Early days

How did EduLanche happen? Being one of the few medicos who have entered the tech world, this is a question I am asked often.  

EduLanche started while I was an intern in med school. Had this idea of creating a platform for students preparing for competitive exams. 

I started with the hope of creating a platform for medical students that will have free content and generate revenue from ads. With some revenue, I will be able to hire a person to take care of the website and I could continue my studies. With the limited experience in developing a free medical website earlier using open source software, I put together a new e-learning website which primarily had quizzes that can be taken by students and showed them their ranks in comparison with peers. 

In the following days, I became co-author for a medical book of my friend, Rahul K R. After completing the book, as we could not find a publisher interested in the work, it was decided to publish the book under the 'EduLanche Publishers' banner. $500+ of personal funds and money from my family could get us through the first 1000 copies. Fortunately for us, the book became a bestseller and it drove students to the website. With the profit we printed more copies the very next month, and I was initiated into "bootstrapping".  

With the revenue generated from the services we could hire our first staff and then a website development team to improve EduLanche for students. 

Being a bootstrapping start up, we had to use available resources wisely. We did this successfully, and over time built and integrated e-learning to realize the dream of an innovative academic platform for students. Today, EduLanche has transformed itself to a platform for students, better than what I had envisioned it be. I believe, the transformation is the key and it keeps happening.