Gamification in Learning


  • Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals. 
Students spend most of their study time learning from textbooks & lecture notes. The more efficient the learning process the better will be the outcome. This is where gamification can help. 

Why gamification?

1. "Done" is remembered better than "Heard/Read"
2. What gets measured, gets improved
3. Community learning is more fun and engaging

Gamification requires technical know-how, involves cost, longer development time and so on. This is why many publishers are not coming forward yet. But the benefits students stand to receive easily outweigh the problems. 

EduLanche started experimenting with elements of gamification since 2011. Currently, many of the online courses we develop and host have gamification incorporated. We are introducing online courses with gamification and in the introductory period, the courses will be priced low. The most popular courses are listed below.
  • EduLanche Access: Access to digital content in textbooks (MCQs, video, audio, text) 
  • Quiz Me: Quiz game based on textbooks to allow students to compete with each other
Based on the demand from students, we will be adding more courses soon. 
Nishanth B Singh
Founder & CEO,