Bestseller Awards for Books & Courses

If we look at the history of publishing, not that far was a time when there was just one book that all students used to learn with. Many of those books have faded away or become reference books. 

Today, there are multiple books on most subjects averaged at 3 for popular subjects. There are options for students to choose from based on their way of preparation. From the phase of scarce resources, we have reached a phase of abundance. As the stakes have gone high, the number of people who try their hand at writing has also increased. We believe the fierce competition has lead to commendable improvements in the recent titles. We hope the titles keep betting better in the years ahead.  

With our experience in publishing, we also understand the dedication and hard work of authors who write great books. From the very beginning, we have supported good books on EduLanche and continue to be a neutral platform for all Authors & Publishers to associate with. In 2016, we are excited to take our association a step forward by honoring the greatest authors with the new 'BESTSELLER AWARDS' for the best Books & Courses.

This is a tribute from and students to all the Authors who have worked hard and are continuing to do so for making their books better with each edition. 

How this works?

  • EduLanche Team will announce the BESTSELLER AWARD in the beginning of each month from June, 2016
  • The Award Certificate will be presented to the Title, Author, Publisher of the book
  • Selection is based on the volume of sales on EduLanche and the reviews received. *
  • The Award Certificate will be valid for a period of 1 year from the date of issue


* Top 5 Bestsellers on EduLanche automatically surface on the home page, under 'Popular Books & Courses'. This is based on the sales in the last 30 days.