PGI CHANDIGARH: Volume I Edulanche Access

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PGI CHANDIGARH Volume I EduLanche Access

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  • Evaluate: EA does the evaluation for you and archives MCQs to correct, incorrect & skipped
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  • Subscription will expire after 15 days from date of activation and can be renewed after expiry, by purchasing again. On renewal, your data including attempts, correct, incorrect and skipped will be restored.


You save: Rs. 10 (40%)

We will be glad to assist you. Reach us at,


Dear Dr. Abhimanyu

Dear Dr. Abhimanyu Kalra, 

Thanks very much for subscribing for EduLanche Access and I am sorry for the issues you have faced. 

As I can see, more chapters are available now after you have posted the comment. PGI Vol 1, the new edition of the book was supposed to be released in August, but got postponed to September. We are waiting for the same so that we can provide the latest content. But as the new edition is still not out, some of the chapters have been released and others are to be released once the new edition is out. 

Finally, regarding the reviews being deleted, the system identifies certain comments as spam and blocks/removes then. For instance, if there are multiple reviews from same IP in a short span of time that get posted by spambots, they also get manually curated in certain cases when the reviews are unprofessional/support queries irrespective of being good or bad.

We would request you to use the support channels (, 180030000360) for any support queries. 

Hope I could be of some help. :-) Please feel free to contact me directly at if you face any issue with EA or other services in the future. 

Best wishes, 
Dr. Nishanth B Singh

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