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  • An organized question bank to help you prepare subject-wise, systematically and achieve the goal.  

What Students Say!

 EduLanche has had an immense role to play in acheiving this rank. I'd like to thank you for coming up with this idea...the q bank really helped me work on my grey areas...!! 

Dr. Arpita Bindal

Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

 Thank you for this wonderful Q BANK . IT is absolutely on target. I wish every medical student preparing for the upcoming entrance exams would try this...most striking feature that I found was with subjects like medicine, patho, pharmac where new current topics are covered. 

Dr. Rachana Rajgopal Menon

AIMS, Kochi

 Its great to find that the Q.BANK is up and running. The explanations are fantastic! 

Dr. Mohit Goyal

RNT Medical College, Udaipur



NEET-PG Build: 19 Subjects Q.Bank

Q bank
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NEET-PG Build: 19 Subjects Q.Bank

We started the question bank to help students answer a lot of questions in the shortest time possible. Students appreciate NEET-PG Build for its speed and convenience to practice MCQs. Boost your TestPrep by answering subject-wise questions 2 times more faster than from regular textbooks. 

Why Students Love NEET-PG Build

  • Question bank with10,000+ MCQ's for faster learning
  • Accelerate your TestPrep by answering 100's of MCQs everyday till the exams
  • Make your preparation more interesting by setting realistic goals and achieving them
  • Answer MCQ's whenever you wish to, 24x7
  • Analyse your subject-wise improvement with 'Learn-o-meter' & boost your confidence
NEET-PG Build helps you learn more MCQs in less time. ALL MCQs HAVE ANSWER KEYS and MOST QUESTIONS have explanations. 


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Why students love us!

"My name is Dr.Unnikrishnan.S 

I did my MBBS at government medical college Trivandrum and it was always my dream to do my post-graduation there as well. 

And as I prepared for the dreaded All India entrance exams , which is doubtlessly one of the most competitive exams in the country I found myself worried that I did not have the best way to revise what I have learned. Revising from the question banks of various subjects ended up being a waste of valuable time. Which is when I stumbled upon Edulanche’s online training program Edulanche’s exhaustive collection of questions in their question bank allowed a quick and effective method to revise and apply whatever I have learned.

Plus the online approach also provided some respite from staring at the same books all day (which we all know can get very exhausting) while allowing me to make the best use of my time.

In addition, the test series provided by edulanche was also very useful for checking my state of readiness and if I had to improve on any subject’s preparation'

I was able to achieve my dream – this year I will be joining MS general surgery at Government medical college Trivandrum. So I would recommend that those preparing for this exam at least give edulanche a try –to see if it will be useful for ur study style

Thank you!" 

Dr. Unnikrishnan S

GMC, Trivandrum 



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