Q.Bank: Review Feature

Q.Bank Review feature has been designed to help students revise questions quickly. We wanted the revision to happen faster than it could happen with a book. 

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Q.BANK 3.0: New Logo

EduLanche Q.BANK 3.0: Here goes the new Logo!

Service is now open to existing subscribers. To be launched officially on 15, March 2013 and new subscriptions to be accepted soon.


EduLanche: DNB Review Series

EduLanche DNB Review Series: Coming Soon!

With the growing demand for a good DNB book since last year, we are glad to announce that our team is now working on DNB Review Series. The volume is shaping up well as our team is wrapping up one subject at a time.

The task is huge & requires tremendous effort. Cheers to the team and we hope to deliver a wonderful book to junior doctors soon. 

Good day. 

Rapid Review: AIIMS November 2012

'Rapid Review, AIIMS November 2012' to hit stands soon! 

  • 200 questions asked in AIIMS, November 2012
  • Questions solved based on the simple & concise Rapid Review Series format
  • Penned by Expert faculty from the best institutes in the country

Dr. Nishanth Jayarajan: More Gold!

Dr. Nishanth Jayarajan, NIMHANS and his team wins gold at the NIMHANS Quiz, 2013.

Congratulations for the winning performance to Dr. Nishanth Jayarajan and his team mates. 

Cheers from all at EduLanche! 



EduLanche Mock Exam Series: Beta Release

We are glad to open the Exam Portal to medicos today! 

The first exam as announced earlier will be free to all registered users. 

Beta release v1.0

Mock Exam I for Pre-assessment

To be Hosted from 25, January 2012

Mock Exam I with 240 NEET model questions will be available to all users from 25th of this month approximately 2 months after the date of commencement of NEET-PG 2012 examination.

The exam is free to all users and will be useful for new students to understand which subjects they are good at and which subjects need more attention as they start preparing.

Demo Test Rank list

As we are gearing up to launch Mock Exam I here is a preview to the rank list of Demo Test.

All users who take the exam can view the live ranklist at,

Demo Test

EduLanche Mock Exams: Glad to release the demo test! 

Demo test is intended to be a hands on tutorial for students to get familiar with the new exam portal. After the demo test, one would know the functions like Mark, Review etc that are  available to the user while they attend the test.

NEET PG 2013 & DNB-CET November 2012 RESULTS


DNB CET November 2012 Results New!

  • Results Announcced on 30 April 2013. Visit official website.
  • If there are issues loading the page, please see the attached file below.