NEET PG Test Series

NEET-PG Advance: Online Test Series for NEET-PG 2018

NEET-PG 2018: Online Test Series
Experience NEET-PG in Advance!
Online tests with NEET Pattern questions, real exam simulation, national and state-quota ranklists, subject-wise analytics and more.
Tests can be attempted from your PC while at home or on your mobile when you are on the go.
EduLanche team is glad to know many questions from our test series appeared in the recent NEET-PG. Thanks for the testimonials from EduLanchers and reviews on facebook. Try out NEET-PG Advance and see how we can help you compete with the best and emerge as a winner.

NEET-PG Advance: Online Test Series for NEET-PG

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Topper's Choice: The Fastest Growing Test Series for NEET-PG

  • Monthly grand tests and subject-wise tests for NEET-PG from EduLanche Team
  • NEET pattern exam series to crack NEET-PG
    Reasons Why Students Love Us?
    • Best test series at an unmatchable price 
    • NEET Pattern questions with prometric test environment simulation
    • Attend all tests irrespective of date of joining NEET-PG Advance
    • Personalized post-test experience with MIT Award winning software
    • Available online as well as on Android app and more!

  • All India and State wise rank list for all tests
  • Simulation of  test window with timer based tests to familiarize with the real exam
  • Verified answer keys & explanations for all questions
  • No more of missing the tests and worrying about test dates! All tests will be available to students from the day of release till 30, December 2016
  • Answer key & explanations of attempted tests will be available till 30, December 2016
  • Take tests on the go! Works on smartphones and tablets
  • World class exam portal for an unmatchable test experienceThe Right choice is here!


Time Planner New!
The first step to success is having the right plan. As the famous educator, Peter F Drucker said, 'Whats gets measured gets improved'. With Time Planner facility included in NEET-PG Advance, students can identify stronger & weaker subjects and create a better plan for NEET-PG preparation. Here is how it works.

  • Answer 1000 MCQs included in SWT covering all the 19 SUBJECTS
  • Student will be able to identify the strong zones and weak zones
  • After the analysis, spend more time on subjects in the weak zone and before you know it, be on the path to success!
  • Use Time Planner and enjoy the difference. 

Test Schedule

Grand Test Series (10 Tests)






Quick Demo (120 seconds)


1. NEET-PG 2017: Test I 300 FREE
2. NEET-PG 2017: Test II 300 OPEN
3. NEET-PG 2017: Test III 300 OPEN
4. NEET-PG 2017: Test IV 300 OPEN
5. NEET-PG 2017: Test V 300 OPEN
6. NEET-PG 2017: Test VI 300 OPEN
7. NEET-PG 2017: Test VII 300 OPEN
8. NEET-PG 2017: Test VIII 300 OPEN
9. NEET-PG 2017: Test IX 300 OPEN
10. NEET-PG 2017: Test X 300 OPEN

Subject-wise Test Series (16 Tests)

  Quick Demo OPEN
1. Anatomy 50 OPEN
2.  Physiology 50 OPEN
3.  Biochemistry 50 OPEN
4.  Microbiology 50 OPEN
5.  Pathology 50 OPEN
6.  Pharmacology 50 OPEN
7.  Forensic Medicine 50 OPEN
8.  ENT 50 OPEN
9.  Ophthalmology 50 OPEN
10. SPM 100 OPEN
11. Medicine 100 OPEN
12. Surgery 100 OPEN
13. O & G 100 OPEN
14. Orthopedics 50 OPEN
15. Pediatrics 50 OPEN
16. SARP 50 OPEN


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You save: Rs. 1500 (50%)

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