NEET PG: Details

NEET PG website is now live with details on the test and more.

Wear the Badges

We have introduced 'User badges' to EduLanche. All users who register are granted the 'Member' badge. More badges will be conferred based on user activities.

Essentially, the users stand to gain points when they add comments, invite users, view pages, help clear doubts etc. Bonuses and offers will be available to users when they cross the threshold and the points can be redeemed.

More details to be added soon.

Web developer,


Q.BANK 2.x: Speed & More!

All Quizzes running at Online Q.BANK will be twice as faster with a new feature developed for EduLanche. The feature is undergoing final phase of testing at EduLanche Labs and it will be released within the next 3 days to the live website. This feature will be available to all existing users and new users signing up for Q.BANK.

Feedback: Growing on it


We have had a good run with share of ups and downs since we began in 2011. All the while we have been adding & improving content and mentoring the website to make it more useful. Now its time to take account of what we have done these days and what else is required in the days ahead. 

Rapid Review Series: Standardized Rates

EduLanche: Best creations at Best prices!

At EduLanche Publishers, we are fortunate to be constantly involved with senior and junior medicos. This has helped us keep our initiatives in line with the needs of the students. We thank all medicos for the support.

EduLanche: Timeline

EduLancheTM began from college, as a student's initiative in 2011 with the founder working on the idea of online Q.BANK for medicos. Since then the team has expanded and we have added publishing and mobile applications to our portfolio. Our services confer a wider angle to the original goal of "making learning a better experience".

Rapid Review, AIIMS May 2012

'Rapid Review AIIMS May 2012' released today morning in Thrissur. The book opened to a grand welcome sale. Thanks to all medicos for the support. Copies will be available at all medical book stores within a week from now.

Here is the preface to 'Rapid Review AIIMS May 2012'.

"With new MCQ’s getting an appreciable share of the spotlight in recent
exams we feel there is a need to shift focus from providing extra points based on previously asked MCQ’s.

With this in mind we designed a new layout, building on the earlier Rapid

Rapid Review, AIIMS MAY 2012

As announced earlier, 'Rapid Review, AIIMS MAY 2012' is being written based on a new template which has been designed by the editors in sync with the toppers of AIPGMEE 2012 and AIIMS May 2012.

The template will help to continue the sleekness of earlier Rapid Review format while taking a problem solving approach to each of the 200 MCQ's we have this time. The new layout intends to make the book more useful and reader friendly. The template is being previewed by a group of medicos preparing for the entrance exams and has already started receiving good reviews.

AIIMS November 2011: More copies to be available soon!

We thank all readers for the support and inquiries. More copies of AIIMS November 2011 will be released by 21 May 2012.