MCQs: The Untold Story

MCQs The Untold Story

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The easier way to enjoy TestPrep is to start enjoying MCQs. 

Each MCQ does 3 things, ping your knowledge database or memory to see if there is matching information available, filter through the information to reach the closest match, apply it to the options in front of you to identify the best answer. 

When you are taking more time to identify the best answer or not able to answer a question, it is a delay or failure occurring at one of these steps. 

When you attend an exam session with 300 MCQs, you do this 300 times. Thus, the more you flex this filter during the preparation, the more you are at ease during the exam. For convenience sake, we call this the QA filter

Feeding a lot of information to your database and nurturing a foolproof filter to get what is required, when it is required are both important when you appear for the exam, isn’t it? It is quite like how hesitantly you drive when you are on an unknown street and the faster you get when you know the route. 

Now that we know, getting the QA filter kicking towards the exam is helpful, let’s do a simple reverse engineering exercise. Imagine, if the QA filter is ON when you are reading a textbook. What if the filter which filters out relevant information required to crack the MCQ, can filter in relevant information that needs to be stored in your knowledge database? And what if, I tell you this happens! What if you become an active learner from a passive reader!

As the crux of the idea would de be clear to most by now, it is time to wrap up this blog post. Let me also share with you, our learnings from interacting with students who cracked the exam and from going through hundreds of interviews with toppers on the web. 

The research aimed to unravel their success secrets was a failure. Then we split the  students who cracked the exam to first timers and repeaters and decided to ignore first timers for the sake of the study. With this better data emerged. Some elements that were common to the underdogs of UG days and then entered the toppers league went like this:

  • Most of them started preparation during internship and serious preparation when they were repeating. 
  • Most were frank enough to admit they forgot most of what they were reading and they were willing to accept it as normal. 

Now, this realization though sounds like routine, is what put them at an advantage from Day 1 of their testprep journey. They understood, they will have to allot a lot of time for revising what they read. They understood, they will not have time to go through all the topics in all the subjects and then revise everything. 

This made them filter important information, ignore the rest and revise the important information over and over again. 

We finally had what we were looking for. Most winners had a QA filter working for them during their preparation extending till the day of the exam. 

Most of us have the QA filter running in the background. It is upto each one of us to appreciate its presence and nurture it.

- Dr. Nishanth B Singh



Good luck!

Do tell us how MCQs have helped your TestPrep in the comments below. We will be glad to know your thoughts. 


Wonderfl thought...sir,

Wonderfl thought...sir,

Thank you Ankhita. Glad you

Thank you Ankhita. 
Glad you could relate to it.