Choose the super weapon and an awesome sidekick

Every superhero is as good as the gadgets he chooses. Superman driving a batmobile will be a colossal waste of his flying powers.  Choosing something that other students have might not work well with us. Some may have time to read lengthy testprep books and make notes while some might be better off with an online test preparation guide. Some choose most popular books while something new in the market might be more rewarding. Choose an awesome sidekick to go with you. It could be a person, a book, coaching classes or an online course. EduLanche.com is happy to volunteer.


How to make the best of your superpowers?

Some of us are more aware of our weakness and spend all our time trying to overcome these flaws while our strengths lie underutilised.

  • Fight for the good of it not the glory. Study for knowledge and not to score marks alone
  • Fighting the evil, protecting your city, saving the world or getting the girl, find your motivation to study and never lose it.
  • Get the small villains first and move on to the super villain. Start with the subjects that are easy.  Choose the subjects or chapters you are comfortable with and get those done. Break up the subject into basic chapters and advanced chapters. Basics are the fundamentals you need to master. Spend some time getting the basic thorough. This will help you tackle the advanced topics without getting intimidated.
  • Superheroes too need help many a time. If you know someone who is strong in a subject you need help with, go ahead and ask for help. Though self study looks more rewarding in the short term, we see that a combination of group study and self study helps to keep one motivated in the long run.
  • Revisit what you learned first within 24 hours of learning it and twice or thrice within a week. Remember it is ok to forget. Don’t get all beaten up. Go back and read it once gain and give your brain time to process it.
  • Get more of your senses involved in learning. If  the villain is strong and just reading doesn’t seem to work, a combination of reading, writing and listening will help for sure.

“Our strength grows out of our weaknesses.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The way we look at it is, “A superhero is only as strong as the super villain he faces.” Be strong and determined when you see that tough topic next time. That makes you a superhero.




Good luck!

Do tell us about your superpowers, weaknesses, your super weapon and how you use them in the comments below.

My biggest weakness is the

My biggest weakness is the inability to balance internship and studies at the same time :(

Our strength grows out of our weaknesses

Good quote.
I am weak in Physio. Can anybody let me know which book is good for Phsyio.

Book Suggestion

Dear Doctor,

Happy to hear that you have read our blog. We happen to see that you wanted to know about the best books for Physiology TestPrep. 

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Try to get the physio notes of any good entrance coaching class.learn it well and then working out questions of physio from the latest question papers with solution would be sufficient.Dont waste time learning a guidebook in physio...therez no time ..finish subjects quickly...therez a lot of overlap with physio and other clinical subjects..so you will eventually cover everything.